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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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Highland Jeannie

A friend advised using a hotmail e-mail address to give to companies when he was suspicious that he wouldn't be able to get rid of them. If it gets too bad just close it & open another.

Many years ago a cousin ordered a cookery book, part of a series but wrote & told them that she didn't want any more. Another was sent, then another until she had the full set. She phoned several times to no avail then wrote to say that the goods were unsolicited & gave them a time limit for collection or would charge them rent (she's a solicitor so has the language!!). They wrote back & said it wasn't worth paying her the postage to return them & she could keep them.

I haven't heard "Greensleeves" for years...........

Sorry to return to this subject, but this morning's rant is the Post Office - again!

The postman has just delivered another pile of junk-mail, most of it the same as delivered over the last two days - in three days I have amassed nearly an inch of paper! With this junk there were several letters, two dated 27th and 28th May - one was to remind me that my car insurance was due to expire on 1st June ( lucky I had renewed elsewhere!)

I know that the argument is that the Post Office need the junk-mail service to help provide a decent postal system, but a decent postal system is not what I'm receiving at the moment. Then the local Council is constantly nagging us to ensure that every last bit of 'our' rubbish is properly sorted - I'm b......d if I'm going to sort out the Post Office rubbish - it's all just gone in the local postbox for them to dispose of!

The bane of my life is Virgin media, every week without fail this large envelope drops through the door with a pile of other rubbish, there is nothing on the envelope to say what it is although properly addressed to me, then on opening I find more half price offers. Having told them I do not have, want, or even need be on the same planet as them they still come, Branson would not be a Virgin long if I get my hands on him, why can they not understand that not everyone thinks them the best thing since caviar ice cream, in fact why should I pay them for even more rubbish programmes than are on TV now. Can we bring back hanging quartering and the roasting of entrails whilst still alive please.



@pemtillie.. that is the point thou.. the postal service is getting worse and much more expensive to use.. why? because they dont care about us.. they make money for each piece of junk mail they put thru yr door and the account they have with amazon for delivering hteir post and some of the courier services use them too.. joe public is not their main income anymore.

as i was advised by my postie.. ring your sorting office and request to be removed from the unaddressed junk mail list.. my postie is very happy to have less wieght in his bag. And he said he would get round so much quicker as he doesnt have to go to every damn door in every damn street just to deliver them.

Log on to the mail preference service (that's similar to the telephone preference service), that will remove all UNADDRESSED mail to your property.

If it has your name and address on it, they still have to deliver it, but it should get rid of the majority of recycling that comes through your door.

Frank, I would write to them (virgin media) and request that your details are removed permanently from their mailing lists.  I don't know if there is an ombudsman for mail, or even an organisation that's similar.  I know when I worked doing the reporting for the call centre, there was an organisation (I forget what it was called) that would fine us thousands of pounds if we persistently called someone on the TPS, or if someone complained they were gettting 'silent calls'.  These are the calls where you answer the phone and no-one is on the other end.  This is down to a piece of software that monitors calls and when it thinks there will be someone free to try and sell you double-glazing/solar panels/PPI mis-selling/other unwanted and unrequested tat, it calls the next number on it's dialling list.  With a computer involved, it often gets it wrong and rings you when no-one is available (I'm sure most folk have experienced this).  Trouble is, it sometimes persistently calls someone with no-one on the other end, and this can be really quite frightening if you live on your own, are elderly or of a nervous dispostion.  So the organisation that looks after call centres comes down on you like a ton of bricks if that happens, you get a mega fine and the person's number is placed on a 'blacklist'.  The blacklist is a very important list in a call centre, as you will pay for a list of numbers from somewhere.  Don't know where, they are not popular with anyone but call centre owners.  The blacklist is then run against the list of numbers, and any blacklist numbers are removed.  Decent call centres (ones UK based that abide by the code of conduct) also run the TPS list against the call list (Telephone preference service).  That's how you get removed from call lists.  Register with the TPS and after  two months contact them and tell them you are getting lots of calls with no-one on the other end.  Most of the time they just blacklist you, sometimes if you're really upset about it they will investigate and find out who the culprit is, and wallop you with a fine and tell you to update your TPS list more often.

Sorry I can't help with the post issue, other than recommending MPS, there must be something similar there - you might like to contact them Frank, I'm sure there is something they can do to ensure your wife's name is removed from all mailing lists, as I'm sure this really hurts when you get something addressed to her after all this time.  If there is something similar for the post, they can find out who is selling her details, whack them with a fine and tell them to pull their socks up and remove her name from the list.  We still get post over the road for my Father-in-Law, and he's been gone for over 10 years.  Some companies have no shame.



Jeannie- I often do that with the 'extra' email if I'm enquiring or buying something as  a one off. I agree about the junk mail - it's horrendous. They have no conscience. I've just emailed the P.Off (as it's known in my house!) asking for junkmail not to be delivered. Interestingly there's no link for requesting it in a simple way- how convenient!! I prefer to email these things initially if I can because I simply cannot be bothered dealing with the incompetence at the other end of the line. It does my head in.


Anything unsolicited that comes in the mail that has a return address is sent back to them with their address in the contact details, and anything with an envelope is sent back with another unsolicited piece of mail in it,

It does,nt stop the problem,but it makes me feel better,especially as they are paying the postage to get their own mail back.


mummy.. i am i getting it right.. you register with TPs.. and then you say the wallop you with a fine.. is that me the person who reigstered or the call centre calling me..

i would like to register on this list an sooo fed up with them 4 times yesterday i did it.. so i hung up other day it was 8.30pm.. told hem what i thought of their time to ring me.

do yo have number.. oh maybe i can look for it myself..

It's the call centre that gets walloped with the fine, as I used to work for one of the damn places, I often see things from the call centre's point of view.  The fine is to encourage the call centre to re-tune their predictive calling software.

TPS only works for UK registered centres, with the Indian ones (and ones in malaysia now), you're on your own. 

If you enter competitions or anything else where you have to put your phone number, you are probably opting-in to recieve calls - read small print CAREFULLY.

Mobile phones have the Mobile Preference Service, google Telephone Preference Service and that should bring website up.  No need to call, can all be done over tinternet.


New rant from me, non disabled parking in disabled bays, oh how that riles me. I`ve just come back from taking the OH to the vets to get the dogs claws done ( the OH has fibromyalgia ) as we`ve pulled into the village there`s a guy sat in a disabled bay waiting for his friend to come back from the shop so we`ve had go past and find another spot further away from the vets and the other side of the road.

As we`ve got out of the car and started to walk back to the traffic lights to cross the first driver has driven away ( no blue badge or tax exemption ) to be quickly followed by another bloke in his mid 30`s who gets out and walks straight to a cash machine, There is a possibility i may have shouted some delightful building site language at him as i politely asked him where his disabled badge was  

Gardening Grandma

Sympathy, Fred! Its really annoying when restrictions are completely ignored.

I used to get that all of the time with OH's Dad.  He'd had a triple-heart bypass and was on the list to get both knees done (he'd actually lost a full inch in height as they were that shot), so was in a wheelchair.  The number of times someone has been parked in the few disabled bays in the supermarket, with NO blue badge on display was massive, it was actually commented on if he did get a parking space, he did need the extra room for the wheelchair.

On the few occaisions the person came back whilst I was pushing the chair, I actually asked if their disability was ignorance or bone idleness.  Two of them had the grace to look shame-faced, the rest started verbally abusing me, to which I let out my own stream of invective (I do look respectable, but went to school in a virtual de-militarised zone and then working in the offices of a steelworks) that would make a Navvy blush, that coupled with Barrie waving his walking stick and occaisionally making contact with shins (he was a bugger) normally made them very hastily get into their car before the mad sweary woman and cantankerous old git did any lasting damage.

Unfortunately, unless the supermarket or car park charges for parking, there's nothing they can do, and since it's really difficult to get a clamping licence, there's no way of enforcing it, they can just drive off.

If it's really annoying you, you could always accidentally drop some tin-tacks in front of their tyres...

Gardening Grandma

Or tuck behind their windscreen wiper an official-looking printed (on the computer) notice warning that the disabiity advisory officer has noted their beach of the parking protocol. No action will be taken on this accasion but their number has been noted and any repeat of the offence may lead to a prosecution.

The potty gardener

In a film I saw years ago a young bloke in a convertable drives into disabled parking space, and jumps out of car without even opening the door. Then dashes into a big store. So angered man picks up rubbish can and empties it into the car. At this point the young man comes out of store helping very old, very frail old lady and leads her to the car......



Think I saw that too!


Hi All just reading these postings first time they are verry enjoyable question Frank where you a member of the old  G/W forum if so i loved youre stories and looked foreward to them

I have always wondered where Kit and all the gang are i loved talking to everybody



Gardening Grandma

Welcome, James. Hope it isn't the last time we hear from you.

Back to the cold callers. A man with a strong indian accent phoned told me he wasnt selling anything {ha ha} just wanted a moment of my time. I asked how he had got my number his reply from some data base. I asked the name of his company "Lifestyle UK" and told him i was with the telephone preference service and that i was going to report him. Havent heard from them since but havent had time yet to phone them as my dad was rushed into hospital; again, this time with a suspected twisted bowel. It turned out he has a blockage that is slowly sorting itself out. Major worry as he had bowel cancer 8 years ago. He is on the mend but still very poorly. I desperately need to get to the shops as the cupboards would make Mother Hubbards cupboards look full. Im so tired i dont kn ow which end is up

Gardening Grandma

I'm sure we all hope your father makes a full recovery, Maud, and that you manage to have a rest. Please do let us know how he gets on.

Hello and welcome James, yes indeed the same one and only and still putting the odd comment on here.
Been off a bit lately, we had a wedding then a birth a week later and now a funeral yesterday they say it all comes in threes.
Today the gas Maintenance who will be back tomorrow to sort the central heating, those thermostatic valves do not seem to last long and the pump was forgetting to switch itself off, why we pay insurance I suppose and cannot complain about the service, the engineer could not have been more helpful and better still cheerful we had a laugh.
Spend a lot of time with the local history, not many remember the days when the garden and smallholding had to feed the entire extended family, we had the farm as well, I get asked some very funny questions from youngsters who cannot imagine a life before ipods, they do at least listen.