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What an absolute pleasure to see Monty present Chelsea, best Chelsea for many years. Gardeners World would not be the same without Monty and of course Nigel and now his new Cat friend!  His advise is excellent for us Amateur gardeners and I follow it by the letter resulting in a lovely flower and veg. garden.  Long may you continue Monty and stay in good health.  Far far better than any previous presenters!!




don't follow his advice to plant bearded iris 6" deep  , or roses with the union an inch or two above ground.


Monty does make mistakes......squeezing a huge bamboo into a pot made no sense to me and his way of shoving shrubs into pots as bedding too irks.   His habit of changing his mind about his planting schemes according to his whim is not re assuring

He did a good  job presenting Chelsea but where were the plants?  Did I miss a programme?  The programmes just got repetitive as week went on.

I think the typo in the title sums up Monty better than the eulogy in the post.  A plant?

flowering rose

he does his job well and  I enjoy the programme ,all presenters are different in there approach to gardening .


Scott Edwards

There are very strong opinions for and against Monty, Alan Titchmarsh and pretty much every other presenter. We all have our favourites. I like Monty's passion and his eloquent turn of phrase and I like Alan's relaxed down to earth presentation. You preferred Monty being the presenter whereas I would have preferred Alan.

As is so often the case, I agree with Verdun. Design dominated and plants took a poor second place in this years coverage of Chelsea which was for me a disappointment.

David K

I'd be happy to see someone presenting Gardeners' World who knew what they were talking about......nice dog though and the chickens and the pigs and the robin......and the wheelbarrow.


I'll never understand why people are so mean about Monty... his advice hasn't let me down thus far, and he's an inoffensive, gentle sort of chap. Makes a pleasant change to the noisy hedonism of other beeb presenters such as Clarkson and Paxman et all.

Well I for one have certainly learned a lot of tips and tricks thanks to gardeners world in my short time in gardening. And if one person learns a wealth of information I'm sure that's more important than others who find the presenter irritating. I for one am of the impression of if you don't like it don't watch it

Thing is, Sweet Pea, the pace of GW with Monty and, it has to be said, the current production team, means far less is covered in any one programme than before and often it's of little relevance or too late in the season for many gardeners given that Longmeadow is colder than most of the England.   The info and topics are less practical and less accurate than Beechgrove and previous incarnations of GW.

It's a pleasant half hour of viewing to doze off or enjoy a glass of wine but it's not inspiring and it often requires resources and/or space beyond the budget or scope of the average UK gardener. 

David K

I suppose I should stay away from the ever occurring Monty Don debates, because I usually get myself ill thought of……..However, this is my take on it.

Television is a very powerful medium (witness the hordes of people amassing around these so called ‘celebs’ when they appear in public) and these people have a duty to know their subject. Why? Because misinformation can have repercussions on people for whom this is their livelihood, not just a hobby.

I give as an example Monty’s declaration a while ago that Spencer sweet peas are not worth growing as they have no scent……this is quite untrue and ridiculous. I do happen to know that it had an adverse affect on sales (I think they call it the Delia affect) and sweet pea specialist growers were furious.

I would also put Christine Walkden in the above category.  

 So it's a bit ironic that you should like him SweetPea93!


and on and on and on and on.......................................................

well I will wave the monty flag, I find his laid back, make mistakes sometimes form of gardening inspiring, as a new gardener, his approach is easy to follow, people are always quick to criticise, he is in fact  a self taught gardener, journalist , not a actor who feels easy reading a script, so this may come across as bumbling along, if you want to see a gardener look at their hands ?????.......


Reminds me of the David Cassidy -v- Donny Osmond debates 

Rolling Stones or the Beatles ......... anyone??? 


With a cat mentioned as well in case we didn't take the bait.



the trouble is, he speaks with such confidence that ( especially novice ) gardeners believe him: even when the things he says are , as David K says,  false .


There have been several threads on this subject already and so many different opinions. I'm afraid I find Monty rather dull, his voice lulls me into sleep and he isn't not as knowledgeable as I would like, but I imagine he's a nice person.

David K

IMHO Carol Klein should have got the job, then these debates would have been less frequent...... I'm still amazed how such an intelligent section of us can be fooled with all this hand gesturing and glib talk.

The Bird Lady
SweetPea93 wrote (see)

I'll never understand why people are so mean about Monty... his advice hasn't let me down thus far, and he's an inoffensive, gentle sort of chap. Makes a pleasant change to the noisy hedonism of other beeb presenters such as Clarkson and Paxman et all.

I agree, he is a very laid back and calm presenter and, as you say, inoffensive.  I was a great fan of Alan when he was just a gardener but I won't watch his chat show - ugh!

As for Carol, I love it when she tours the pavilion because she seems to know just about everyone there and it's quite nice to have some natural banter going on.