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We have been given a MPT that currently sits in our front garden.  However as we all know MPTs grow quite high so we were thinking of digging it up and putting it in a pot in the rear garden on some decking.  Will this restrict its growth or simply kill it off

MPT is Monkey Puzzle Tree 

Not suitable for a pot.they are one of the more expensive trees and should only be planted in a large garden, also slow growing.

thanks AWB how slow growing?



How long has the MPT been in the ground? They have a long-ish tap root that you would need to keep intact or it will die. If only been in the ground a few years then give it a try, getting all the tap root. You will need thick garden gloves and thick clothing.

They can grow in pots, nursery ones are because of the tap root issue. Have seen 30+ year old ones in large pots.

They are only slow growing for the first 10-15 years, after that they speed right (esp in  the ground) up as those with front gardens with a huge MPT taking it over will testify. 


Orchid Lady

My OH has always wanted a Monkey Puzzle Tree but I'm not sure where we would put one.  I might treat him....when I can find one 

If you live in Leeds you can find one in my front garden

Orchid Lady

No I don't live in Leeds and anyway, that's yours that you asked for advice for (I feel cheeky now if you thought I wanted yours ).  I meant because I have asked at the local GC a few times but they never have them in and don't know when they are getting them .

Hi Tracey I know you weren't asking or being cheeky! I guess I was. It was my missus who wanted it I didn't and have been trying to get rid of it for ages 


You could spray it with glyphosate while she's out Elkell


Orchid Lady

Ahhh, poor Monkey Puzzle Tree 

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