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Dear Mole family

I fear it’s time we had a heart to heart chat about your ever-increasing houses on my humble garden. May I suggest that to accommodate your ever-growing family that you relocate to a more des res? How does the famous football pitch nearby sounds to you? Did I see your boys wearing blue?  Or perhaps the world-renowned garden with its exotic flowers is more to your liking, by the way how are you sense for smell these days? I do recall on my recent visit to the garden a few tell tell signs of building works in progress-perhaps you have relatives there already.

Incidentally how was the coffee morning? Did you enjoy the coffee that my mischievous teenager poured down your drive, or the chillies powder to make you sneeze? Oh dear I do apologies but boys will be boys.

Seriously though with all the tunnelling going on, I think it could be put to better use. How about challenging you energy to create a tunnel linking Heathrow to Gatwick?

M25 family would be so relieved as they need all the help they can get to get thinks moving- me too so I can get to work on time.

So finally, our love hate relationship has to end for the sake of the lawn, buttercups, daisy, and dandelion families.

Yours truly,

Weyplotter xx


Weyplotter - If you get the footballers from the nearby pitch to play in your garden the moles will disappear as they are sensitive to vibration.  I wish my moles would concentrate on the front garden as it needs better drainage but the back garden has juicier things to eat.  As soon as spring comes I will do a lot of stamping about and they will go.

Brilliant idea Forester2- now let me see how my Russian is? or perhaps I need to talk to the 'chosen one.

LOL went to the library this pm and right in front of me on the table was a kids book for sale-Moles babies!! for 20p- no I didn't buy it.

I get moles in the back garden too but as the side garden is pretty big they have more to tunnel I guess.

Glad I made you smile SS.


 It's called "a positive mental attitude"!



So funny Sue   Moles aren't quite as bad as the wild boar around here - at least they haven't quite made it to our village - yet.

 Oh what a giggle. SS - Cartoons are fab I simply love them. Wild boars OMG! 


This is a very funny Jasper Carrot mole cartoon film - if it works! Had me in fits!

 Thanks Busy. Had me in stitches- so true. Love Jasper Carrot.


brilliant film! I too suffer from a mole; he could have the whole of the back field, but no, he prefers my tiny lawn and herbaceous border.


Course he does.  Cultivated gardens have more worms to eat and easier soil to tunnel.      They're active in my garden at the mo.  Normally it's quiet at this time of year but it's been so warm they're in full tunnelling mode.

I have tried humane traps but never caught one though I have liberated live ones caught when digging up weeds and free dthem in the field and woods across the neighbouring paddock's stream but I've also sorted them with one of these which we can buy in Belgium and France -  

Moles not only wreck lawns.  They make collapsible tunnels which are dangerous to find by surpise - sprained ankles, twinged backs.  They also uproot precious plants in borders and can lift slabs and pavers and make them uneven. 


They also have been known to kill kings!

Obelixx- how effective is the detaupeur? Not that the GC is likely to stock it.  enjoyed the film. Thanks.



It's very effective and very satsifying but not available in the UK.

Go on then Berghill - which king?


And for those who do not follow links, William 111 is reputed to have died of illness after falling from his horse when it stumbled in a mole run.


Sorry Edd, it is just that I have had Virus problems before from following links, so I tend not to do it and I know other folks feel the same way.

I actually caught the mole which was ruining my big central island bed, one down, three to go.

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