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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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Another whinge, this time about sticky labels. I bought some nice plastic pots for my Auricula theatre plants. Great except that one out of each set of 5 is vitually useless because of the label. Even with a dab of Turps, the pot still has a mark on it. Totally unnecessary too!


Try WD40 Berghill. Supposed to work.

Got any suggestions to stop dogs yapping.  They are all having a go now - all 5 of them. Irresponsible owners.


Blue tac would hold the crown on Tina, in fact they now do white tac

I've a suggestion for yapping dogs but even though joking will keep it to myself, I seem to have already helped put someone's nose out of joint


Did think about doing it myself Kef, but just think how awful it would have if I had glued my mouth up.  Don't think blue/white tac would have held it.Would have been a lot cheaper. £30 for a dab of some sort of cement.

Can't believe that Kef. You're too nice. Often the trouble with forums, things get taken the wrong way.  Don't let it worry you. 


new to this but just thought I should add my two cents. Talking about  neighbours; my neighbour is growing some sort of hedge and it has grown over the fence, in the middle our fences and through my fence (which is those wire things with holes in). The trailing vines hang right over the small bit that isn't paved in my garden backyard which I am trying to turn into a garden and guess what climbs into my garden...snails. As if it isn't bad enough with the slugs which I have plenty of in my garden, the seeds which may or may not germinate, according to what they feel like and the general helpless feeling of I don't know what I am doing but I really want a garden that I get. The neighbours are tenants as I am too so they are not going to cut the hedge because they feel it is not their responsibility and don't seem bothered to tell their landlord to do it. I don't have a hedge trimmer and don't see why I should buy one when I dont even have a hedge. So I have hacked off a few of the branches that I could reach but its just so frustrating.


If you know the landlord, or letting agent, you could ask what the terms of the tenancy agreement are. Tenants are usually required to keep "the property" in good order, so that would include the garden.Or you could approach your landlord and ask if they know the other landlord's name. 


waterbutts is right comp. Having been on both sides of the 'rental' fence (sorry for the pun!) the agreement should state what the tenant is liable for. No Landlord wants their property left in a mess and some tenants are downright lazy so it's in the interest of your neighbour's landlord to know the score. Many take a look regularly but it depends where they live etc. Infuriating for you.

Tina - I'm sending you some mortar- ( a good strong mix) for the crown as I have plenty of supplies and more coming on Friday... and a bit extra for using on the dogs...

KEF- We're here for you as you know.

They don't like it up them - that's the problem my love. You have a right good rant on here! 

The potty gardener

Big hugs KEF.

Bit worried about what you want Tina to do with mortar and the dogs Fairygirl

I have no rant as it's such lovely weather

The lone gardener wrote (see)

Big hugs KEF.

Bit worried about what you want Tina to do with mortar and the dogs Fairygirl

I have no rant as it's such lovely weather


I'll let you use your imagination...

Don't often come on this thread but wanted to rant about my neighbour, I really don't know what to do...

It's too longed winded to explain everything but to link it to gardening it started with a fence many years ago, then the neighbour started to hammer on my walls at 4am but the council didn't believe me. This went on for over 12mths, until one day friends came to stay with their children. I explained about the neighbour. True to form the hammering started at 4am and there after every half hour, by 6am friends OH  was furious, the children were in tears and whilst I was on the phone to the police OH went round to speak to the neighbour. The police arrived at 9am, OH spoke to them and from that day to this the hammering stopped.       

Other stuff has happened since but I've learnt to live with it or ignore it, that is until this weekend.

Back to gardening. Said neighbour prunes his climbers at weekends, every weekend... usually when I'm in my garden. I have tried to be friendly -  once, said good morning, getting no reply, thinking he maybe deaf, repeated myself, but louder before eventually realising he was ignoring me. I took to coming inside whilst he pruned his climbers.

This weekend I thought why should I have to go indoors, so carried on gardening. Well that's when the vile verbal comments started. There was no one in the garden with him but he started ranting to a third person about my presence in the garden. I was remarkably calm but he was very scary. I told him I would contact the police and council if he continued as there was no need for those comments. He then started to address me again, he looked furious when I said I wasn't even going to go there with him and came indoors.

Colleagues at work think I should have called the police, I've explained to them some of the other stuff he's done. We are of the opinion he has some serious mental health issues. I'm still thinking of calling the police even it's just for them to log a complaint.

What do you guy's think I should do?        

Another rant... I'm not getting notifications at present so if I don't reply immediately that's why.

 didn't realise how long the posting was...

Every house owner (if you are one)  is entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of their property, by law. You could, if you wished, contact a solicitor who could send him a legal warning. That may frighten him into shutting up. Howevr, if he is mentally ill it may just send him even further off the scale. You could contact social services - he may be known to them and they may be able to help.


Zoomer, how awful for you.  I feel guilty complaining about the dog chorus.

Is it possible to get what the neighbour is saying recorded?  This is what my daughter was advised when she had problems. Also keep a record of when incidents take place and for how long. Most councils do have an anti-social complaint system.  Give them a call.

One of the problems here is that if you are both owners rather than tenants, any complaint will have to be notified should you wish to sell, which you probably have no intention of doing anyway. If tenants, then I would think the landlord would be the first port of call, with evidence in place.

Do feel for you Zoomer.  For many years I have been able to enjoy being in my garden during the summer as the then 'kids' had thoughtful parents who realised not everyone wanted to hear either them or their little cherubs shouting and screaming all day.  How times have changed. I sometimes feel they are now in competition, coupled with the chickens and dogs!!

That is nothing compared to your plight.  Let us know how you get on please.


tina turner .. get a dog whistle.. it works wonders.. we have them onthe cliff path yapping at 5am in the morning.. and owners do nothing to stop them..

zoomer.. that is not on.. maybe you should continue with the council/landlord and inform them you will take legal action if they dont do anything.. also try taking a small recording device out with you.. so as to get some evidence of his verbal abuse.

Recording is a very good idea but I'd tell him that you are doing it. The law is very strange about recording conversations without both parties knowing that it is happening.

I feel great sympathy for you. I lived for some time with this sort of problem. As did the other neighbours. Have you asked others if they are also the object of this man's attentions?  He may need sectioning if it is widespread.



I realise just how lucky I am having such good neighbours either side.  Was a bit if a worry when ex neighbours of 34 years moved on but have been so fortunate with the young family I now have. 

Know you are more than capable Zoomer, but Googled and found this:

  • Keep a notebook documenting the verbal abuse. Write down the date and time of each incident, what was said and who was present to hear it, and any useful background information.
  • Get testimonies from people who witnessed the verbal abuse, either on a digital recorder or in writing. These testimonies will strengthen your case against the abuser.
  • Record the verbal abuse on a digital recorder

Let's hope you can resolve the problem soon.

Gardenfanatic.  You have jogged my memory.  Must get one asap and give it a try. Thanks.


Yes, definitely keep a diary of events. It is incredibly wearisome and emotionally draining but can prove to be very useful in the end.


I started doing that with the dog chorus but found I was spending so much time with pen and paper and getting quite neurotic! Trouble is, with cutbacks, the council aren't interested in dog barking and tell you to approach the owner.  A lot of good that will do.  One owner denied her dog barked!! 


Zoomer that's a hellish situation for you but I'd agree with many of the comments here and log the incidents- you already have an official 'police record'  from the story you told,and your friends information, so that's a good place to start. I was advised by police not to approach parents of 'feral children' (the 11 yr old going round on a trail bike) but to contact them on the new non emergency number 101 so perhaps that could be an avenue to go down.  I'd definitely make it clear to him that you're going to record what he says to you. If you've got any kind of 'device' you can have in your hand while you say it, that might be enough to stop him without actually having to get a recorder. I'd also say it might be worth contacting social services. Can you ask other neighbours about him? They might have useful knowledge that could help you. If you're tenants rather than owners then the Landlord's a definite starting point. 

Don't give up Zoomer. You have a right to enjoy your garden and have some peace and we're all here backing you too.

The potty gardener

Zoomer really sorry for you. Do you have friends or someone who could be with youout in the garden next weekend so you also have a witness as to his abuse? Apart from that I would advise what everyone else has said. If it helps document it on here and print them off then at least you will have our support.

Hope you can soon sort out this horrible situation- big hug