London (change)
13/06/2013 at 23:26

Fred, thanks, know it was Mitchell that invented the Spitfire, and couldn't remember the name of the chap that invented the jet engine.  Know it was definitely a shed, albeit a very big one, as in one of his tests he couldn't get the thing to switch off, and before he could cut the fuel supply it went bang and set fire to the shed.

Think I need a shed, without one the only thing I could come up   with is a radio-controlled rat in order to scare ladies (and some men) everywhere.  Of course, it would be marketed as a cat toy - I'm sure no-one would buy it in order to scare their mum!  Or Calorie-free chocolate, but then I'm sure that there are several genii with a few million working on that one as we speak - the inventor of that would make an absolute fortune.

Several people in the area have sheds, very posh ones, with hot-tubs in them.  What a waste!

14/06/2013 at 05:28

planted out mr runner beans monday morning where doing very well until i checked yesterday every single one had been shredded i felt like crying the culprits....pidgeons and or pheasants so after running round trying to find netting pegs and sticks for their defence erecting it all i was feeling very fed up..thinking of bird scarers now as a deterent anyone any ideas of home made ones its an open windy site thinking flapping noisy things like pidgeons i guess

14/06/2013 at 08:23

Old CD,s on a bit of string might help.(we always used the free CD,s that came with newspapers,don,t know if they still ever do those)

14/06/2013 at 08:48

I find two yappy little dogs a pretty good deterrent, but that may be too extreme a solution for most people!

14/06/2013 at 10:32

GG, you know what you can do with your yappy dogs. I could hear the 'dawn' chorus this morning. I find it really annoying I can now no longer have my bedroom window open because of these inconsiderate people.  It's quite obvious they just chuck the dog out at 6.30, go about their morning ablutions and 30 mins later, let it back in.  During this time, big dog let out to bark to his heart's content. Then at 7.30 yappy sausage dog is out.  Note to self - do something about it!!

14/06/2013 at 13:28

HI Yes GG I live in dublin

14/06/2013 at 20:52

James, in Wales we get free subscriptions so the fees are all unfamiliar to me.

TT, I don't actually let them go out and yap! But if they see bigger birds in the garden - pigeons, magpies, seagulls - they have a whale of a time chasing them off and barking at them. Couldn't stop them barking at that time however hard I tried. There is a garden at the bottom of ours where a small dog is allowed to yap to his heart's content and I worry (a bit) that the other neighbours think it is my dogs.


14/06/2013 at 22:34

An accolade and a rant.
About to call British Gas on Saturday morning when the phone rang and a voice said hello this it British Gas. Imagine my total amazement that now with modern phones you do not even need to dial the number. Still sitting there with my mouth wide open the caller said your Boiler Maintenance is due can we come next week.
Still in a state of wonder I fixed it for Wednesday then told them my heating would not go off no matter what I did, OK do not worry we will check it all out for you and fix it, That is exactly what they did, a cheerful fitter who knew his job came in shut it all down fitted several new bits then tested it all out and left still smiling, he was fast clean and best of all happy in his work and it showed so well done BG. "Oh" and it was all under the insurance.

In T@#@#'s doing some shopping I checked out the meat shelves, I just check prices before going to my friendly village Butcher. Why as soon as the sun shines do they cover most of the meat with sickly gooey over sweetened BBQ sauce stuff, if I did want to BBQ and I usually do not, not wanting to eat cindered sausage or badly under cooked chicken then I would make and add my own BBQ sauce, not gooey or over sweetened.
There were some packs of New Zealand Lamb chops so thin that just dropping them into the pan would have shrivelled them to nothing and they cost £6.50 a pack. In my local Butchers I got four big fat local sourced lamb chops and some home cooked ham for £7 so what is not to like about your local shops I ask. "Oh" and not a sickly gooey BBQ sauce in sight.
Had the chops with garlic charlotte potato's, mint sauce and  peas tonight absolutely delicious soft moist and plenty to get your teeth into,


14/06/2013 at 22:53

Having just read a few pages earlier, re unsolicited mail. I usually send back in company As envelope, with mail from company B, andthen to company B,  mail from company C. and so on. Gives me great pleasure, and after a few months their mail stops, but others  join the queue. 

heard on our local radio, that they actually shred the junk mail before returning to the company.

Well it keeps the world revolving, and no cost to me, AND i don't have to recycle either.  

Never had any faith in these preference services, who profess to stop all this C---,  telephone, etc,. don't find any actually work. Apparently your name goes on from today, but from tomorrow another company doesn't need to comply. Also if a company phones you, and only has a number, and no name, the TPS is unable to do anything about it. they only stop calls from companies, not numbers.

Rant over!!!



15/06/2013 at 06:36

Makes you feel like going ex-directory, Jon. All one's friends have one's number anyway.

15/06/2013 at 07:08

Hi Gardening Grandma

 .  Afraid giong x directory doesn't always stop nuisance calls to home or mobiles, (text messages). Plenty of adverts in any motorway service loos for companies who advertise their ability to get round this. I'm ex my self but still get calls. TPS also unable to stop calls originating from outside UK, so if like my phone with a screen to view number, this shows "outside area" so I donT bother answering. 

Set my answer phone message similar  to following after my intro " if you number not shown in the dial up screen, we will not answer" once they hear that, tend to ring off, but no guarantee.


15/06/2013 at 08:30

Frank agree with what you say about th size and cost of the lamb chops in the supermarket, ours also sell what they call a mini beef roasting joint,I would say on average it is about the size of 3 weetabix and sells for abot £6.As my OH says the Oxo cube would match it in size when it is cooked!.

We are lucky enough in our village to have a butchers shop,they farm locally and all the lamb and pork is their own with the beef from another named local farmer.They will cut meat to size &the taste is amazing.It,s a case of use it or loose it,and most of the village chose to use it,

15/06/2013 at 15:16

This is a stupid rant, but something that always bugs me.  Having watched 'Trooping the Colour', as I do every year, why does Princess Anne and Prince Edward dress in military gear?  


15/06/2013 at 15:20

I thought Prince Edward had raided his childrens dressing up box,

15/06/2013 at 15:50
GillyL wrote (see)

I thought Prince Edward had raided his childrens dressing up box,

Gilly - old habits die hard....

Enjoyed your OH's comment about the shrinking meat!

Skyrunner - your comment about being ex directory is right. I've always been ex dr.- by accident initially rather than design - and just continued it. Doesn't stop them as you say.

15/06/2013 at 15:56

Dressing up boxes provided hours of fun,all you needed was a bit of imagination and you could be anyone..................imagination seems sadly lacking in a lot of children nowadays.

15/06/2013 at 16:13
TinaTurner wrote (see)

This is a stupid rant, but something that always bugs me.  Having watched 'Trooping the Colour', as I do every year, why does Princess Anne and Prince Edward dress in military gear?  


Tina it is not stupid as I also wonder. Prince Edward spent two weeks in the Marines, if it had been me I would have been ashamed to ever wear uniform again, apparently honour does not apply in some cases.
Princess Anne has worked her way up through the Honorary ranks accepting roles in the many military events no one ever hears about though I can assure you they happen often. The reason she did is not obvious although strong rumours did fly, enough said.
My own brush with Royalty was a Royal Duke now dead who arrived drank the Mess dry took the salute being supported on each side and I think from behind as we marched past. The other one was the old Princess Royal who was a very good age even then, she inspected us talking to some of us and I found myself looking down at a small birdlike Lady and her gazing up at me, six foot to her four foot something, at least she was showing interest and did not drink the Mess dry.
Large Parades are the culmination of weeks of rehearsal and in our case REME we still had to keep the work going, funnily the Troops in the main enjoyed them, it was show off time, strut your stuff and be proud. One I did right marker for the whole Parade which meant having every one in the right place at all times during the Parade and one spectacular Parade the CO had been in the mess nearly all night and he mouthed all the orders whilst I in stentorian voice gave them. I often wondered if the General taking the salute ever wondered why the CO's loud voice seemed to come from the back of the ranks when the CO was at the front, we got away with it and the CO bought the drinks in our Mess so another long hard night ensued.


15/06/2013 at 16:34

I really love to watch all the ceremonial occasions. The precision of the soldiers is magnificant. I'm sure that, deep down, even though there's plenty of rehearsals, they wouldn't swap their places. Do wonder whether those shouting the orders suffer from sore throats for a few days!

I do know that Princess Anne has 'connections' with the uniform she dons, but I still don't think it's correct.  As for Edward, enough said.  I think it's an insult to whatever uniform he decides to wear at any particular event.  My daughter met him many years ago when she was on work experience at The Really Useful Company.  Don't think she was that impressed. She was eating a bag of hula hoops at the time and he asked what she was doing.  Fortunately, being a very well brought up girl, she was polite.  He was in his theatrical mode at the time. That lasted well too didn't it.

Do remember the late Princess Mary. Austere looking lady.

I don't like all the hangers on and wish they would be made to go out and earn their own living but I like the main players.  Been a fan since the Queen married in 1947. She was simply my Fairy Princess.


15/06/2013 at 17:22

You oiled the sore throats with best Single malt at 7 pence a glass in many long and tuneful nights in the mess, well they did start tuneful.
It was years of practice as you worked up the ranks, I often took what we called singing lessons on the square with the very young Officers, six in the morning they would line up and I would tell them "you will call me Sir, I will call you Sir but you will mean it" then make them give orders with the men at the far end so they had to project the voice. Remarks from me such as "well at least wave them goodbye or for goodness sake do something even if it is fall down dead" would get them flustered.
I once had a reasonable Tenor voice having come up through Church and School choirs to singing in the Troop Concerts we had at the time, that soon went once I got to be a WO, larger troops of men and even bigger Parades, the best oil in the world would not cure that.


15/06/2013 at 17:28

Think my children would agree I would have made a good Sergeant Major, Frank.