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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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To be honest no. thou I can get a fair cup of tea from a coffee maker. Pretty much the same as the coffee, my machine has an insulated jug so I can put on a brew and still be hot up to 8 hours later. Because there is no leaves in the brew it isn't stewed either.

Pentillie, had a very good pot of tea in a Cafe in Helmsley last week, Yorkshire tea, hot and strong with a jug of boiling water too, I did enjoy it.
We still get Rington's tea here, the van calls and if I have too much left they take it back and give me fresh. I love their Ginger biscuits, you know you have had one unlike those tiny round things from the S/Market with no taste.

My rant is B/Gas, they now owe me £225 saying they will fund it back, I am dual fuel and that is the Electric, I owe a bit less than that on the Gas both paid monthly through the bank so why can they not take it off the Gas then. What is so complicated about running a single account for both I ask?????



Because Frank/Dad-they are all useless. No one has any common sense at these companies and they don't give a flying toss either.

I now have a scenario with the council because I rented a house for a year and the b**** people I rented from didn't bother to tell the council I'd moved out. I did but- oh no- that's not good enough, so I've been paying council tax on 2 properties. When I phoned to ask what the money was they'd taken on 8th April that's when it came out. I'd get it refunded they said,  it would all be sorted but has it?.....Another call last week, as I'd seen they were about to take another payment so I cancelled the dd, and was told they had to have confirmation from the landlord that what I was saying was right. I lost the plot. She got shirty with me and said-- 'your tone is very threatening- I don't get paid enough to listen to that'.....

so I told her 'well I don't get paid at all to sit on the b***** phone for hours trying to deal with incompetent people at the other end.......'

Upshot is- she's refunding me about twice what they took....

I ain't saying a word!!!!

The engineer coming tomorrow to deal with the potentially 'exploding washing machine' as featured on Watchdog...

Worn out with it all...

Gone yourself let them have it girl that's what i like to hear someone letting people no when they try to pass you off with there mistakes.


If I don,t get anything sorted out after 2 telephone calls,I look on line and find out the Manager/Chairman Chief of Council and contact them directly.This worked a treat with British Gas several years ago.


Fairygirl wrote (see)

Because Frank/Dad-they are all useless. No one has any common sense at these companies and they don't give a flying toss either.

That's because they've all got a degree but no common sense!!!

Nobody can be as bad as HMRC.Couple of months ago they sent me an assessment saying I owed £4116 (this from their Cardiff office). I spoke to my usual tax office (Salford) pointing out that all my income is subject to PAYE and I had all the relevant P60 certificates, clearly indicating tax had been deducted as necessary. The taxman confirmed that his computer screen agreed with all I had told him and that the assessment was obviously wrong. However, he could not rectify things - I would have to talk to someone in Newcastle. Did this, he agreed their on-screen figures tallied with mine.....but - I would have to put figures in writing, and request an amendment. I asked whether their figure of £4116 was just guesswork, as it was obviously not based on any of the figures showing on my record on their screens - he didn't have a clue!

Anyway, I wrote in claiming a review, and a few days later they responded - they owe me £36! 

The motto of HMRC should be shown clearly on all their correspondence and letterheads - ' Don't have a Clue ' 




I asked one of them if they had Stevie Wonder doing their typing input....

Don't think they were impressed.

He'd have a much better job anyway....

Fairygirl /daughter life is fun and I love making them sweat a bit. My way is to discover their web site go through customer complaints which they do not read until I find the follow up supervisor, I have had refunds, rates dropped and even shopping vouchers from some firms.
The B/G Electric said they will refund me anyway but why can they not just take it off the Gas bill I ask?? Well it seems they use two different systems.
Oh well it all gives me something to-do and any how my Tomato's have flowers on the first truss so who cares.


You don't actually need to see if you're a proper typist.  It really used to p*** the boys I worked with off, I could be turned half away from my computer, still typing, and talking to them at the same time.  Half of them are kids now who won't have a clue who Stevie Wonder is.  Just like I have no clue who half the 'celebrities' are that are on the tedious talent or 'I used to be a celebrity and hoping if I eat bulls dodahs on telly it will kickstart my career' type programmes.

GG, did you sort out the hideous cardigan cockup?

Off to get some ibuprofen.  Small child number 2 not well and fighting her big brother (and winning, she fights dirty) over the highchair.  Dog in vet tomorrow to have his infected claw seen too, anyone know where I can sell a kidney so I can fund it?


Pentille, too many offices, with too many people all doing the same job incompetently. The motto is very apt.

FG. Just got to listen to him playing the piano.

GG's on her hols MMP.  Kids, illness, fighting - it's never ending.


My Daughter here from California is the Church organist, Granddaughter sitting watching me play the piano asked "how come you can talk to us and play at the same time Mum cannot" practice dear girl practice.
They go back Thursday, Daughter who got married on the 5th now in Greece so I will get a bit of peace and quiet for a couple of days.
I made it through the whole day until the midnight hour, was staying at the Hotel as were quite a lot so rolled into bed and slept like a log, up for breakfast bright and bushy tailed (funny that I did not go to bed with a bushy tail) and fun was had by all.


Watching Elton now making Yellow Brick Road and having a laugh at the 'bell bottoms' we all wore  in the seventies! Brilliant. I have a real soft spot for him.Takes me back to my youth and the first time I saw him.

Frank/Dad- I'm sure you were very well behaved !

Enjoy your rest 

Anyone on here want an Oracle/VB/Business Objects programmer?

Took the dog in today to have his toe sorted out after I accidentally stood on it (back in March - went to the vet's straight away, had antibiotics etc).  Over the weekend the toe swelled dramatically, vet today has tried to save it (massive infection in the bone we didn't realise), now he's on mega strong anti-biotics, painkillers & anti-inflammatories.  So that's £640 we've had to put on the flexible friend.  If they don't work between another £500-£800 for taking the toe off - obviously I want the dog to get better, but money was really tight anyway.

Short of swinging my beads on west street in town, anyone got any legal money making ideas?

Really, really don't want to go back to contracting in London, my little ones are only going to be little once, and I don't want to miss any of their antics - even though they drive me to distraction sometimes.  So, anyone want a programmer/organiser/adiminstrator?


Do sympathise MMP.  Was in the same situation when mine were young. I got 3 cleaning jobs.  Not too proud as long as I got some money.  Not saying this is for you. Also got the yellow pages and started phoning all local solicitors to see if they wanted any work done.  Struck lucky on first call! Trouble these days is there's just nothing about. Not being much help am I.


Pottie Pam

Really sorry MMP.

Vets fees are horrendous nowadays. They have such posh surgeries and staff to pay that they have to charge huge amounts. Why are animal drugs so much more expensive than human ones? My son had exactly the same steroid after he had a bad allergic reaction as my dog.

We used to have a vet near us and he worked out of the back of a van in his drive. You drove up in your car and waited until he came to see you. He didn't have computors or nurses but you felt you could trust him. There were queues every morning. No appointments just wait your turn. He never charged for children's pets or wild animals brought to him.  Sadly he's retired now.

Hope all goes well for you MMP


I am sorry if this sounds rude MMP,and I am a dog lover myself(previous Labrador owner),don,t you have pet insurance?

Gilly, no, we don't have pet insurance.  My sister-in-law does, and it's cost her thousands (pedigree dogs, therefore more likely to have problems).  We worked out recently if she'd just put the money aside, she'd be about £2000 richer.

I am looking for work, as after I had my first child I was unexpectedly made redundant, as it's an employer's market, not many people want ot employ someone who is disabled.  This is despite me being previously employed, as a consultant, by companies like BT, Corus (when it was British Steel) and a number of software outsourcing companies.  My problem is location, I live in Sheffield, the work is in London.  I'm simply not prepared (or able any more) to miss my kids growing up, and live away from home.

I have had many rescue dogs over the years, as has my Mum (she used to breed Afghan Hounds), this is the first time we've had any major expense.  We had to have one PTS last year (rescue GSD, who had degenerative disease, there was nothing else we could do).  The cost of that was fairly hefty.

My husband works long hours as a lecturer, and doesn't get paid what he's worth (he went into teaching as a 'steady' job whilst I was pregnant with number 1), over the years we've been together, we've NEVER both been in work at the same time, one or the other of us has been made redundant, had to give up work to look after elderly relatives then babies, so we don't have a 'rainy day fund', that went long ago when we lost my husband's father.

It is a struggle to put food on the table, we make our own fuel from waste veg oil so we can run a car, so pet insurance that we may or may not need (and haven't needed for the past 10 years) is an unneccessary extravagance.  So the last of the family silver (my handbag collection) is going on ebay over the weekend, in case he needs to have the toe amputated.  Am praying that the £140 worth of broad-spectrum antibiotics work, so my beloved furry boy doesn't need to have it amputated.


Sorry,MMP did not mean to offend.