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All my hostas are looking big and beautiful except for my new Fire Island.  May need more time to settle but it looks a weak far 


erm, I'll try to find it guys. Wish me luck.


Dove, you're good a the whole "link" thingy,  please can you help me find Bill's post? or anyone else for that matter.


Wait there a minute Hostafan .............



damn Dove, but you're good. xx I'd take a guess that the blue one is Halcyon, but there are literally hundreds of blues, so don't quote me on it. They do look amazing though. I wanted to lick the screen, tee hee. 

I have a nice blue in a large pot, Halycon I think..  Alongside, in another pot, I have a red variegated hardy fuschia and they complement each other so well on pathway.  for best blue I think more shade is necessary as it greens a little in mid summer.  I really want a good blue in the sun.....any suggestions?

Blue foliage appeals to me....ok, another thread 

Orchid Lady
No.....not a Hosta thread yet......I haven't agreed next year's plant budget until the football season ticket has been bought

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