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Id like to see all of us putting a wee bit info down (in our profiles) about ourselves even if its just the county you live in or how you rate yourself as a gardener, newbie to old timer. I could mention a few names that keep coming up with really good advice obvious old timers and when I click on their name! more coming soon!!!


We should-and just for you have added something

Of course- could be one of those that come up with duff advice- might take it away again


It's nice when people take the trouble, weejenny.

I added a little bit the other day. I'm just going to check it's not total rubbish!!

I like to keep a low profile in case the cat owners come for me. However, I will admit to living north of Stonehenge and south of the Craven Fault and being omniscient.


Thanks so much sotongeoff, FloBear and Joe_the_gardener and yes its nice when people take the trouble. Sotongeoff I often read your advice..


Alina W

Me too, Joe

But I will admit to living in North Yorks and not being in the first bloom of youth.

Oh, and having a regularly-flooded front garden.

Peat B

I'm a grumpy old gran'fer, wedded to my wife and the 'lotty. I have a passion for compost, and all veggies, wildlife and pond life. We have 8 fat frogs in our makeshift pond, nice mint growing in the pond,and Vee goes chattering to the frogs when we are up there. We are in Northumberland, on a NE facing slope, short growing season, clarty ground, and have a hive of bees in one corner. I concurr with Joe, about cat ass trophies, but the growing numbers of birds are learning to 'mob' the cats.

Sometime we feel that we have 'terminal uniqueness' with crop failures and similar, but this forum takes it away, when one learns of others gowing thru' the same difficulties.



I've been gardening since I was 3 and I reach pension age next year.  My other half's only real competition was Geoffrey Smith

 I've had all sorts of gardens, from a 9 acre smallholding to a northfacing back yard no bigger than my dining room - at last I've got a reasonable garden and have dug a veg patch and am busy creating a garden from an ivy-covered wilderness.


Added a bit on mine too.The only bit I'll add in my defence to the cat-haters is that, having never owned a cat, I took in a stray last year, who turned out to be pregnant . I kept one kitten. However, I kept both in till he was 6 months old and they don't stray, are both micro-chipped, and never allowed out at night. My bird feeders are in places they can't reach. I have had to net my raised beds as when I put up a fleece tent earlier this year they both thought it was a nice little house to keep the rain off them. I find the old squirt with water trick helps to keep them off too. Cats can be trained, it's mainly the owners who are the problem. If I ever find out who owned the mother, I'll present them with a bill for £500, which is what it cost in vets bills for 4 kittens.


Hope your happy weejenny!

Peat B

Can't help it, but I keep reading sotongeoff as stroganoff !


Im delighted  Im just naturally interested in people, not nosey Keep it going......

Pete Ballan wrote (see)

Can't help it, but I keep reading sotongeoff as stroganoff !

Would you like me to change it??

seaside oldie

I live in South Devon, but only for the last couple of years. Inherited a garden that had not been touched for 12 years, the only plants were a 20 ft Bay hedge.  My old house only had a courtyard so would say I was a semi-beginner!

I live on the outskirts of Bristol not far from the N Somerset border. The garden was just grassed over when we moved in 19 years ago, with a large area of brambles at the bottom. It has been totally transformed to a garden full of shrubs and trees, a bit wild but thats how we like it. Having took voluntary redundancy at the end of last year I now have more time to spend pottering in my favourite place. Having just passed my last birthday starting with a 5, I am no youngster ( only in my head)



Hi, I am 69, my husband is nearly 73 going on 10, and garden in Lincolnshire. We have a reasonable size plot, with 2 ponds, courtyard, a small lawn, getting smaller due to enlarging borders for perennials, veg plot where we have small fruit trees, soft fruit, greenhouse and cold frame. Keeps us busy and fit. We have been gardening here since 1965 when there was just weeds and not much else. We plant as much as we can to encourage wildlife, bees etc.


Hi everyone


I'm just about to crash into the big 40

I live in North East Scotland (though originally from the South East), and have just inherited a third of an acre garden with the cottage I purchased in December of last year, which hadn't been touched for a couple of years.  It has previously been landscaped into a massive veg plot, and then put back to grass, so I have spent the last 4 months re-landscaping it into a modest veg plot, one massive flowerbed, smaller flowerbeds around-about, a mini-orchard, and have yet to cut my soft fruit area.  I have 2 small greenhouses (metal frame and plastic cover type) and have recently bought a second-hand aluminium and glass one to put together - just how many greenhouses does one person need ?  I've never had one, so am playing at seeing what I can grow in them.  This is the biggest garden I've ever had, and feel very lucky that I can now play with it to my heart's content.  I have 2 dogs, who love the garden also and are happy that you can throw a frizbee full whack without damaging anything !!!  I'd say I'm relatively experienced in the garden, know a reasonable amount of plants, but as ever am always learning new names of plants, and wanting new things.  I think my postman must think I'm bonkers as he's been delivering plants practically every week since March this year !!!!!  I have lots of different birds to the garden, and deer outside my kitchen window.  Haven't seen any badgers or foxes though, and will be making a hedgehog habitat in the near future.   I'm planting flowerbeds everywhere I possibly can, and search constantly for insect friendly species to encourage the wildlife.  My next project in the garden, after sorting my fruit patch, will be a pond.  About 15' x 7' I reckon.  There was already a trench dug in the far corner of the garden, goodness knows what for, but it's going to become my pond, only problem is my garden's on a slight slope, so I have to figure out what to put at the lower end to stop the water just running away.  Might have to speak to the local farmer to drop a couple massive boulders there I reckon, line with carpet and then liner and away I go !   looking forward to getting frogs and toads in the garden / pond, already dug up one toad when I was cutting my veg patch (don't think he was best pleased as he squirted at me).


Hope that's enough info to be going on with


I am 66 years old ,Barry is 70 - we have lived here for 25 years and when we moved in all that was in the garden was a very,very old Apple tree in the middle of a square of what could loosely be called a lawn

Our garden has evolved over the years and is now quite mature - there are still many parts that need work.We could be described as obsessive gardeners but I can live with that

A few years ago we started to open our garden for the NGS - we have missed a couple of years due to me having a very serious illness but are opening again this year

Pam x



Surely better to put all this on your profiles where everyone can find it rather than here where it will get lost as the thread descends...........