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MOB rants

a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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Max ((hug)) sorry you had such a horrid experience - it is humiliating isn't it - I had a similar experience and they made me cry - I was a 45 year old woman with good qualifications and experience who was suddenly single and had to earn my own living after a gap - I said I was looking for jobs in Arts Administration - the person at the desk asked me why I thought I was qualified to do that.  I said that I had an MA in Fine Art and secretarial and business administration qualifications and had worked in arts organisations in the past.  

She replied with a sneer, "Only an MA?  My boyfriend's got a BA!"    It was then I realised the calibre of the person who was supposed to be trying to help me, and put in a formal complaint.  

I didn't get an apology, but I didn't have to see her again, and anyway, I got myself a job with no help from them 

That's my rant!!!  

Max, I ended up getting a job by temping, and when I found something I reallly liked doing with nice people I made myself indespensible - maybe you could do something similar?

Good luck!

Pottie Pam

Well done, Max. Your health is more important than any job. Hope everything works out well for you and has been said before on these forums, gardening is the best therapy.


here you are fidget- get your ranty pants on!


I've just seen an advert.   Knit a hat for a smoothie bottle.  Smoothie people will donate 10p per hat up to  20,000 hats. Thats £2,000 for age  UK, at least £10,000 for Royal mail for 2nd class postage, and  how much (loads of  dosh) for TV advertising.

Cut out the middle man. Donate direct.

 saves time and effort knitting hats for egg cups.


What annoys me is when a poster doesn't stick to the thread topic.

(That was especially for FB).



fidget - at the prices they charge for their smoothies they could  just send all pensioners in Britain a nice sum of money so that they don't have to choose between eating and heating this winter. 


If they knitted squares instead they could send them blankets.!


I've sent you a pm fidget 


What a good idea FG!  You should be in the cabinet.  No pun intended. I agree.  Why not just donate a sum of money instead of all these gimmicks.  I'm still waiting to be on the local school's list for being a recipient of Harvest Festival goodies.


Blimey Tina- they wouldn't want me in the cabinet...I've got too much common sense 

You could always knit weetabix into a nice scarf...


How many women are there in the cabinet? The answer is the reason we are in such a bloody mess.   

Going to start knitting my weetabix.

Just received a blurb from 'Gardeners World Promotions', trying to sell me blinds! That's it - I 'm sick of receiving junk mail, and to get it now from GW is the pits. I've just unsubscribed from GW newsletter - life is too short to have to endure any more of this rubbish.


I make sure that I never tick the box that says they can send me stuff from 'associated companies' 


Have just received the same Pentile,I,m sure I,ve never agreed to them sending mail from associated companies,may try unsubcribing and then resubscribe to check correct boxes ticked.

I get enough SPAM already!!

Well, I recently thought I was being clever singing (a spike milligan ditty) over someone doing research.  I am now deluged with all sorts of products.  I know the research /survey company and filed a complaint.  

Emailed junk is unsubscribed if I can or blocked.  About time unsolicited spam is properly comfrolled



My neighbours trifid of a climber is beginning to strangle my clementis plants again, it's growing up the side of the house too. It's tenticles are reachnig over a ft gap to reach my trellis and it was only cut back August/September time.

I'm going to cut it back tomorrow, it's so sole destroying though. Hope it hasn't self seeded in my flower beds.

I've ranted about this neighbour before, on a more positive note haven't seen him for weeks or at least since my last rant and I was all ready for him too but I've been out most weekends or on holiday.

Quite right Verdun, junk mail should be controlled. I get calls from people selling stuff on a Saturday or Sunday morning, not a happy bunny.

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