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MOB rants

a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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Gardening Grandma

Having enjoyed the thread on whinges,. I thought it might be good to have a place whe we could let the MOB (miserable old... er...darling) in us rip! No rudeness or personal insults - just genuine rants, preferably with a sense of humour. Gardening or forum related only!


String and scissors never in the same area-or within reach-string not long enough when you cut a bit off-string that finds that one little snag on a cane-bits of string that appear from nowhere-running out of string-string that sometimes comes from the middle -then sometimes starts from the outside

String theory

Jean Genie

Honeysuckle roots  Given up now. It's staying put.

Gardening Grandma

Thanks to both of you for contributing. Can we manage more of a rant? After all, we want to get it off our chests and whinge for all we are worth!

flowering rose

I wish the person up the road would cut his hedge so as I don't have to get poked in the eye every time I walk past and it looks a sight ...........and.......


Gardening Grandma

I wish I could find out which kindly neighbour contacted the council about the fir trees overhanging the pavement. They wrote to me saying that their 'inspector' had noted that my conifers were overhanging the pavement and ordering me to cut them back forthwith. The aforementioned trees were less than three feet high! They may have tickled the legs of anyone determined to walk at the very edge of my boundary, I suppose. Perhaps tickling legs could be classified as sexual harassment? 


Grandma we have a close neighbor whose leandali stuff  leans out half way across the kerb at head height, talk about in ya face on dark nights  and its 12 feet high never gets trimmed and is a pain in the AAA Some people seem to go through life in a dream world completely oblivious to others  SO  can you send me that inspector please we need him There i feel better well a bit anyway

 Cheers Alan4711



the most noseiest neighbor ever put on this earth and she has to live next door to me,she knows more than i do what goes on in my house and if she cant see who is knocking on my door she will come out with hands on hips to the gate. i see her when im in the garden just looking out of the window at me,her gardens a tip and she really grates on my nerves,cant help it i have been trying to be nice to her BUTS ITS NOT WORKING there feel better now.


Didn't take long for councils and leylandii to appear did it

Gardening Grandma

YOU can be the council inspector, Alan . Just give 'em a ring and complain. It is one thing they will take action on, if my experience is anything to go  by...

Glad you feel better, Chica. We have nosy neighbours on both sides. One asked us to move our car lower down the drive because she could not see properly! When we came home from holiday, she told us who had called a the house and what they wanted. She'd been out to ask them. The neighbour on the other side has a ledge that he steps up onto every evening to have a look over the wall at what we've been up to. We put a trellis there to break his view. but he got so upset that we took it down again. After all, he needs his entertainment, doesn't he? I always know he's there because the dogs run to the wall and bark. One evening, I'll put a cup of tea up there ready for him!


This whole thread has made me feel sooo much better.
Have bonkers neighbours on both sides, one is soooo uptight about her boundary line that she complained to the guy we had in doing our fence EVEN THOUGH its 3 inches on our side.
Grumble grumble.
What made it worse, she doesn't tend to her garden at all. No problem, personal choice and all that, but when the brambles, bind weed and nettles sneak their way into our garden and she STILL has nerve to complain.
Worse still, I had a month or two off gardening with the weather being cold etc etc and she told my other neighbour that I'd let the garden go and it doesn't look very good anymore.
Still looks better than hers.
Feel better now

 Back of next doors' garden.  Rest not a lot better. 

Have 5 dogs between 8 houses, (not me).  First one starts it's morning yap at 6.45 and the others soon follow.  Residents of house backing in to us seems to know my/our every move. Once asked what we were doing in back bedroom! Put up heavy net curtains.

Gardening Grandma

People! They are all odd - except me, of course. And you, naturally!

hollie hock

Is is just the MOB brigard that moan? I'm not old but have my say about a lot of things



AT LONG LAST I can get a word in ,Why is it that some not all, infrequent users ask how do you do this or that   The BBC bless their hearts ,  have provided at the top of the page HOW to  lot of info  can;t go wrong ,

Derek woof woof



"There's a woman in my road who lets her front garden do what it likes. The hedge at the front is dying off, ivy is growing over the top of it, last year she only cut the grass once - it's a disgrace!!!!"   

I'm sure that's what some of my neighbours would say if asked about my garden  

hollie hock

It might be that they prefer to get advice off real people rather than one size fits all in the "how to" section. Any gardening advice is dependant on where you live as there are big differences in climate in this country.

This site isn't run by the bbc



Oh dear, there must be a answer to this,perhaps you could have a word with them cus surely they can here it too!

Its a bit like having cockrols in the back garden in a council estate,which is not allowelled within a certian distanct and its called noise pollution! 

Why should you be subjected to misery!