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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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I always do my online shop at Asda, and I always check their 10% cheaper price promise.  Occaisonally I get vouchers off my next shop but not often.  I run on double choca mocha coffee, I drink it by the bucketful, it's £1.50 in asda on offer (so I always stock up when it's that price), in Tescos it's £2.98, hardly ever on offer.

Today's rant is OH (again).  Have informed him that Homebase apparently take NGC vouchers, and he's busy calculating how many bucketfuls of plaster he can buy!!  They're not for him, they're mine, I NEED a wolf cultivator tool (the nasty one with three big bent prongs on it), as it will save work de-weeding his Dad's garden,, I can use it as a grabber to pull all the stuff towards me, so less to-ing and fro-ing.

I suppose I will get the used plaster bucket to plant stuff in, but not very happy about it.  Why doesn't he submit his own flipping gardening tips??  Vouchers were from GW magazine for submitting some top tips.  The only top tips he can suggest are leaving gardening to someone with no money and no energy to do it.  Grrrr.  Ranty pants, angry trousers and shouty hat all on at once.


Just say no and after enough saying no he will cave , i'm sure.


Oh MMP - shouty hat (like that one!) Get it on tight and give it laldy!

I've got to phone council on Monday now cos they've cocked up the new council tax...what is wrong with these people ..

I asked the tw**s at Barclaycard the other day if they ever actually read anything that people write in emails or messages.

Mummymp sounds very angry.
Mind you I think she has a right to be.
Can you just say no....?
Fairygirl I too have issues with people in personnel or customer care departments who show no desire whatsoever in caring for customers. Your magic wand not working?

Verd-I'm at the stage where I want to walk in their offices and stick my wand where the sun don't shine...




Go Fairygirl, go, you give to them!

Fairygirl/daughter, walk in to the bank and then take all your clothes off, refuse to put them back until they sort your case.
Of course men in white coats may arrive but you can handle that with your wand.
A chap in Durham deposited a tractor load of smelly manure in the bank doorway, it got him noticed.


Highland Jeannie

Why don't people come when they say they will?????

Somebody on freecycle wanted "any plants, trees, etc to fill a large empty garden"

I've had a load of pots with things that I don't want in so told him what was there, we arranged today for collection, after 11 am.

We took about 20 pots round the front, parked the car along the road & put up our "If no reply please try the garden" (with appropriate arrow) sign & carried on trellising. We kept an eye on the front & took the phone outside, he has phone & e-mail details.

Don't think he's likely to come now; I'll e-mail him. I'll be "nice with a touch of sarcasm"!!

He asked for things, if somebody else has provided then fair enough, but just tell me!!

We offered a bed once & a roll of carpet, neither turned up. One didn't reply to "do you still want it?" e-mails & the other said she'd had to go to hospital urgently & would let us know when she wanted the carpet. After a month & no responses to my e-mails someone else had it.

On the other hand we were pleasantly surprised to receive a lovely thank-you card from a young lady who'se car we filled up with removal boxes.  Another young lady who is renovating a walled garden had about a dozen plants from me, collected them on her way to a youth club where she teaches cookery. Later in the evening we found a little cheesecake on the front step!



Gosh, Jeannie, you sound a really generous person.

I hate it when delivery men say they'll come in the morning so you wait in, then they come in the afternoon, when you've gone out. I always wonder what people who go out to work do? I'm retired now.

Jeannie, most of the people around me on our small estate work so I take things in for them, the result is many bottles at Christmas and usually very good malt.
Are you sure what you found on your step was cheese cake, the huge sea gulls around here leave piles that look like cheese cake usually on my car.



Jeasnnie-you need MMP's  shouty hat to wear with your ranty pants- I love that!

Frank/Dad- stripping off? Way too cold fro that-I've only just started taking off my hat when I have a shower...

And since I'm here and it happened umpteen times when I was out yesterday...people who don't thank you when you let them out in traffic...

Gardening Grandma

And people who don't thank you when you stand aside for them in doorways. I do this regularly for youngsters and also men. Now, I do realise that womens' lib has affected people's ideas about standing aside for women, but bargeing through? I was in WH Smith in Chipping Camden last week, while I am ranting, and I asked a rather grand man whether he was queing for the checkout, since he was lingering rather a long way from the woman ahead of him in the queue.

'That's why I'm standing here,' he replied with sarcasm.

'Just leaving a discreet distance between you and the persaon in front?' I enquired, trying to be pleasant.

Being somewhat deaf, I did not hear the whole of his reply, but I can tell you that it was not pleasant.

'Pompous git!' I held myself back from saying. I said it to his retreating back instead.

I hope he reads this!


Fairygirl/daughter, you take your hat off in the shower???? you will catch your death of cold girl, although saying that I sometimes lift my Kilt so the knees get a bath.

G/G, I have this nasty habit bred into me from childhood of holding doors open for ladies (so called), on occasion I get a thank you, usually it is a hard stare but a few times it has been "I can hold my own doors open you so and so", I smile and say nothing. Once as I got a mouthful I quietly replied "thank you Madam" "I am not a Madam I am a Mz" was the reply I could not stop myself "and does that Mz include fit, she stormed off and the door guard was laughing his cap off, well done he said.
I have a pork casserole in the oven with Cider and Apples having peeled a dozen of those little onions, even dropped in boiling water for a minute they take some peeling, I deserve a sit down with a cuppa. Lunch at one Yorkies as well.



Frank/Dad-I only took the hat off-still wearing the kilt and duffle coat 

You have several cuppas...Yorkies you say....

I wholeheartedly agree about holding doors open..I hold them for anyone regardless of age and gender and it's infuriating when they don't thank you.

And don't get me started on the b****y dungaree wearing Feminists.......

Feminists have it all wrong.  If you can get a bloke to do ANYTHING for you, especially without asking, you're onto a winner.  I say Thank You to anyone who holds a door open for me, regardless of sex, especially when I'm using the pushchair.  the number of times I've struggled in and out of shops with gormless assitants just standing there is unbelieveable.  I had a nice instance of gallantry the other day, I'd dropped small boy off at school, and one of the Dads I know quite well walked part of the way back with me (we're both skint, and often bounce money making ideas off each other, or jobs we've seen that the other person might be interested in).  I noticed that when we crossed the road, he crossed in front of me so he could walk on the outside.  I didn't say anything, but thought it was really nice that gentlemen still exist.

I agree that it's wrong that blokes should dictate what women are and aren't allowed to do, but there are some things that men are better at (lifting stuff, parallel parking, trumping and burping), and things that women are better at (everythng not listed above).  It's really nice to have a bloke that's been 'brung up proper', it just makes you smile.




Although I have to disagree re the parallel parking-I can do it with the best of 'em!

The other stuff?...yeah

Reversing into a parking space - no problems (especially in big off roading landy).  Parallel parking - not a chance!

I once made an old chappy very, very nervous.  Pulled up just past where he'd parked in the co-op, and straight back into the parking space next to him, put it exactly where I wanted in, and proceeded to get small boy into the pushchair (going back a couple of years).  The chap who'd watched me park next to him, walked around my car, not sure what he was checking for, hidden cameras or what, shook his head and walked off.  That car does tend to make blokes nervous, it's got a two-inch lift on it (I have to deploy parachute to get out), bonnet & tailgate a different colour to main part of car, custom bumper, snorkel and lots of under-body armour (not that you can see it), plus it has a NATO towing hitch for the trailer (an ex-MOD missile carrier).

I do have to admit that it turns me into a bit of a roadhog, if someone tries to cut me up in it (and they often do once they realise a mere woman is driving), I don't shift.  I've had some very ungentlemanly gestures made at me, why do men get even more annoyed when I laugh or blow them a kiss?  The best one was a bloke in a brand new Audi, who expected me to give way (I had right of way going uphill past parked cars on my side of the road), when I started laughing and didn't move over (as I had nowhere to go), or stop, he went bonkers, and had to go up onto the pavement.  OH had to get me to pull over, I was laughing that much I was almost in tears.  I suppose that's what I do for women's lib, learnt to drive better than most blokes (and in a car that's got a VERY powerful engine, but steering is by post).  Parallel I've never really mastered though - I've never needed to as I always park on my drive, backwards or forwards, sometimes next to the fence, more often between two other cars on the front garden (so I have to make sure I don't dink one of the others).

Fairygirl/Daughter, "yup Yorkies" all done and dusted lots of crashing and banging from the kitchen as they wash up!!!! Sweet and sour Pork vanished as did the Yorkies.

G/G, sounds interesting having started on jeeps then Austin Champs (the most unstable vehicle I ever drove) then just about every Marque of Land Rover Range Rover built up to 1976 they were not easy to drive. At least you could see your tail, in some of the Armour I drove you had a few degrees of view either side reversing was guess work.
Parallel parking is all about position to start the reverse, it amazes me that many women and the odd man try to nose into the parks where it is obvious it ain't going to go.
On Norton Green where I park to go to my local friendly butcher you often see people pass a place that I then reverse into, no confidence is what I put it down to.Still all the years I have driven I happily get into my Daughters cars, they are good drivers, A couple of the lads I am saying my prayers as we travel.


Highland Jeannie

I used to be a right whizz with the parallel parking when we lived down a narrow cul-de-sac with parking allowed on half the pavement.

Since we moved to somewhere with a drive, open roads & few cars I've gone native & just "drive it in & dump it" - Actually I don't, but I don't take quite the trouble that I would in town.

I'm a very polite driver & always wave & smile if someone lets me out, hubby (passenger) does too, if he's nearer.  He's a great "door holder-opener" receiving varying degrees of thanks (never abuse fortunately) & I always hold doors & thank those who do.

Politeness costs nothing, however if I'm in a shop or walking along the pavement & people are slow I (so my Mum used to tell me!!) tend to barge through.  When she was in a wheelchair & we took her out everybody was exceptionally helpful - it was really noticeable.

I tend to find it easier to reverse into a parking space than go into it forwards, using my mirrors as Father-in-law taught me - if you can see daylight between yourself & what you're reversing into, you're OK.  I think a lot of it is down to confidence and practice, because I've practiced an awful lot doing reverse parking (and in a range rover it's easy, where your boot stops is the back of your car), because I have a space on my front garden, I always park there (not everyone does, making it dangerous because our road is used as a rat run to avoid traffic lights and a speed trap on the A57).  Because I don't like parking on the pavement (after all, it's for pedestrians), I don't often have to parallel park.

I've seen Russ and Gary Swift doing parallel parking - by doing handbrake turns in a mini.  That was  something to behold!