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There was some debate about G'sW recently here and I defended Monty because my understanding was that he returned to head the programme under certain conditions as he had been quite ill. He has said he was never keen on the Berryfields garden (which is a fair comment as it must have been difficult to get all the presenters consistently appearing at the same place- they do have other jobs after all!) and it's understandable that presenting from his own garden is the best option for him. If the Beeb was unhappy about that then surely they didn't need to offer him the job. I don't remember people making a fuss when Alan T presented from his own garden but maybe I'm totally wrong..

I don't like every presenter and I have opinions like everyone else but I think it would be a great shame if we lost the programme.


I fully support him for being honest! If he had told us all to go ahead and plant during the cold spell we would all be complaining to the BBC for his bad advice. He should be praised for telling us the best advice. Most of us hardened gardeners knew not to plant but the novices need that sort of advice, or they would have disasters and be put off gardening for the future!


ENOUGH! We seem to be having this pointless debate about whether we love Monty or hate him. I find it reaasuring that he has not been got at by the industry and does not recommend stuff from particular places. The advice he gives is his, if you dont like him dont watch him, if you dont agree with him seek advice from elsewhere.


Thanks Marshmellow for the Tumblr link!

ENOUGH of what, debate, discussion, other peoples points of view?


the tidy gardener

did you hear radio 4 news at5pm?monty was on explaining what he meant,and he was so calm,and ended the report encouraging people to go to garden centres this weekend.

I think this is a non-story to start with;if the garden centres can really blame one peson for their entire industry not selling their stock thats crazy.

monty did say,why are they throwing away their stock?why not put it on clearance?ive bought lots from my local garden centre this way,even better,last year i was sent some vouchers and got loads of plants for 50p!

Woodgreen wonderboy

AT presented from his own garden at a moment's notice when Geoff Hamilton sadly died. 


Joslow we have had this debate 3 times in the last few weeks, with 1 or2 people continually having a dig at him. It clear that they [ you? ] do not like him and have spouted about Montys lack of gardening credentials. Todays storm in tcup was actually Monty saying there is no need to rush to get your seeds in. Sounds sensible to me.

If you dont like him dont watch, if you do then fine

punkdoc wrote -  at 16.51 and above 

'ENOUGH! We seem to be having this pointless debate about whether we love Monty or hate him. I find it reaasuring that he has not been got at by the industry and does not recommend stuff from particular places. The advice he gives is his, if you dont like him dont watch him, if you dont agree with him seek advice from elsewhere.'

I Absolutley's noticable that threads are being used with comments made by the few more suitable for facebook or twitter...which cannot be diffused by the odd 'smiley' icom

Give me strength...for goodness sake we are Gardeners...lets get on with sharing our gardening MD does.

...and another this....posted elsewhere but relevant here...

“'Garden centres throwing away plants' Peter Burks. Chairman of the Garden Centre Association has decided to name a name.

He says the commercial disaster is not the fault of the inclement weather, but of TV presenter Monty Don.In a recent episode of GW MD advised viewers that “There's no great hurry to plant seed, so don't panic. Don't be in a hurry. You don't have to sow anything until April”.

Quite right. The earth tends to have to hit a certain degree of warmth before seeds will germinate.

All that Burks' opinion really illustrates is how much garden centres rely on selling plants to people who don't know much about gardening. Charming”

The Guardian. Saturday 13.4.13

"talking down the season"..........  Round here you couldn't have got to the garden centre even if you'd wanted to, and if you'd bought plants you couldn't have set them in the frozen soil. I haven't seen any skips full of jettisoned plants, nor any discounted plants. Our local garden centres are well managed and have obviously made sensible decisions about ordering from wholesalers. I suspect that undue influence from some of the big names has led to this story. And the newspapers are well-known for making a fuss. £50m is about one small pot-plant each. What is the annual turnover of the garden centre industry?


I don't know the figures, but I have it on very good authority that our local (National) GC had their highest takings ever last Thursday - obviously because we'd been promised a good weekend's weather - gardeners aren't daft 


Also, I wonder how many garden centres are busy ordering in alpines because of an upsurge in interest following last week's programme? 

My comment is based on that people comment and then ask others not to

I am ambivalent to MD but enjoy the discussion or is that not allowed?


Discussion - good

Personal attack - bad

Bossing people about - irritating but nothing to get steamed up about 





i liked this line "This, says Burks, has encouraged people who otherwise would have been out there planting with a pickaxe to stay indoors."

I'm sure Monty's interest in Alpines will get twisted too for a few column inches, they are generally available in the cheaper pots...

Maybe Alpines are a way forward since they can handle cold well and still bring forth the beauty we want in our gardens.    

I don't think this is a Monty bashing thread although i think there has been others which seem to be suffering from greenhouse envy. 

Mr Burke seems to have contempt for the intelligence of British gardeners, now that really does seem damaging to the garden centres, maybe he should be fired.    

To be honest I think its more of a call to arms, for gardeners that its time to get cracking with the garden, from last thursday on I think GC sales will have gone from a trickle to a flood. Monty has just been used as an excuse to get a gardening story on main stream news. Seems to have been a successful ploy.


If they've got any sense they'll have promotions on alpines and alpine troughs - this season's must haves 

Loved Monty's Radio 4 interview.  I came on this thread to see if anyone else had heard it.  I almost cheered in the car on the way home!  

It would be at about 5.45 on the Today show on Radio 4 from Friday if anyone wants to listen again 

joslow wrote (see)

I disagree MD has for a long time dismissed garden centres as beneath him. He is the face of gardening but rarely acknowledges that many people need to buy stuff for their garden, not all of us have room for 3 compost bins and 3 heated greehouses and a potting shed.

i don't think that its monty don fault, he has his opinion like all of us, but Gardner's world this week you saw him potting on young plants, telling us to protect them and im sure i saw labels on them from the garden centre, or was it a dream.  I don't think garden centres are beneath him, he just isn't very commercially inspired,  if he can grow it he will, make it he will ,  just gardening which he is loved and admired for ..

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