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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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HI I begining to hate July and August school holidays last night i had to remove at least eight children for want of a better word from the front of my house at eleven thirty all mouth where are the parents summer holidays are too long two to three months they are bored glad i got that off my chest  


Gardening Grandma

Exactly, JB - where are the parents? Glad to have the kids off their hands or just down the pub?

Attempts have been made to rationalise school holidays and maybe have four terms with shorter holidays in between. One of the things that stops this is the issue of family holidays, since obviously the whole nation can't go on holiday in the same four weeks of the year. Obviouslt, too, if a child misses two weeks of school for a holiday, he loses a lot of education and many children find it impossible to catch up, so it isn't encouraged.

TT, it is interesting that some people have to have noise all the time. Perhaps it is to drive out thought.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Latest "Gove" proposal is for individual Heads to decide when the school is on holiday. Discuss.


Yes GG. Gob on her like a common fishwife. Just found out she rented a house from a friend of mine (it's round the corner from me)  She trashed it and had to be evicted by the police. Still owes my friend money and has the nerve to be living  less than 200yards away. This is after she was in another house nearby and caused so much trouble with the neighbours that they shopped her to HMRC as she was claiming benfits as a single mother while living with another boyfriend.

Oh...and she worked in the nearby private nursery..... as a nursery teacher.....

You couldn't make it up.

This used to be a nice area....I should have moved to Baghdad. Won't be staying.

James- it's unbelievable. Since Friday we've had one riding up and down for hours at a time on a motor/rallycross bike. Younger siblings on the back,on the rear access road. He's 11. 

Can't be legal. What goes through the minds of these parents?


Woodgreen wonderboy wrote (see)

Latest "Gove" proposal is for individual Heads to decide when the school is on holiday. Discuss.


As is said, a recipe for disaster I should think Woody. What happens when parents have children at different schools and the holidays don't co-incide. Perhaps someone can enlighten me as to why the change is thought to be necessary.  Seems a totally cockeyed idea to me.

I wonder sometimes how I ever managed to get an education. War baby, so lots of the teachers, when demobbed, had a quick course in how to teach and, hey presto, into the classroom. A lot taught by fear. But, blow me down, I managed to learn to read and write without some know nothing politician forever poking his/her (have to be PC) nose in. Classes were minimum of 36.  I know that because I was always 35.   I also had 6 weeks holiday during the Summer.  Did me no harm and I'm sure the teachers enjoyed it too.

Gone off on a tangent a bit.

I, of course, have no problems with yobs because I is posh and they don't use my road They actually use the recreation ground just round the corner. We do have a pretty good team of police who use pedal bikes to get to whereever there is trouble reported and quickly move the kids on. Have a team for every ward. Works well.

People are so rude...everywhere I go people row with me

Gardening Grandma

OH dear, poor Verdun!  And you such a kind, inoffensive chap!  Well, you are, actually.

We, although of course, upper crust ourselves, live in quite an ordinary area and there's a difficult estate not too far away. We don't  get much trouble at all, but there are difficult people everywhere - they just use different tactics, according to class. I have had occasion to mix with the nobs  and I have found that restrained and extremely polite people of that class can give you a major put-down and be extremely rude. They just do it with icy politeness, superiority and finesse.




Just thought I would PING this in case I need it to rant about the weather later today.


I do wish that the majority of photos on here did not come up with an error message when I try to enlarge them. Perhaps people should use a direct link from Photobucket, be a lot easier for these weak old eyen.


Hi Berghill.  Am a numpty where photos are concerned so, although I know what you are talking about no idea how it can be rectified.  Agree, it's a shame that you don't get to see them properly.

I am going to have a little rant about dentists' charges.  You get a sadist attacking your teeth and gums and have to pay for this torture. Then, off to see the dentist who takes all of 5 mins staring into your mouth and, in my case, stick my crown back in which could come out again any time.  Wondered why he thought it would be a good idea until I saw how much he charged. And he wonders why I only go twice a year. Could have had a go at sticking it back myself!! Bit of superglue would have been OK.

And it's too blooming hot. Beginning to realise how he feels.


Another whinge, this time about sticky labels. I bought some nice plastic pots for my Auricula theatre plants. Great except that one out of each set of 5 is vitually useless because of the label. Even with a dab of Turps, the pot still has a mark on it. Totally unnecessary too!


Try WD40 Berghill. Supposed to work.

Got any suggestions to stop dogs yapping.  They are all having a go now - all 5 of them. Irresponsible owners.


Blue tac would hold the crown on Tina, in fact they now do white tac

I've a suggestion for yapping dogs but even though joking will keep it to myself, I seem to have already helped put someone's nose out of joint



Did think about doing it myself Kef, but just think how awful it would have if I had glued my mouth up.  Don't think blue/white tac would have held it.Would have been a lot cheaper. £30 for a dab of some sort of cement.

Can't believe that Kef. You're too nice. Often the trouble with forums, things get taken the wrong way.  Don't let it worry you. 


new to this but just thought I should add my two cents. Talking about  neighbours; my neighbour is growing some sort of hedge and it has grown over the fence, in the middle our fences and through my fence (which is those wire things with holes in). The trailing vines hang right over the small bit that isn't paved in my garden backyard which I am trying to turn into a garden and guess what climbs into my garden...snails. As if it isn't bad enough with the slugs which I have plenty of in my garden, the seeds which may or may not germinate, according to what they feel like and the general helpless feeling of I don't know what I am doing but I really want a garden that I get. The neighbours are tenants as I am too so they are not going to cut the hedge because they feel it is not their responsibility and don't seem bothered to tell their landlord to do it. I don't have a hedge trimmer and don't see why I should buy one when I dont even have a hedge. So I have hacked off a few of the branches that I could reach but its just so frustrating.

If you know the landlord, or letting agent, you could ask what the terms of the tenancy agreement are. Tenants are usually required to keep "the property" in good order, so that would include the garden.Or you could approach your landlord and ask if they know the other landlord's name. 


waterbutts is right comp. Having been on both sides of the 'rental' fence (sorry for the pun!) the agreement should state what the tenant is liable for. No Landlord wants their property left in a mess and some tenants are downright lazy so it's in the interest of your neighbour's landlord to know the score. Many take a look regularly but it depends where they live etc. Infuriating for you.

Tina - I'm sending you some mortar- ( a good strong mix) for the crown as I have plenty of supplies and more coming on Friday... and a bit extra for using on the dogs...

KEF- We're here for you as you know.

They don't like it up them - that's the problem my love. You have a right good rant on here! 

The potty gardener

Big hugs KEF.

Bit worried about what you want Tina to do with mortar and the dogs Fairygirl

I have no rant as it's such lovely weather