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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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wow.. MMP.. must remember not to mess with you  lol..

i am a bit like you i think... will stand my ground and can throw punch.. broke nose of someone when at school as had enough of their taughts one day.. got suspended for that.. but they never bothered me again.. so worth it.

i can do my car also.. oil change, change the wheels, and most of the jobs that come up.. apart from the electronics.. that needs the computers now.. i did the offside front lower arm last week as i hit pot hole and took it out.(our potholes on all our roads are huge.. so very dangerous.. spend more time looking out for them than watching ahead.. very bad)

but i am not sure if that is more because i have been a skin flint all my life or becuase i was raised and taught how to do these things for myself.. i do all the decorating to.. but that is more becuase hubby just doesnt do it right.. haha..


gardenfantic-men always think they can decorate etc better than women.....we'll just let them go on thinking that eh?!!!

I understand the reaction to some of the horrific cases we've discussed here - but I have to say- I'm with Ghandi in that 'an eye for an eye makes us all blind'. I genuinely hope if anyone harmed my children I would have the dignity the Lawrence family showed every time they appeared in the media after the dreadful death of their son.

As I think I've already said  recently - for all the human race has done and achieved - we really haven't come very far at all have we.

Our 'intelligence' is sometimes used in all the wrong ways.

MMP an old Yorkshire saying is "theer's nowt queerer than folk" very true, if we were all the same it would be a boring world.
I am one up on you and your trusty Bow, I could hit a target at 1000 yards with my trusty weapon, titivated of course and hand filled rounds so do not come after me.
That is unless you want help with ancient Land Rovers, we had a lot of bother with them in Cyprus and Germany, most of those were left handers and for some reason did not work as well as the rightees. We would often tilt them to work on the bottom, prop shaft changes etc, we got a few of those with the rough time we gave them.

Rant today, I have had six differing bits of paper and leaflet pushed through the door which went straight into the paper waste bag next to the door, then I took another six bits of booklet and paper from my morning paper, I could fill that waste bag in a morning. I think we get them all because we are slightly upmarket area, neat lawns and long drives attract them like bees to nectar.
I am getting a notice printed for the gate. I do not order food to be delivered I cook it, I do not need a new drive it has been there 30 years and never moved or had weeds, I do not need plastic windows doors gutters, I had them put in by the best. I do not need a new boiler because I am the old boiler around here and ready to blow my safety valve.


Intelligence?  Eh?  Won't find much of that in my head!

I have a new rant.  Corned Beef tins.  To get Max to take his tablets (say that very quietly, he knows what it means), I have to coat them liberally in corned beef, then it doesn't even touch the sides, and I run the risk of losing fingers up to the second joint.

Whoever invented the tins it comes in needs a good spanking, firstly, you're lucky if the key is still attached to the tin, then you need to take the paper off the tin (or else that fights you too), and once you've opened the tin, you are left with the key attached to one side, and two incredibly sharp bits of tin.  The same goes for tins of shaped ham and cod roes.

Between the tins and the dog, it will be a minor miracle if I still have ten fingers by this time next week.


I think the worst tin to open ever is a Fray Bentos pie tin

.Tried one a few months ago, battery tin opener would,nt touch it,ordinary tin opener would make a tiny cut and then jam,spent ages trying to get the tiny cuts to join up.Eventually opened it and found the cooking instructions were on the bottom of the tin which you could not turn over.Not a nice pie anyway,won,t bother again,homemade much better.


I do not believe I am reading this MMP and Gilly, opening tins???
You can get Corned Beef in pre-packed slices, normal, less salt and less fat so plenty of choice.
Fray bentos pie well the army ration packs cured me of those.
Bang all the ingredients into a casserole on 150 for three hours while you shop do the washing top up your tan in the garden, then in the fridge to mature. Next day cover with Jus-rol pop in the oven and one lovely home made pie, some frozen peas with mint and Jersey Royals a feast for a King or Queen.
I bought chicken for my dog and a pill stuffed into the chicken vanished.

My day of collecting waste paper did not end this morning, the evening paper was full of leaflets and then the local adverts paper dropped noisily through the letter box so my filling the waste paper holder in on day nearly came true, what a waste of time money and "well" paper.



ahhhh .. the junk mail.. well i asked my postie how i stop it.. and he told me to ring my main sorting office and ask them to stop it for me.. though cant stopped named stuff..

and told me they make money on ach of those delivered adn that is why they put prices up so high.. they dont want our mail. they make too much with amazon direct mail company and all that crap..

so we should all sign up to stop it.. i get fed up with it all time.. especially as here they are thinking of bringing in fines if you have more than one green recycle wheelie full of stuff or 2 recycle bags full.. it is mad.. oh and it all has to be washed and clean before going in.. i have never had such clean rubbish before..only allowed one black bag of non recyclable. then the  one small food waste bin (which is emptied each week here).. the recyclable and black bag is every other week.. so soon fills up with all that rubbish that comes through.

WHen i go shopping now.. if there is packing that is not required then i leave it at the till.. they moan like hell but i say it is yr rubbish..i dont need it, the food dont need it.. i also never take bags for my fruit etc.. and they moan about it rolling about at the till.. just say same.. i dont what the plastic bags thanks.. if they were paper i would take them and stick in my composter.. but not those ones at mo, thanks!


oh and to add to that.. all material and batteries and ink cartridges and shoes anythign like that can not go in our black bag.. we have to trudge to recycling centre to dispose of ourselves..

thou  most of our materials go to the air ambulance box in shop car park.. as do old shoes etc.. as much as possible on those we can.. closer than the recycle centre.


mmp.. yeah i know and we have to wash ours out before binning them.. not good. have cut mu hands 7 times on tins that needed cleaning out first..


No sense of humour Charlie.



Gfantic- I know what you mean. It's like having another sodding job by the time you clean it and sort it! The recycling here is quite poor because of the number of different bins, bags, boxes etc and what you can and can't recycle, yet the neighbouring county for example has bins you can put all plastic in  and they obviously sort it at other end. If they want people to recycle they need to make it simple otherwise people just won't. What I do wonder though- with all the different lorries they send for it...just how green is it?

We can recycle batteries at supermarket but they keep moving the b****y bin!!


Maybe the old ways of dealing with perverts are best. My mum lived in a mining village in the 40's. Someone had been kiddy fiddling. The local women sorted him out. The local bobby didn't see anything. No one knew anything. The  pervert never did it again.

A notorious kidnapper and rapist was caught a few years ago. He fell down every step in the local police station (twice). When  he first appeared in court, the magistrate queried why he was covered in bruises. Resisting arrest.  fair enough. Next.

These days the police would be had up for it. Infringing the criminals human rights.  What about my human rights?  Don't I have the right to live in my own home and country without being scared to leave the house in case it gets burgled by druggies?.   How many old people won't answer the door after dark? 

It's time we adopted zero tolerance to minor crime so the  little thugs don't progress to major crime.  For  crimes like burglary they should always be locked up, and the sentence get increased every time they reoffend.  I've been burgled twice. The first time the house was ransacked and £12, 000 of contents stolen.  the second time I had a burglar alarm and the neighbours came running.  Four youths were seen in the house. Four ran away, and got into a car. registration number noted. The police dog found the computer stashed under a tree for later retrieval. It had blood on it . ( the garden brambles fight back) SOCO came and got swabs, and DNA identified the culprit. bang to rights  you might think.  No, he was only done with handling stolen goods. he says someone handed it to him and he put it down. Neighbours were not asked to give evidence. He got a three month rehabilitation order(not his fault, he's an addict, no father etc etc. )This means he went on a methadone programme which are useless, and got to talk to the social workers once a week.

I got to pay £1200 for a new reinforced back door (NOT covered by the insurance because it's classed as "Betterment") Call that justice?


In my opinion thieves should have their hand chopped off, like they do in some arabian countries!


If they try coming in the house when I am on my own, I will  probably end up locked up, because believe me I will defend myself and what I have worked hard for.

The large lump of coral at the top of the stairs will make a useful weapon.

A few years ago I went to Christmas Island (Australian owned , now used mainly as a camp for illegal asylum seekers.) When we went out diving, the dive school owner not only does not lock his house doors, or car doors, he usually leaves his wallet and car keys in the car.  No crime at all on the island. everyone knows everyone. We did get stopped by the police. I had forgotten to put my seat belt on in the back seat of the landcruiser.  Me,I'm so paranoid, I lock everything and hide all valuables.


Not that I want to support America's sometimes extreme laws but the three strikes and you're out could be useful. The problem is that the do gooders would get their say and once again the victim is left to pay- like you fidget. There's no easy answer but I certainly don't approve of youngsters being chucked in jail either to come out and just be better criminals. People should certainly have the right to protect what they go out every day and work their a***s off for though. 

perhaps any burglars could have accidentally 'fallen against' your piece of coral fidget...


Frank, I only have the corned beef in tins for occaisions such as now, when Max needs to take his tablets.  I have tried everything else, and apart from sausages (the proper ones, not the hot-dog disgusting type ones), he will eat the coating then spit the pill out, even with cheese.  So I get the cheapest corned beef, and 'mould' it around the pill, so it's coated with the awful stuff.  That goes straight down.

As for cleaning out the tins, I wave it around under the hot tap to get most of the grot off, then it goes into a bag, when the bag's full (or the bin/recycling truck is around), it goes into the blue box.

Any boxes I get that are clean and dry (so nothing from the freezer) gets recycled at small-boy's school, for small child inventions.  The Honey Hoops and Chocky Hoops are really sought after, as they have bee and bear masks on the back.  Good job OH eats the chocky hoops by the bucketload.  I've got about 6 of the flipping things to take in, as small boy was off with a grotty cold and cough, so with the half-term he's had two weeks off, given the cold to me and his little sister, now Daddy's getting it.

Oh, the joys of being a Mum to two small children!


I am a slut. I used to wash everything out, take the labels off, and not put the lids off milk bottles or jars (not wanted) into recycling.  Then I discovered that they don't know what to do with all this stuff we are recycling, so it now goes in just as it is. Sometimes, I don't even bother.  It's all a farce. Remember posting something I had read  about the lunacy of recycling, but can't remember where.


Tina, I'm a slut also. I thought that cans & bottles were melted down so if so, don't labels etc. burm off? I do rinse cans at end of dish washing, or other half does, I cook he washes. But what is point in re-cycling if you have to use hot water to clean stuff before it goes in bins? Do remove tops from platics bottles. What I'm keen on is cutting up all plastic ring ties that go in general bin in case wildlife get caught in it at landfill.

My moan today is Betterware woman..did I ask her to put brochure thro' my letter box? NO. Did I want her banging on door like the police at 10.30am on a Sunday morning ? when H had nipped out and I was in the shower.

Last one!!!  Shop bought carrots..years ago I remember my Dad club card in hand complaining at supermarket to the manager about them rotting. Was told to keep them in the fridge, even though out on shelves in shop. Dad having been a veg gardener was not happy. Years later, Dad now gone, I am still annoyed, buy them, dry them because they are always damp / sweaty, keep them in cool & dark or fridge they don't keep beyond 5 days. I swear the last lot had been semi frozen and rotten within 4 days. I don't have a local veg shop & market stall is naff. I should take them back but what's the point to get same things in return.

Phew that's me done moaning.


Tina and KEF...

Actually you did mention it on here Tina. You're right - it will all go in one big vat.  It reminds of someone who did a joke about curry houses- when all the different orders came in there was just one gigantic vat of generic 'curry'  and all the orders came out of it!

KEF- I feel the same about soft fruit from supermarkets. It's obviously kept at a lower temperature than it should be - (almost frozen)which is hopeless.  When you get it home it's rotten within a day or two because you're keeping at a normal temp.


KEF & Fairygirl

Have you tried Lakeland stayfresh longer bags?I was sceptical at first but they really do keep veg and fruit longer in the fridge,I often buy reduced price veg which is on the sell by date,have kept french beans /carrots 2-3 weeks without problem.

Frank,always kept in a Frey Bentos pie" in case of emergency" as picked up from Mum,having tasted it ,the emergency would have to be Nuclear Disaster before eating it again,your pie however sounds delicious