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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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Bit extreme Charlie November


Charlie, I'm kinking with laughing  Are you Jack Reacher ? I don't mean Tom Cruise in recent naff film, but Reacher in Lee Child books..he could kick..**** & betterware people.

Gilly I'll check them out, thanks.

Charlie..still laughing.


p.s. Charlie, just checked your location and now understand the same humour.


You're all so cruel. He/she is only trying to earn a crust. I have just bought a timer (cooker one broken) which, when it goes off, sounds like a cockeral.  Took it in the garden today and when the hen and yapping dog started, I set it off, several times.  I can just imagine what my neighbours are thinking. 'She's totally lost the plot'. 

Some of the recent posts have totally lost me.  Back to the home.

Gardening Grandma

Well, I suppose if people work off their violent impulses here and then go away and behave themselves, it serves a purpose!

TT, well done for fighting back! I'm referring to the dog and hen situation, of course. I have heard that a loud blast on a whistle has a similar effect, but I imagine too much of that could really annoy the neighbours. Might try it with my @*%! dog, though!



Meant to mention the timer was from 'Betterware'.  I usually find they are OAP's or young women who are trying to earn a bit of cash. I also bought a timer you pop in the saucepan which gives you the perfect soft boiled egg!! What's a tenner between friends. Son won't be able to blame me anymore if his eggs are not juuuust right.

Gardening Grandma

New rant. I buy a lot from ebay and a few weeks ago a cardigan arrived. Size 28, just a little large even for me!!! It was cheap rubbish. I checked ebay - nothing, yet I had a feeling I'd seen it there. Could I have been stupid enough to order a too-big cardigan? I wondered what to do. A couple of weeks later, I had a credit agreement to sign and a bill from a mail order catalogue for the cardigan. I emailed them to say that I had not contacted them and they replied that I had ordered it over the telephone and had agreed to sign a credit agreement with them. I replied that I had not. I returned the cardigan and a couple of weeks further on,  had a bill for £2.99 for late return - and a catalogue. I haven't signed their contract and have no account with them, but they have all my details! All I can think of is that someone is getting commission for finding new customers and is using ebay fraudulently.


GG- don't let them away with it! I hope you're not paying the £2.99 either. Too much of this c*** going on. As soon as you buy anything or sign up for anything they sell your info no matter what they say. The day after I moved in here I got a phone call from one of those &((*&^&*(s. No one knew the number (including me!) except Sky. Not hard to work it out.  After my recent stress with a previous utility company I've not heard a word since I emailed them on 5th May. Quelle surprise. I'm still going to go to lawyer about them. Nothing to lose.


Contact trading standards GG,this may be a scam they are already aware of.

Don,t pay anything,and keep copies of everything they sent or send you.

These people are nothing but bullies trying to scare people into paying for items they have.nt ordered.You could also contact the CAB for advice if you hear from them again.


Another thought GG,could it be that you have had a key logger or spyware virus on your computer?

Might be worth checking.

G/G, FairyGirl/ Daughter, now you know why I do not put any details on the laptop, no E/bay no electric banking and if anything come up in the e-mail that I do not know it does not get opened but sent straight to trash.
G/G do not be tempted to pay anything, £2 odd will not sound much but once you pay them then they have you, ignore it.
Fairygirl one of the Saturday papers had ways to beat the cold callers who were sold your details, it seems hitting the # tag three times gets you straight through to a supervisor and you can tell them what you think.
I keep getting mail for my wife two years after she died obviously new mailings as some we never used so those details are still being sold on by firms, it needs stopping.


I'm always getting calls about PPi, ive never had a loan but cant seem to convince them of this. Also all the international calls drive me up the wall at one point i had 8 in one day. How angry. How do i stop these we are on the telephone preference service but it doesnt make any difference


i kept getting cold calling some indian speaking man who i couldnt really make out waht he was saying.. and when i told him i didnt want to do a survey he said it will only take 3mins,.. said i dont ahve 3 mins.. i am cooking kids tea and have to go.. well he replied.. look this is between me and you.. forget about your kids dinner and answer these questions.. is aid i beg your pardon how dare you talk to me like that and i hung up..

well next day they rang again.. and my hubby answered.. he was fuming and asked to speak to the supervisor.. after some arguing they handed him over to them.. and he told them that we are fed up with these calls everyday all day and into the late evening and if we get one again we will report your for harassment. please remove our number from your list.. and we have not heard from them since.

2 week later we get a call form an engery compnay saying we have been given your details froma survery you took and are contacting you.. i then informed them this was not true and that the survery company were harassing us constantly.. the lady was very nice and said i am sorry about this we will remove you from our list and will be checking on the  company who do the survery to make sure they dont this anymore..

my god it is not right for them to be harassing us like this.. i never do surversy or anything.. because then you get the phone calls from all the companys who pay for that survery.. i do not put anything on line..ever.

GG.. i would have not sent the cardigan back.. under DSR you can have it ready for them to collect .. and as you didnt order it you are not liable to return it.. i would definitely be informing trading standards and the police with fear that your details have been stolen..



Gardening Grandma..  Don't pay it. Send them a letter headlined "unsolicited goods act"  It is illegal to demand payment for goods that you have not ordered. You did not even have to send them back. It is up to them to pay for the uplift and return.

 You could look up the unsolicited goods act on tinterweb.  I have used it several times when things arrive I did not order. When I tell them they have 7 days to pick it up or I put it out for the dustbinman I get a quick response.

At work I was notorious for being "that bloody woman".  I got the job done though. Reps never tried it on twice.

I do surveys.  Lots of them.  But I do get paid for them, couple of weeks ago I got a cheque for £50 - an awful lot of money for me these days!  That's about 10 months of surveys, though, so it's not like you can make a living at it.  I don't do Toluna ones anymore, you have to do loads, they're really boring and then it takes them ages to send your amazon gift certificate details - actually, they don't email you, you have to check regularly on their website.  The Populus live one is good, you get £1 for every five minutes of your time, that's the one that sent the cheque, their surveys are normally between 5 and 20 minutes long, so not ages, you don't have to do anything, they send a cheque out at the end of the month you get £50 in your account.  The other one I do is 'My Surveys', normally fairly boring but you can rack up 550 points quite quickly for a £5 Amazon voucher, or 575 for a £5 paypal credit.  The other one I do whenever one pops up is Shopper Thoughts, that pays you in Tesco Clubcard points, very useful for topping up to get T&M vouchers.

There was a scam a few months ago, where they ring and say they're from Microsoft, and they've detected a problem on your computer, and get you to go and change the registry settings which renders your computer useless.  They then charge you a daft amount of cash to reset your computer.  Brother in Law told me about that one, he knew it was a scam as he built the computer himself, he just kept hanging up on them.  So every time they rang me I told them 'I'm sorry, I don't know where you've got my details from but I DON'T HAVE A COMPUTER!!'  Obviously a blatant lie, after a stunned silence, or repeating the statement there was something wrong with my computer, and me telling them again, they just put the phone down.  If it was a genuine call, they'd know I did have a computer.

I do get lots of spam, normally from the free competitions I enter.  Worth doing, though, yesterday I won a black & decker steam mop - I already have one, so that will be going on ebay for some extra cash - I normally win something every 8 weeks or so, but I do spend about an hour a day (normally in 10 minute chunks) entering them.  I figure if you enter every day, you're 30 times more likely to win something than someone that just enters once.  Seems to be working so far, this year I've won a goody bag, a 32 inch telly and now the steam mop.  Still waiting for a big cash win!

Cold callers I just say I'm on the TPS, please don't bother me again, then put the phone down.  Rude, I know, but it bugs me.  If they ring straight back, I normally swear at them in punjabi, as English based companies risk a big fine if you're on TPS, doesn't apply to offshore companies.  As they're normally Indian, something along the lines of 'Sally Gutty Ben-Judy'  gets rid of them.  Very rude indeed.  I won't translate unless I get a PM requesting such (don't, it really is very rude).  The benefits of a multi-cultural education.



A certain double glazing firm that we had some work done with kept ringing us up. After asking nicely, don't ring us, we'll ring you, I had a salesman out.

I've come to do a quote.

Fine quote away.

what do you want doing.?

I want your firm to stop calling me. If you carry on wasting my time, I'm going to start wasting your time.

 Even that didn't work. They just rang up to see if I'd accepted the quote. Then I lost my temper. I said I would be logging and taping all future calls and invoicing them for £10 for each one.

The phone calls have finally stopped.


Re the calls from Indian call centres- the husband of someone I work with said to one' who are you ? I don't know any ***** in India'....

I won't fill in the blanks!- I am a lady after all....

Frank/Dad- I frequently do the hash key on the phone when I call to complain- heard it years ago that you get straight through to a person so it's very useful! Especially now when there's no option to press for 'I want to complain about your b****y  c*** company'. Think I told one of them that too...

Best story I heard about cold calling was the woman who had a conservatory company on the phone. She let them talk for ages and when they thought they had a sale they asked if they could come and measure up etc. That's when she asked them if they could put a conservatory on a 10th floor flat.........

Think they hung up. 


With Solar panels telephone calls,I let them go all the way through their spiel (they are paying for the call anyway) and then say............"that sounds really interesting I,ll have to ask the landlord"..seems to do the trick

I never do surveys.why should I want to give my details to a complete stranger.I also don,t want all the spam that comes as a result.

I also never press the options for getting through to a company,I,ve found if you do nothing you usually get sraight through to a real person.



Gardening Grandma

Well, thanks for all your responses. I've read them all carefully and will be taking the advice. This was a reputable mail order firm - someone (I think) wanted to earn  comission for getting new customers, sold it to me via ebay and then used the paypal details to impersonate me with the catalogue. I must have been bonkers to order it but I KNOW I did not telephone them and I never use mail order clothing companies.  I will be writing to them - emails are evidently too easy to ignore. I want to tread carefully because they can affect my credit score (not that I want any credit) by reporting me as a bad payer. This is MY reputation and I want to protect it.

I have an add-on from Firefox which automatically causes cookies to self-destruct and I regard this as further protection against anyone spying on me.



What makes me angry GG is the fact you have to do that. Your details shouldn't be passed to anyone  without your permission - but they do it anyway.

Gilly -you're right about not pressing any button. I do that as well. Again- ridiculous that we should all have to jump through hoops just to get some basic service from a semi literate person.

And as for that b****y  'Greensleeves'......if I have to hear it once more.....