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Gardening Grandma

Having enjoyed the thread on whinges,. I thought it might be good to have a place whe we could let the MOB (miserable old... er...darling) in us rip! No rudeness or personal insults - just genuine rants, preferably with a sense of humour. Gardening or forum related only!


Gardening Grandma

Oh well, good start. I've managed to post this thread twice. If only complete idiots would not waste thei time of more sensible people by putting stupid posts on this website!


My gardening whinge is about people who put out food for foxes and badgers.  I know half of the people reading this will cringe, but I live in the countryside.  The badgers have plenty of natural food and the foxes can eat those pesky rabbits, mice, rats etc.  My neighbour across the road puts out MEAT every night for the foxes who inevitably get squished crossing the road or are left dying and bleeding in my garden.  The fox earth is at the field at the back of us, similarly the badgers are on our side of the road.  Three killed this year alone.  I have tried asking her not to do it as it leads to casualties, but she says 'I throw out what my dogs (5 ridgebacks) don't eat'.  I usually find the fox has put stashes of food around my garden and dug up my prized plants in the process.  The badgers rip up the lawns that the muntjac haven't dug holes in.  There I've got it off my chest now.  Still want to garden - and I thought cat mess was my biggest concern when I lived in suburbia.

Rant, I have had to sign in again when I never ever sign out, the whole board froze so I had to turn off and reboot. Why is it always weekends when this happens I ask.

Second rant, Carrot cake?? what is so special about carrot cake. Six to eight ounces of good sweet carrot grated to go into a cake and then drowned out with spices ginger and nuts why? My Daughter will walk in saying "I brought a carrot cake dad" yuck and a special yuck as she buys them even more sugary soggy gingery.
Why spoil good carrots which are meant to be pulled fresh from the soil washed off with the hose and enjoyed there and then or at worst 15 minutes in bubbling salt water (you will all be screaming at SALT now but I grew up with it and still here, the experts are dead) If you have nuts in cake then make it Coffee and Walnut and forgo all that sticky oozing icing that covers cakes spoiling the taste these days. A Victoria Sponge only needs Jam ask Mary Berry, Carrot cake only needs the bin, ask me.


The Manic Slughunter

carrot cake....have to disagree I quite like it but courgette cake????YUK! what is that all about:/  that is a vegetable best roasted alongside a juicy leg of lamb...(mouth watering and I've only just finished breakfast:/) I have a sister-in-law who insists on cooking whacky cakes using different root veg and squash:/ we smile....swallow...and decline the second slice.....just a good old victoria sponge or chocolate cake next time plllllleeeeeeease


Gardening Grandma

Palaisglide, though I agree with Slughunter really.

Didn't realise this version of the thread was in use. I would have deleted it but didn't know how.

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