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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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I agree that dress standards have got very sloppy in recent years, and when I'm in some of the other countries in Europe it's very noticeable how much more effort the locals seem to make. In some places, such as Germany and Italy, there is a decided feel of elegance around, whereas in the U.K, if you venture out in the evening in most towns, half the populace have their backsides falling out of their trousers, or falling out under their skirts!  I suppose, after that little rant, I must be careful what I wear when I go out later!


No Frank/Dad- it's not just you. Used to just be a mid-life crisis - now it's early, mid and late-life. 

Tina why don't you try that onesie for the shopping?

I believe many people now don't even bother getting dressed to go to the shops to the point where Tesco - I think - has banned them. What is wrong with these people????

Manky - that's what they are.


My OH often says "The sight's that you see when you haven't got your gun".

Love the word Manky.

Will add on a serious note that sometimes oddly dressed people are in the early stages of dementia, and no persuading to dress appropriately will work.


KEF the trouble is the ones I've seen barely look out of school 

Love that phrase of your OH's too!

Is manky just a Scottish term?


I'll go along with that Kef, but they are few and far between. My late MIL walked around with a shower cap on, bless her. She did get stroppy when we tried to suggest what she should wear and there were times that she didn't look too good. Very sad.


HI have to agree with frank in dublin the amount of ladies wearing pyjamas going shopping ect dose my head in maby i would not mind if some of them washed them i ask my OH do they go straight to the shops from bed what about haveing A Ashower



james - my point exactly. As we say here in Scotland ( as well as manky) -  clatty!

You'd think they could at least pull a pair of trousers over them, but I suppose that requires effort too 

Round 'em up and put them in the stocks! 

Just reading that Tesco in Tiverton has banned what they call 'half-naked' men and women from the store, saying they're a health hazard. Apparently the recent warm weather brought out the shirtless men and barely-clad women, and enough other customers complained that Tesco thought the ban was appropriate.

Perhaps we should all get our coats...................!

Fairygirl/Daughter, we do speak the same language, "Manky" or "Clarty" being oft used in our area, manky meaning "bad, inferior, defective, dirty and even mutilated" among the printable section.
I was expecting to be castigated for my lack of sartorial savvy although it seems I am not the only one offended by the lack of dress sense.
I Germany we always knew the British visitors by the lack of dress sense and kept away from them not wanting to be associated with such lack of taste. Why any man would wish to don those stupid long shorts is beyond me.
Issued with KD's for over seas (khaki drill) we would try it on, two pairs of shorts very long, two pairs of longs slightly longer than the shorts two KD jackets sack like and three KD shirts charity sack like. The Garrison Tailor would earn a years wages in a week altering it all to fit and box pleating shirts and jackets. The shorts would end up very slightly beneath the knee cap but once out in the field with our bayonets those shorts would look like modern boxer's, just do not let the S/Major see you.
I was always told at school wearing compulsary uniform "Pride in ones appearance is a window on that persons ability" carried on into the Army then my work in ICI, always had at least two clean shirts in the locker just in case.
This rant could become a tome.


Another give-away is men's shoes. When I worked in the City of London, many of the Hoorays wearing suits costing hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds, had shoes that hadn't been cleaned in weeks. At crucial meetings, little signs like that made all the difference in my perception and handling of people.

My daughter has always taken care of her shoes, and she tells people that she used to watch her Daddy polishing his shoes every night, and always felt so proud watching me go off to work!   .......a salutary lesson that every action ( or indeed lack of action ) has a reaction.  Unfortunately, if parents are slobs, invariably their children will go down the same route.


I also hate,piercings in the lips and through the tongue which seem to go with most of the above mentioned garb,and exposed middles with pieced belly buttons

Agree that trousers with the crutch hanging down around the knees,and those shorts are the worst.Would also like to nominate heavily pregnant ladies in tight lycra mini dresses clinging to the bump teetering around in ridiculously high heels.


I always think that those trousers with the crutch hanging around knee level, look like the person has just filled his nappy.


From the exposed bits of backside that you often see,don,t think many of them wear nappies.


We've opened up a real can of worms here!!

Pentillie I used to work with horses and ponies produced for the show ring so attention to detail was vital. Well polished boots (and hooves!) were standard. An immaculately produced but slightly inferior animal could look head and shoulders above a better type which was poorly presented - especially if the performance was also immaculate.

And men in shops without tops on....please stop it!!!!!!

Gilly - how on earth do they walk in them? 


They do a kind of shuffle Fairygirl,suppose the shuffle is in time with the music they permanently have plugged into their ears.


The other huge downside of all the exposed flesh is the number of people covered in pathetic tattoos - as an artist myself the so-called artwork is terrible! The idiots who pay for this horrible doodling are hopefully so dim that they don't realise how ridiculous they look. 

Had a lifetime of highly polished boots and shoes and the soles, try polishing the brass eyelets on those boots without getting metal polish on the black bit.
I did draw the line at polishing my carpet slippers and the issue sand-shoes, none of those fancy joggers in my time in fact never worn a pair in my life probably why I still have good feet.
The pathetic tattoos have me totally baffled why would someone desecrate their bodies with them and rings everywhere I would call it tribal apart from all else.
They may just as well go the whole hog and wear feathers woad and bands to elongate the neck, oh and how about lip discs?



Hi hi, you mean like this?



Manky is used in Yorks, but Clatty is a new one to it. job from being 9 was shoe cleaning each night down the cellar, Dad's work shoes, our school shoes and play shoes. No prob until one night on way back up ( I missed them on the way down) 2 pheasants hanging by their necks on an old clothes horse...screamed my head off, daren't walk past. I'm still a bit timid about bright coloured birds.

No one liked the taste except Dad.( well they were free ! ).Manky big fashion.


Good job you can't see my son and SIL, Pentillie and Frank.  Both covered in tatoos and son has a huge hole in his earlobe with some sort of fixture in it. Can hold a cigarette.  I am constantly telling them they will regret it when they reach old age, but they don't listen.  However, all I will say is never judge a book by it's cover.

They are of a different era.