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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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GG-Me too! Why do you need a bus pass when you're only 27...

The postage is always the hitch on these freebies isn't it? No such thing as  a free lunch is there!

Blackest..I thought I was the only one who'd won all that money...

Had to phone council cos they took money for council tax from my account..for the house I moved out of. Partly their fault as some tw*t didn't update my details -what a surprise- but mainly because the b****y landlord didn't contact them till 2 days ago. I've been spitting feathers so often in the last two weeks you'd think I'd eaten a flock of geese. I dropped them in it -told council they weren't fit to be landlords-which they aren't. The form I sent to the council to register here should also have included one to inform them that my daughter is a student but I didn't get that -again, surprise surprise-even though I told the man I spoke to, so I've been charged the full amount and now they have to send me that and it'll be God knows how long...The only thing that altered on my details was the address- same situation, same c tax band etc but do they look at your account? Do they ****.

I must have a target painted on my back...

At least I got a result with Barclaycard. 

Up the workers!!!


mummy.. she has a great fear of dogs now.. but is getting better.. doesnt like ones that bark at her or jump up at her.. she is getting there thank i love dogs.. and woul dhave some if my boy wasnt ellergic to them.. i think i am doomed never to have a dog for at lest the next 10 years.. shame

thanks for the useful info on how to tell if a dog is happy or feels threatened.. that is good to tell her.

as for winning the TV well done... i win nothing never have.. i have negative energy i think as i have lot of static and our electrical items break all the time.. drives me mad... i dunno how to revert it to postive energy thou..

GG.. thanks for the warning.. i never do anything with my pay-pal without loggin into them first.. but my bro in law got caught out with it last year.. they told him they never send emails to the email addi about account details or asking for info about the account.. they always do it through their own webiste.. so always log in and check first.

Fairy.. nightmare council tac it.. they dont know wht one hand is doing from the other most of the time.


If you don't enter a competition, you're certain not to win it.  If you do, especially an internet comp, your chances of winning are small - but someone's got to win it.  I don't pay to enter competitions, I only do the free ones on the internet - what's on TV, Womans own, Woman and Woman's weekly, click on competitions, sign up (make sure you do or don't check the box so they can't pass your details on), click on prize draws, answer the question (normally dead obvious, in the blurb next to the picture of what you'll win, if you get it wrong, you can enter the next day knowing the answer) they are all multiple-guess questions (as my English teacher put it), you've got a 1 in 3 chance of getting it right, for the TV I had to know what the capital of Finland was, the choices were Abu Dhabi, Helsinki or Paris.  Don't have to be brain of Britain to know that one.

I think it's because I have ME, in between housework or looking after tiny terrors, I have to take regular breaks to make sure my energy lasts the day, so instead of rotting my brain with Cbeebies, I pick up the laptop and do them 10 at a time (you get 25 entries per website per day).  I don't always get the full compliment done, but I'd say I do at least 50 (two websites' worth a day), so I'll have a good few entries for each competition (sometimes they cheat and share competition prizes between websites).  I have been quite lucky this year, last year I won £100 of M&S vouchers, a Tomato apron and a board game - all year!!  This year I've won a mahoosive bag of products of the year (and the bag is really useful when I do a top up shop), plus yesterday's telly.  So this year much better than last year already.

Oh, and I always do the Gardener's world website ones, not won anything from that yet!

I did, however, get another thrifty tip published in this month's magazine - not had my £10 NGC voucher yet though - hope the postman's not nicked it again.

Gardening Grandma

We were on hol in our caravan last week. When we packed up and took down our awning, there was a dog turd near where it had been. It wasn't our dogs (they didn't get the chance) and I left it there. I was stewing about people who don't supervise their dogs. I don't mind picking up poo from my own dogs but I don't fancy handling poo from anyone else's, even through a plastic bag!

FG, I am only 27, of course, but because I look mature I decided to con the council out of a bus pass.

blackest wrote (see

I did try forwarding the claim forms to Enda kenny so he could pay of the national debt rather than introduce further pay cuts and increased taxation. but he said something about an institution but haven't we given those bankers enough.

If Enda wont take your offerings their is allways" moi "ex Irishrail worker now retired on small pension



Gardening Grandma

Or there's me, impoverished grandmother of three, forking out cash constantly.

Nice to see you back on the forum, Derek.

Gardening Grandma

Perhaps I should start a rant about people who use this site for free advertising! However, I do have a certain sympathy for people who are trying to keep a business afloat in these hard economic times. I've had seven years now as a kept woman (pensions, plus OH at nearly 70 still works and keeps me in the manner to which I could easily become accustomed) and I have to say that it beats trying to earn a living! Won't be buying any kitchens though, certainly not from people who advertise here. Pretty shrewd to place their ads on a Friday, since it is likely that nothing will be done until Monday.

Gardening Grandma

But I know what I WOULD like to rant about! Those blasted talking ads on some threads of this forum! There's a button for switching them off, put it works only for a few seconds! Utterly irritating!


GG I never have the sound on on my laptop at all and it means  I can avoid them to a certain extent. My girls think that's hilarious, but I hate it. Only put it on if I watch or listen to something by choice.  


not seen any talking ads but then i rarely see ads.  I reported those kitchen ads and mentioned it on morning forkers. If the threads are not commented on then they fall from view fairly rapidly they still need trimming otherwise they gain page rank, search engines like google rank pages from incoming links from other sites. If a site is linked too a lot its viewed as a useful resource. There is a lot of gaming of the system though.



I feel left out.  I don't get any talking ads!!  The thing that has annoyed me recently is that Hotmail has been taken over by Outlook, which I don't particularly like.  I now have a large 'margin' on the right hand side of the page which cuts the message bit right down. 

Blackest, you're a whizz kid, any ideas on how I can get rid of it.  Tried a search but nothing came up.

Think the moderators must be inundated with complaints about the kitchen bods. There was another one the other day, can't remember exactly what for,  but I do believe it's still there albeit a few pages back now. 


i never have my soun donmy computer.. so i dont hear them and i ahve an add blocker inplace so dont see many of them either.

Keep the sound off all the time until you need it.

Someone said beware men in flat caps when driving so I made an extra Yorkshire pudding big and round, painted it black and tried it out in the mad school run. It works, no tail gating, if on a dual carriageway they cross the barrier and pass on the other side, I drive with a massive safety area all around me so thanks for the tip.

Rant, any one tried to close a bank account lately?? I did this week and found more obstacles than the Grand National. We had quite few accounts with Building Society's over the years for interest reasons. When they became banks we closed most down although a couple still had a fair amount in them. Deciding to put everything in one place the fun started, they fought to the last counter clerk.
Santander the very last I gave notice too three weeks ago they told me "No" you have to designate the day. "I am not going out of here without my money, three weeks notice is what you got and that is it, better get me some blankets and a pillow then" OK we give in.
You are lucky we have enough money in the tills, "WHAT are you mad, I want a cheque, I am not walking round town with several thousand pounds in my pocket". Oh in that case my supervisor will see to you. More waiting more questions as to why I was leaving and after almost an hour I got my cheque, now safely deposited in my main bank. Next day I read Santander had a 23% fall in profits, did my withdrawal cause that I ask???


Don't get me started on banks.  I recently switched my bank account from HSBC, as everytime I went slightly over my overdraft limit, they'd charge me £25, meaning that took me back over my overdraft limit, so they could charge me again.  Contacted a debt charity (as I took out the overdraft when I had a well paid job, not an unpaid bottom wiper as I am now), they advised a debt management plan, and a bank account elsewhere.  So transferred my child benefit (the only 'income' mummy has now), and all of my DD's to the co-op, and that account is ticking away nicely.  Plus if I need to telephone them, it's someone in the UK, that I can actually understand, and will listen if you have any issues.  It's been fantastic so far, I'd love to have enough money to argue with cashiers that I want it out NOW!!

Now I subscribe to mr MoneySavingExpert, that has saved me some money, now I always shop around for car insurance, it went from being over £300 stopping with the same company for 5+ years, to around £150, and going through topcashback meant I got £25 back (eventually).  So much for being a valued customer, seems I was a customer too busy to change, and getting charged twice as much as I needed to.

One of my ambitions in life is to have enough money to be regarded as eccentric, rather than just plain nuts!




Don't get me started on banks....

or utility companies, or councils, or virtually every organisation you try to deal with.

They are incompetent, ignorant and they lie to you.

I'm not putting up with any of them any more. 

I got a refund from Barclays-they really have a nerve to call it 'customer services'.. think I told them that at the same time I told them they were liars. They finally admitted it's their fault. Will have another dig at them for not providing a return stamped envelope for their 'feedback' form..

After the recent publicity Barclays has had you'd think they'd get their act together..

Utility company are the next ones...told them they're getting a detailed letter which will include a bill for my time...and stress. Told 'em I'll be talking to my lawyer as well if they don't get their act together.

Love the hat Frank/Dad! 

Right that's me for my rant today!! Off outside 

Gardening Grandma

Thanks for the link, blackest. I have installed the addon, since I always use firefox. i really like it and have found it more stable than Internet explorer. I already had the one that makes cookies self-destruct.

MMP, I've been with the so-op bank for 50 years and have always found them excellent. It's the bank with the highest level of customer satisfaction. 



Thanks Blackest.  Have installed both. Need to see now if I can alter it.

Gardening Grandma

Golly! The ads have disappeared. That's a result!   Thanks, Blackest.


palaisgalide.. the flat cap info was i.. and i never thought of using one to my advantage.. great idea as i ranted about tailgaters.. hve my dear old grandads old one in the keepsake box.. will get it out next tiem go out for a sunday drive

Mummy. i also now change my car insurance every year.. i used to be with the same one for years and years.. but they were getting far to expensive.. and i hardly use my car (2000 a year now) so i do the compare sites and got the best one for me.. not always the cheapest but the best one.. first time i did this the old company when i rang to cancel asked why and how much i was now going to pay.. so i proudly told them some 150 less then them a year. and the girl  replied "oh.. just let me look and see if i can do anything better than that for you now" i replied.. "no sorry your too late.. should have quoted your best price in my renewal quote, i have now changed over, please cancel it" they were not too happy.. but hey!

blackest.. many thanks for those links..