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Fresh rant - those two nutcases in Woolwich that ran over a serving soldier then hacked him to death with knives.  Prison is too good for them.  Stick them in with the chaps comrades and see how long they last.  I don't agree with the backdated views of the BNP, but now I can see why some people vote for them.  The guy should be safe in his own country.  I also think it's very brave of them to knock him over with their car before attacking him.  This makes my blood boil, if they don't like the religion of ethos of the country they live in, they always have the option to bugger off elsewhere.  That chap is fresh out of options, I only hope his family get justice for him.  At least if a family member is killed in action you have the consolation that they were trying to make a difference.  This is just senseless violence.


I don't know how MP's justify having a second home. Many people have to live away from home all week, but they certainly can't afford to buy a second property. My own dishonoured MP had a lovely flat in London, a 30 min train ride or £25 cab hire away, a journey all commuters manage. When the 'perks' scandal was revealed, it was found that his son occupied it. All we were to him was a 'safe seat' and the means to keep him in the way he had become accustomed. Total parasite.

Quite agree about the block of flat housing MMP, especially one where the lift never works and the stairway is used as a toilet, etc.

With what happened yesterday makes our rants seem so little. That poor family.

But i will have a rant. I go to a hot pool twice a week for hydrotherapy and gentle exercise as do most people. Today there was 2 new people who insisted on swimming lengths and causing tidal waves at the same time. The pool is not large and even when told they still kept going. Not going when of my friends cannot swim and has muscle problems. Rant over


Show them yellow card, if they do it again a red one and ban them,seriously can,t they have different sessions for different ablilties

We had one at our local pool that we called 'Mr Splashy'.  He'd go straight into the 'fast' lane for swimming, make a ball of foam that travelled across the pool, and feel very smug.  I am not what I would call a brilliant swimmer, but I was always taught that if you made splashy, you were wasting energy.  My Sister in Law and Husband goaded me - I am the fastest out of them, so I went into the medium lane, and proceeded to overtake him, doing a fairly lazy breast stroke.  I got the daggers from him.  So I went into the fast lane, and did my fastest stroke, australian lifesaver crawl (don't know if that's the correct term, but the one you see on baywatch type programmes, a crawl where you keep your head clear of the water so you can make sure your're heading in the right direction), and proceeded to completely muller him.  I'd done 3 and a half lengths to his one length.

He got out of the pool.  In future, whenever I got into the pool, he'd give me a dirty look and get out.  My husband thought it was hilarious, as he's not a strong swimmer, he only learnt when I started nagging him about it, and he learnt in a weekend.

I would never dream of swimming in a hydrotherapy pool, they are waaaaaay to hot for that kind of physical exertion.  I can't believe they continued even after being asked not to!  Is there any way that you and a group of friends can complain about them, and get them rescheduled to go to a different session where there are more able-bodied people in the group?  I used to go to a physio centre for my dodgy ankle, never did hydrotherapy, but went past the pool,there were no divng and no swimming signs up everywhere.



Where to start?

Frank I worked for NCB for 15 yrs made redundant or should I say woudn't accept redundancy, didn't have a year on strike to sell my job...ended up sent to a financial British Coal (as re-named place ) of work, hated every rotten 5 yrs. Became ill. I get so angry about past pit closures and now the lack of skills to mine in U.K. even open cast. Nuclear   My Mum's Dad died in 1936 in the Wharncliffe Wood pit disaster, she was 8 her brother 6, he'd swapped a shift with a mate one Sunday night. His friend had knocked on door just after dinner that day and they sorted it. He was gassed. ..Going back to gardening my Gran said many years later..she told me a lot..."|fat lot of good drinking boiled cabbage water did him that day"  apparantly it was good for your health. Phew done that one!

Wind turbines. I just can't understand why in Yorks they put them in the least windy places, my back garden is an ideal place..joking off course, but very open to fields.

MMp good on you with 'em gal! I love being wet ( good job day ) but poor swimmer, only swam a length once to get certificate and that was because I hated the teacher that much I tried to swim to grab the stick he poked in front of you to pull him in. I can swim ok but need to know I can put my feet on the bottom..AKA as feeble swimmer. I haven't had kids to teach..thanks Mum & Dad could both life save, Brother swam in paper boy competitions, but I take after my Grandma who was paddling champion of Yorks .

Kef, we have deep mines not very far from us at Boulby, they are about to open another mine not far from that one. The skills are there and they are highly mechanised. Our last sea mines closed after Maggi was long gone and there are still youngish people to train the new men needed.
I was down a coal mine, deeply depressing and then the ICI Anhydrite mine, a dual carriageway underground, buses to the working face, light airy and apart from being 1000 feet underground not bad working conditions. Mining today is light years away from the old style pits and we are sitting on masses of usable fuel waiting to be dug out so who needs Nuclear.
The Germans do not they are going back to coal and surely burning our own coal must be better than bringing wood from Canada which we do at the moment at Wilton over the river Tees from us.
The fuel policy of this Government ( I could say what fuel policy) is a mismatch of trying to please the Greens, the Europeans, Save the world?? what all on our own? what about China, India,  Russia and America, none of them seem very interested in anything but cheap power for their economy.
Do I live in an Asylum I ask.


Gardening Grandma

MPs are deterred from making good financial decisions or doing proper long-term planning for one pressing reason - they know they won't be in government if they make unpopular decisions so they want to create short-term prosperity. Closing the mines meant short-term financial gain - at a massive cost to the mining areas, not regarded as important because they did not vote for that particular political party, anyway.

TT, I reckon that MPs should have to rent near their work and pay bedroom tax. I  have a friend who has a rented flat in a complex for over sixties. She is not yet 60 but got the flat because her husband was disabled. now widowed, she works in the home as a cleaner. Her rent has risen by over a hundred pounds a month because of bedroom tax. She is on a small income and, after bills, will have £25 to feed herself for next month. The complex does not have a one bedroom flat for her - there are only three such flats. All other flats have two bedrooms, but since the residents are over 62, they will not have to pay bedroom tax - she alone has to pay it. It is in the country and since she has no car, she does not have the option to live elsewhere. The cost of travel to work would be prohibitive. She loves her home and is distraught.

MMP, you are obviously an athlete, despite your illness!


hi palaisglide, I live in n.y and I pay 400.00 dollars a month for oil and my electric bill is 300.00 per month. I think the politicians are all getting a one up on us all.There is noooo cheap energy here,the gasoline is cheaper ,but i dont drive.I am also very sorry about  the incident that took place in london.I think the world has gone crazy. What has happened to humanity?.If all had to tend to a garden to eat they might have less time to do such nasty deeds.Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Gardening Grandma

Hi Debra. Good to hear from you. Wow, that's more expensive than here, despite our level of taxation! I think the world is in a very unstable state of change; it is confusing and old certainties are being undermined, which causes some people to react in an extreme way,take extreme views and do extreme things.

I really think you are right about gardening - it anchors people to unchanging realities about the world and is healing to the mind.

Hello Debra, My Daughter lives in Sunnyvale California and their taxes have gone through the roof. The water is sold to other States and Electricity comes from what must be the worlds largest wind farm, I travelled down to the Mexican border and it was windmills all the way, what a way to ruin the views.
We have short sighted politicians in all countries, they see only as far as the next election instead of putting proper future needs to the for.
We live in a sick world the Murder in London in the name of Islam is an attempt to start an internecine war, it will fail. My skin crawls when school children in the USA are murdered, when will the people realise guns need to be banned.


Gardening Grandma

I don't think America will ban guns because, to their way of thinking, it is an American liberty to be able to defend your home and family. Perhaps it harks back to their Wild West heritage. They think that our laws, that allow someone to be prosecuted for injuring an intruder into his home, are mad.

G/G, i too think them mad, I have my Dads wartime police truncheon handy in a draw and having used them in the Army would not hesitate and to H@## with the consequences.


GG, the swimming was before the dreaded ME/CFS.  I was very fit, I used to swim a mile twice a week, (down to 45 minutes on a regular basis), I went mountain biking with my now Husband and his mates (who used to think it was funny when I came off as I taught them some new cuss words), I did aerobics once a week, step once a week, and was learning to ride horses at the weekend.  So getting ill was really like having a bereavement, you have to accept that the things you used to do have gone, perhaps forever, and find your limitations.  I was ill for such a long time, as I was trying to fight the illness in the same way I fought everything else, it's only when you accept you are ill, that you can find your new limits and start to move on and hopefully get well again.  It took doctors such a long time to find out what was wrong with me, I thought I was going bonkers.

I remember a tale told to me, I don't know if it's correct or not, but about an escaped felon in Texas, who shot a policeman and his dog (a K9 unit as they are known over there) who tried arresting him at a gas station.  The balloon went up, and all hell was let loose going after him.  He refused to give up, and in the ensuing gun battle, was shot something like 263 times (he was more metal than flesh by the time they were finished).  At the inquest (or whatever it's called over there), the judge asked why he was shot so many times?  The answer - 'Because that's all the bullets we had, Ma'am'.

With the two idiots in Woolwich, they didn't attack the women who tried to help the man, but apologised that they had to see it, I wonder how they feel about women now, given it was a female marksman that shot and disabled them (meaning they wouldn't go to heaven and get the however many virgins and become martyrs)?

I actually met my husband at Archery, if anyone tried to enter our house, once they'd got past the dog, they'd be faced with two target recurve bows.  A stab vest won't stop an arrow as it curves and twists in flight, they'd get at least two arrows in them, which would knock them back downstairs.  To hell with their rights, once they enter my house I would see them as a threat to my babies, and would shoot to kill accordingly.  They're in my house uninvited, they leave their rights at the doorstep.

This country has a lot of things wrong, the rights of wrongdoers being a huge one.  What about the rights of decent law-abiding folks, that work hard for what they have, don't they have a right to enjoy the things they have worked hard for in peace? 

Know I'm preaching to the converted on here.  Perhaps gardening and common sense go hand in hand, as well as gardening being a calming influence?


New rant,

Self scannning tills....

I usually avoid them like the plague but as I only had a few items today and there were big queues decided to risk it,what a mistake..........

First question...."do you have your own bag?"Yes I do,I care for the enviroment,so I put the bag down as requested.....

"unrecognised item in bagging area" is the bag you told me to put down and IT IS ONE OF YOUR OWN SUPERMARKET BAGS WITH YOUR NAME ON can you not recognise it,,,,,,

little red light flashes assistant comes and swipes card to clear.

Put through two tins sucessfully then   .........."unexpected item in bagging area".............HOW CAN IT BE UNEXPECTED?,I HAVE JUST SCANNED IT,IT HAS,NT CREPT UP ON YOU IN SOME SORT OF AMBUSH MANOUVERE....

Little red light flashes assistant comes and swipes card to clear.

Final items two packets of seeds,first packet goes through ok,I put it in the bag and then.............RED LIGHT FLASHES AND SYSTEM STOPS.

Assistant reappears " Oh seeds always do that they are not heavy enough to register in the bagging area,I need to swipe my card to clear and then lean on the bagging area to add some weight,No,you can,t do that yourself with the second packet,as I will need to clear it with my card first.Sorry can I deal with that other flasing red light first."

I WAITED FOR THREE MORE HELPLESS SOLES TO GET THEIR RED LIGHTS SORTED and then,,,,,,,,,,,,,,she returned,swiped her card ,added her weight to the bagging area and I finished and paid.

Who invented these self scanning tills?I want his name.



Gilly they drive you nuts don't they? When i tried to put a packet of paracetamol through one of them I had to wait - presumably had to make sure I wasn't planning to top myself with it or sell it illegally on the streets...

Don't know how I managed to get the crack cocaine and heroin through earlier....


It,s also really annoying when they look in your bag when you can,t scan an item presumably to check you are,nt trying to steal something.

I assume they did,nt check your bag in view of your comment Fairygirl

GillyL wrote (see)

I assume they did,nt check your bag in view of your comment Fairygirl

Hi all,I too shot archery and also sporting clays .I was raised to respect nature ,but here in america I believe the gun rights are to protect us from the goverment of having to much power. we could go back in history and see how easy it is for that to happen I want to believe that everyone is pure of heart. It does seem that criminals have more rights than law abiding folks.I grew up in a house where shot guns were in plain sight.not once did it ever enter our minds to ever touch one. Hollywood has a hand in some of this madness maybe they should start making some films that are less violent ,but that would not be good for there wallets.


debra I have to agree with your comment about the film industry. The violence in films seems to be apparent even in ones aimed at younger audiences and many people seem quite complacent about it. I know so many parents who don't seem to think it's  an issue and allow very young children to watch them - too many  with tvs and dvd players in bedrooms from the age of 2 or 3 - but surely that coupled with all the violent video/computer games must be a concern. I know there have always been violent films and tv shows but it seems as if we now accept it as the norm and there are definitely people who can't see the difference between fantasy and reality. It's everywhere nowadays. A report in my local paper today is about a cat which had been shot by an air rifle. Fortunately it survived-but as we all know - those who do this often go on to be a serious threat. This is one of the most affluent areas around Glasgow but you still have these things happening.