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Andrew Kenneth

Has he got another one as last night on Gardenrs' World there were two?


another distraction from gardening.


That new dog as been there for a few weeks now 



I saw the dog pushing the barrow last week 


David ... we're not daft ... we know that scenes are planned, story boarded, scripted, rehearsed and filmed probably several times.  I think it's amazing how co-operative the robin is.

Like a lot of people, Monty gardens with his dogs, a lot of the viewers like seeing them.  My assumption is that, given that Nigel has had some health problems, the Don family wanted to get a younger dog rather than feel totally bereft when Nigel eventually goes to that great field of tennis balls in the sky.  If you want to think differently, so be it. 



I read in Gardner's World earlier on that Monty used to have two cats as well. What a shame they have passed on. That would have been fun


At least they where well looked after and lived a happy life 


Why do these beautiful and loved creatures attract so much discussion? 

Whether I think they should be there or not, it totals mere seconds in the grand scheme of things ... the real issue is half an hour a week of televised gardening, (not including special series) that is constantly interrupted by sport in the height of the season!  


Gardeners' world - dog - why?

Crufts  - chrysanthemum - why?

Because dogs and chrysanthemums make our lives happier. 


Steve the Gardening Vet

I never have been able to work out why Monty saying hello to the dog for ten seconds during his bits to camera seems to cause such fury...

Pat E

I really like seeing the dog interacting with Monty. I haven't see Nell yet.


I find it interesting how many people on here, actively spend the whole programme, looking for things to criticise.

If you don't like it [ him ], then don't watch it.

I love it, he is a: poet, beautiful writer, innovative gardener, and all round nice guy.

Plus one of the dogs is named after me.


That'll be Dr Nellie then