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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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MMP, I totally agree with Gardening Grandma, I've enjoyed going back over older posts and have enjoyed reading yours.

I'd rather be Barbara Good than Margo. Hope your health starts to improve soon.

Love your site name. Had considered calling myself Muck Magnet,as that's what I am.

Mummy MP, Told you that there were friends on here you can pour it out when down and know we listen
The problem with ME is half the doctors do not believe it and the other half have no idea what it is, it is very real yet not much done on the research side. I did see there could soon be a blood test only the patient has to be stressed before it can be taken?
I love my young grandchildren but they go home at night, they could be stressful in larger doses.

"Oh well" a lovely sunny day here greenhouse open both ends and I will be out there after I have written my speech for Daughters Wedding Sunday. She asked if I had written it yet I said yes although when I took out all the bad language it was "Hello goodbye" I can see it now, "he is not going to show us all up!!! again?
Well yes that is what dads do, they bring them back down to earth from their over the rainbow moments and clip their wings and ears if need be.
After my last speech the best man stood up and said "I cannot follow that" and sat down again, there had been a lot of laughter, "err" I do not know if it was with me or at me.


Where can i see replies to my questions please




Scroll down to the bottom of the "page" and you will see a box to tick saying "Email me when a response is made".

The potty gardener

Swiss Sue are you getting e mail notifications? I'm not getting any at the moment.

MMP as everyone else says here is a good place to say how you feel, we'll all try to help you in any way we can. 



Actually, now that you mention it Bev, I don't! I do try to "untick" the box most of the time because otherwise I get dozens of emails that I have to delete, but sometimes I forget, so no, haven't received any lately. I find it easier to just go down the list of subjects and with newer ones read all the comments, with older ones such as MOB rants etc. I open in a new tab and open "view latest post".

Might be an idea to report the problem to the Moderator:

Gardening Grandma

I feel the same, Sue. I find the notifications irritating, because I have a look at the latest posts anyway. Also sometimes when the notification says you've received a reply, all that's happened is that someone else has posted with no reference to your remarks - no problem, but it isn't a reply, that's all.


Thanks chaps.  Mega stressed, just had a job interview, not a particularly edifying job, but one I can do from home, only trouble is it's shifts, and at least one will be 2 am till 8am, so not sure I will be gutted if I don't get it, but we're skint and we need the money!  Will be writing to the school for bad boys & girls to see if I can get a job in the garden there.  Was talking to my sister in law, we've worked out that I was getting the same money for 3 days work in London as I will get for a whole month (18 hours a week) in Rotherham.  I don't want to leave my little ones and go away to work, but might have to soon, it's getting to the stage where we're having to decide to pay the mortgage or eat!!

Anyone want an Oracle/SQL/Business Objects programmer part-time?  Services offered very cheap if I can work from home!!


The potty gardener

Yay- the weather must have improved.

No rants for over 24 hours   or should that be   

Gardening Grandma

MMP, I used to do weekly boot sales, 20 years ago. They were mostly for charity but I always took at least £50 even then. It was pleasant, too, sociable and fun to haggle and look for things to sell. Just a thought.

Gardening Grandma

Afterthought - boot sales are a way to get rid of surplus plants, too.

Do you think I could do boot sales with my brambles?  I'd make a fortune!

The sun is out, my voucher arrived yesterday, and now I have enough money for a wolf cultiweeder, and during my mammoth clearing up session yesterday I unearthed two buckets of plaster my OH has bought and forgotten about, so it looks like things may be looking up.  Now all I need to do is win the lotto and I can stay at home and just worry about my little ones until the littlest one starts school (September next year).

Only blot on the horizon now is Sister-in-Law's land rover has blown it's fuel pump (quite literally), so OH will be using that as an excuse to play with cars all weekend instead of chucking plaster at the wall, then come home in a bad mood as brother in law is as useful as a chocolate fireguard and as lazy as a cat, so will be no help with the car (he doesn't know his mole grips from his water pump pliers).  He complains about the car no end, but doesn't lift a finger to keep it on the road, drives it like an idiot (starts a 2.5 litre diesel engine to drive son to school, so engine doesn't get warm), he lives just down the road from us, and I walk my two to school every day, come rain or shine.

Sorry, was in a positive mood and it's turned into a rant against people that are lazy and don't appreciate what other people do for them!


MMP- you storm on with your rant-we know exactly what you mean....

Some people just aren't worth the stress unfortunately. Have some cake..


MMP, I had to learn to say 'No'. I know it's your OH that's doing the work and not you, but you are the one missing out.  I know it's easy to give advice, but often very hard to put it into practice.  I was a people-pleaser.  Now I think, do I want to do that and don't feel guilty if the answer is no.  Could you put your foot down with a firm hand and let him know that your needs are greater than BIL's? I know it's not easy.


TT, I think learning to say no comes with a certain age, when you're young you want to please everyone, the older you get the easier it becomes to be selfish and look after No. 1!


SwissSue wrote (see)

TT, I think learning to say no comes with a certain age, when you're young you want to please everyone, the older you get the easier it becomes to be selfish and look after No. 1!

Sue, I would say the other way around, the older you get the less materialistic, the less selfish, but probably more outspoken.
I probably say that from a comfortable standing although having money is not the answer to everything.
Young people setting up and hitting money problems must think the world is ending, there seems no way out of the spiral and if they do not have the bank of mum and dad to fall back on as many have these days then what do they do?
Mine have all borrowed one time or another and paid it back when things look up, daughter and Granddaughter came from California for Sundays Wedding helped by dad, happy to do so as it means I see them sooner than usual. Like us they are having to tighten belts, it is Global.
A change of life style may look very attractive until you do it, then reality strikes home, it can cause anger, break up, the destruction of all your hopes. Never happened to me but did to people I know and not nice to watch.
I have at times brought my lot back to ground level clipped their wings and ears when needed but they could have my last half penny if in trouble, that is family, one for all all for one.


Palaisglide your post is right on the mark what i will say is some youngsters are trying to run before they can walk as my father once said. A lot of it is how they are brought up as well working in the school it's sad to see how some parents go about bring a family up and it's the kids that come off the worst may i say. You know what my heart goes out for the younger girls & boys leaving school now and trying to start off in life with jobs,housing and the economy hopefully the future will get better for them glad am at this age never thought i would say that years ago.

FG, was little one's second birthday on Monday, we're having the cake tonight

TT, If it has wheels and an engine, I can say No all I want and he won't take a blind bit of notice - he probably would if it was one of our cars, but as neither of us has bank of Mum and Dad (OH's are no longer with us, mine are in Spain spending my inheritance!), he borrowed quite a bit of money from his sister, and he thinks if he doesn't fix the car, then her OH will want to go out and buy a new one, so will start pestering us for the money back, when he knows full well we haven't got it.  He doesn't work (never really has), and is supported by OH's sister, which is one of the reasons why I don't have a very high opinion of him, he's one of those people that if you have a cold, he has flu, he tried to make out he had the same as I did, so I challenged him to go and get it diagnosed properly, the same things I had to go through, so we're still waiting for that.  His philosophy is, if you can get someone else to do it, then that's OK by him.  I don't think he's heard of self respect, he runs a mile if there's any graft to be done.  They need a soakaway digging in their front because their land rover is making a mess of the front garden.  His sister can't do it, because she has back problems, her OH won't do it as he's a waste of organs, I can't do it because he won't look after my little ones whilst I do the digging (yes, I know!), so it will have to be MY OH that does it.  Some people seem quite happy sponging and commenting on those doing the hard work.  heigh Ho, I'm sure Karma will come around and sort him out one day.  Just hope I'm there when it does!!


I found out I could say no when it was pointed out to me that I had to be good to myself. It  wasn't immediate but it got easier. I certainly don't think I am being selfish if what is being asked of me doesn't suit.  I feel no guilt.

Only time I ever had any money was when my Dad passed away.  Certainly couldn't rely on my parents to help me out at any time.  My Dad's working life finished when he was 62 so what savings he had kept him going for the next 14 years.  Not much left then, not that I expected any. Did benefit from the sale of his bungalow and have given generously to my 3 because, as I always say, you can't take it with you.


"mine are in Spain spending my inheritance!)" I hope you meant that jokingly! I presume they worked for their money so why shouldn't they enjoy spending it?