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thanks you both for the reassurance...

skimming through different posts.. can see that the tech dept are inundated...

wonder if this is to do with the spamming...




Morning all - no snow here, but grey and miserable.  Having a day working from home (girls Easter Holidays start today, so they have a half day).  That means I get to wander round the garden and the greenhouse in my coffee break - just to see what's been growing since I last saw them in the light.  Only one more week til clocks go forward, and then I will be able to get out there after work again.  All we need is some sunshine and some extra degrees on the thermometer and you would almost believe it was spring.

Gardening Grandma

Good morning all. Blessed rain again yesterday - no gardening done. It is still raining and my extremely houseproud sister in law is coming later, so I think I'd better clean the place! I know this is stupid - it isn't filthy but it isn't up to her immaculate standards either - but I just can't help being self-conscious when she is here if I can see things I should have done. She also has an utterly perfect garden. No weeds dare show their faces. Actually, she's a good gardener though not in my much less perfect style of crammed borders and overflowing plants. She has very well-grown plants with a stretch of rich, perfectly cultivated soil between each of them. Her lawn is also perfect, whereas mine is trodden and piddled on by two dogs. Ah well....

Not doing much today snowing the now and going to hospital at 9am for chemotherapy wont be back till after 3pm just hope the roads stay clear.

Gardening Grandma

Chemo? Sounds like you have had a hard time. Hope you are soon feeling better.



Just off to work - had put shoes on but am changing to boots - just in case of snowfall!!!

Have a good day everyone 

Gardening Grandma

You too, Dove.

Has everyone seen the tip from Blackest on the Forkers thread about making typesript larger?

Morning Everyone. We've had loads of rain overnight and more this morning but drying up later. Not cold. Flooding is the big issue again and further landslips.
Wherever you all are keep dry and warm.
Pennine Petal
Morning all, it's a snowy day in Rossendale and I have to cross the Pennines. Have to get up the hill which is always the worst part of the journey, they tend to grit better on the other side. Hi ho, hi ho ..........
Gardening Grandma

Know what you mean, PP. My OH travels across two Welsh mountains to get to the hospital where he works (he's nearly 70!) and from one local authority's territory to another, and one grits much more than the other. Hope your journey is safe.


Snowy here with me but not that bad. Wil lhopefully clear later. Will try and get a walk too. No need for exfoliating when you live in the west of scotland! Did anyone see the pix from Japan with the cherries? Beautiful but slightly spoiled with all the people wearing their anti pollution masks! Roll on spring -we miss you. Off to clear the car and get on the road. Stay safe everyone who has a hard journey ahead.


Morning all  we've got 3-4 inches of snow this morning here in Merseyside. Looks pretty but oh the disruption it cause....

Hubby & I will have to brave it and go to clear the drive and paths at our daughter's (she's disabled and unable to do it herself) Luckily he's at home today after working away all week...oh there is a god 


 Right, off to get the wellies and snow shovel. Speak to you all later.


Morning all. I shall bore everyone by writing what I just wrote on some other threads!

Warm and sunny here, 19° forecast for this afternoon! Spring has sprung! I wonder how long for. This is why people move abroad I suppose.

More than the size of the text, I'm really missing the emails to tell me that people have posted on subjects I'm interested in. Have to search through latest posts. No one seems to have mentioned this. Are you all getting emails?

Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

 Are you all getting emails?

Good Morning Lizzie ,yes I am I left the tick on in every thread and have got hundreds of E-Mails


Ps what is Path mean

Morning Brumball,

I shall be potting on some seedlings and perhaps popping out to the garden centre to see what's new.

I'm quite new to posting here and am trying to find my way around the forums, so I hope I'm doing this right!

Sounds like you're roots are in the same place as mine Brumball, I still call myself a Brummie even though I haven't lived there for many, many years. A great place and lovely people.




Goodmorning all.  Bit late but bad night and feeling under the weather this morning.  Any excuse to sit doing nothing!

No rain, thank goodness, but cold. 


Morning all,  bitter cold here for me in Middlesbrough but at least it's dry just having to cope with a biting wind  just have to be thankful that we have power unlike those in  parts of Norther Ireland that are without it,  hope it comes back on for them ASAP.

 good mid'morning granny cool,

I know how you feel...I've just left a perfectly reasonable post on the 'rant' site...

everyone very friendly and the information is inspiring.

Have a good day


Think spring's giving us a miss this year! Feel sorry for anyone in Cornwall after seeing the news earlier. It's when I'm glad I live on a hill. Hope you're better soon Tina- good excuse to put your feet up and drink tea/coffee!


We had a lovely spell of weather here a few weeks back and I even sat outside for a while contemplating the world (like you do) but I swear I just saw a blackbird go by with crampons and an ice axe....