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Good morning to all.

Have you read today's  Daily Telegraph. Poor Monty is getting the blame for the GROWERS loss of £50 million because of this weekly advice on the Gardeners world programme Friday at 8.30 BB2.

Surely it is common sense that we fellows gardens do not plant in the cold and wet.

I suppose they have to blame someone, but not our MON TY. 




Monty is absolutely right.  Why should the gardening public waste its time and money on plants and sowings doomed to failure while the soil and weather are still to cold for the majority.    The commercial growers just have to accept it's been a bad spring so far, take their losses and find ways to turn it round.  Over here in Belgium the nurseries and garden centres aren't selling much either because it's just been too cold to garden.

What they are doing though is organising a national "Open Doors" event this weekend with extra opening hours, demos and special offers to attract punters and an advertising campaign in the press and on local and national radio and TV.   Sharing the costs and spreading the benefits instead of apportioning blame.


Feel sorry for the growers but lets be honest here they have raised prices this year and the weather has been shocking, the answer isn't to throw them out but to clear them, put them out cheap now and people will buy them ok not going to make much if anything in profit but better than just throwing them out.

Can't blame Monty for the weather and it's quite insulting to Gardeners for growers to expect us to be gullible enough to buy plants just to have them die in the poor conditions.


Usual story isn't it? They chuck the toys out the pram and blame someone. He's the easy target. Ludicrous.

And that folks is why I like Monty, he tells it as it is being there to advise new and old gardeners he told them it was no good planting out yet.
In my neck of the woods visiting the local Nursery the shelves were bare, a gardener said they had held back on seed sowing this year and would not put stuff out to frost.
I will sow seed, it will come when the frosts are finished and be there late into Autumn, meanwhile we have established plants bushes and trees so stick some pots into the bare patches with flowers in them and change when the flowers finish. Old gardeners know all the tricks so let us tell the young ones how.




It is madness, I assume that they wouldn't consider giving Monty a cut of the proffits when he encourages people to go out and buy plants etc. So why should he be to blame if he says what everyone is thinking which is that it has been excessively cold for this time of year. 


How can one garden programme be held responsible for what everyone can see. It has been a protracted winter.

Even novice gardeners can see not to plant things in the cold. 

I don't suppose the recession has helped, not buyng if unsure of success because of the weather and in tight gardening budgets the gardeners need to know they will have success and not end up throwing money away on frosted plants. 

GC's are not the only businesses to suffer as a result of the lack of footfall.

discodave wrote (see)

It is madness, I assume that they wouldn't consider giving Monty a cut of the proffits when he encourages people to go out and buy plants etc. So why should he be to blame if he says what everyone is thinking which is that it has been excessively cold for this time of year. 


Ddave-you are spot on. They want their cake etc...
Matty you're right too. They also don't complain when novice gardeners come and buy bedding plants and stick them out because they know half of them will die and they'll have to come back and buy more. 

I disagree MD has for a long time dismissed garden centres as beneath him. He is the face of gardening but rarely acknowledges that many people need to buy stuff for their garden, not all of us have room for 3 compost bins and 3 heated greehouses and a potting shed.


Well said Joslow I totally agree.


Abit like Maggie you either like him or you dont.


It was the writers who wrote the program and the director and producer who are responsible for what goes out.  Monty is the presenter.  Common sense would dictate not to take a chance with tender plants.  Who will they give the kudos to when the onslaught of slugs and snails about to hit us sends people looking to buy replacement plants!

Woodgreen wonderboy

Poor MD...if you stick your head up over the parapet you can expect to be shot at. I expect he doesn't need our sympathy, somehow. I also doubt very much that he has no input into the content of what is said. I watched him filming GW last week at Wisley and I believe the content is largely of his own making. No way was he working from a script..the scene went on for far too long for that.


Have just read this article, total BS! I watched this programme and Monty what actually said was not "don't plant out yet, he said don't hurry to SOW SEEDS! And he was quite right!




he isn't scripted by anyone else.   There's an earlier article where he says he says what he feels is right and is in keeping with his principles - this after a row where the Beeb promised teh chemicals industry he would also mention chemical treatments for pests and diseases and he refused because he's organic and they knew that when the gave him a contract.

They never acknowledge all the good work he does for the industry - maybe they should start!!

Keep up the good work Monty!!


The lily beetle article had me a little confused since i remembered seeing it recently then i realised it was in the A-Z last week.

rather interestingly it seems April 12th is the Telegraph's give MD a kicking day yes it was exactly a year ago today they wrote about the lily beetle row.