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Hostafan..........well, you'll just have to wait won't you.........this is a genuine query and .just waiting for the OP to respond ...........I'm interested..........if you aren't, just press Ignore

Like I said, if a WUM, nothing lost but if not, I'd like to know about the garden...........can't see a problem with that..............this is a forum for everyone into gardening surely ? 


I couldn't agree more Philippa.


Lizanne, I've posted many photos of my garden, but I'd love to see yours.

I could go to town with 11 acres. ( I can see a new thread here.)

I would have that meadow Jim has.  My "neatness" would be abandoned.

 I would grow grasses en masse.  With a stream running through it.  Miscanthus corridor for that whistling,,haunting sound when in full flower.  To walk through that corridor in summer would be amazing.  

An orchard too.  

And everything would be grown in drifts.......bonariensis and heleniums disappearing Imto the dIstance

And a scented sitting area of hundreds of lavendars surrounding my cabin with open invites to my friends on the forum.  Of course, the view would be of the Cornish coast ...where else? 


I have a meadow. It has grasses on mass, and wild flowers and my and my daughter's horses eat them

Nothing stopping you having open invites to your forum friends now Verdun, you have a lovely garden


If I had 11 acres I'd have my wildflower meadow, with a lovely big pond, I'd also have my own cat rescue centre with homegrown cat nip where I can knit my own toys. I'd also welcome the ferals to live on my land with their own little huts to keep warm in. I'd also have an on sight allotment where I can grow all the fruit and veg I'd ever need. A bee colony. Lots of lovely fruit trees in my orchard. Then I'd have lilacs surrounding my own haven of a garden by my house with a summer house to draw, listen to music, the biggest greenhouse i could find full life at all times. I'd have lots of daisies, cornflowers and grasses, along with foxgloves lupins and sweetpeas. Id also love some jasmine too. I'd also have a shed with some lovely white clematis climbing up it.
I'd like to also have some land for rescue donkeys and horses I think, have a little lodge where I can employ someone to stay and look after them.

My house of course would have lots of lovely wysteria all over it too. And my own cats can finally be free to roam with me while I potter

Ahhhh to dream.

I too have received a personal message. The first I have ever received in all the years I have been on the board.

"New to the board and very dissapointed that you and others choose to reply with sarcasm. I expected polite and civil replies.
If you cannot have something constructive and polite to say why bother?" Lizanne

Dear Lizanne, I am very sorry that I caused you disappointment. My comment was meant as a light hearted joke and I'm regret any offence I caused. 

You are very welcome to the board and I hope that you will stick around.

Many of us have been on here for years and understand each other's sense of humour. We generally are a good bunch who are quick to say sorry and only too glad to help those with a gardening problem...however over the years there have been ups and downs - people who have turned out not to be who they said they were; people pushing their own product or service; spammers etc. so when a new person starts a thread - especially one which stirs up people's emotions as opposed to asking a general gardening query and then don't enter into the discussion it makes us wary.

Hoping after getting off on the wrong foot we can all get back in step and tiptoe through the daisies together, best wishes  

Maybe we should all start again so, welcome Lizanne. 

If we don't make the peace I will start up my jokes thread again folks have been warned 

when you get that sorted sweetpea i'll look after the horses for you!

Orchid Lady

Welcome to the forum Lizanne, I too am looking forward to seeing your garden pictures and I'm sure you could share some tips.

...........Good to see what planning an 11 acre garden can do.......albeit an imaginary one.

I'd definitely have woodland, stream and wildflower meadow just for a start..........and then an "exotic area" and then............and after that............. 


I had 9 acres - but the horses, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, guinea fowl, geese and pigs took up some of the space, not to mention the windmill, three ponds, river and railway line.  I'm afraid the flower garden took a back seat but we grew lots of veg 


Half an acre keeps me busy full time.


..I'd sell those 11 acres for housing development.....then move.. the south of France...

Orchid Lady
Oh no Salino, don't do that, sell it at mates rate to us and we could have a communal 11 acres, I'm sure we could manage it between us




Bill has posted a picture of his hostas on Hello Forkers thread today at 12.28pm growing them in Canada, thought you might be interested and could maybe ID some for him, he hasn't asked, just sticking my nose in 


I've asked him which the big blue one is   I have Blue Angel, which looks similar, and Hadspen's Blue, which is much smaller. 

Orchid Lady
That's kind of you KEF and Dove I don't think Bill would know where to look to find Hostafan