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Like the two tone effect of the pot Farygirl,will definately be giving this a go,lots of odd bits of paint around.

I always give our old gnomes(inherited heirlooms) a lick of paint at this time of year.


GillyL- it's a good way of unifying your colour scheme and doesn't cost the earth. I needed to repot the phormium and as I don't want to buy too many expensive  pots just now I just got a bog standard one at a tenner- it's about 40/45cm diameter. Doesn't take long to do. 

hollie hock

The pot looks good Fairygirl, I've been to a crafts taster today and painted a small one. Does the PVA act as a base coat?


Thanks Fairygirl.  Will be transforming a couple of mine.  Bit weary of my terracotta pots.  Only cheapo ones anyway,

I am never going to complain about how windy it is again, after watching what's gone on in America. So upsetting to see the destruction and, even more so, those young children being so brave.  We are very lucky.


Hollie the PVA seals the pot-( just like when you need to paint new plaster on an interior wall) otherwise it soaks up the paint and you'd need loads of coats. It gives you a nice smooth surface for the paint too. I once saw someone do it in vertical stripes- they put masking tape on and used two colours.

We could start a new craze....

Verdun will have 'pot envy'.......

are you listening Verd??


hollie hock

I'm right in thinking that PVA is glue that dries clear? Mines more of a tie dye (splodgy) finish, but I'm pleased with it. Also had a go at decorating flip flops

The potty gardener

Well that is a day wasted. Woke up and took son to collage as he had missed his train. As he only had  1 lesson I waited for him. As a result had a little nap when I got home. Only woke up an hour ago.It is dull and feels cooler so all I have done is go out and search for lily beetles.

Like the pot Fairygirl.

Archie those steps are looking good.

Jess- I would think that potting your bean would be a good idea.

Dove and Matty hope you both have wonderful holidays.



GILLY L .at the bottom of the new project where the spade is left the path steps . down to a paved  area in front of the summer house  a nice cool area when the trees is  in leaf . ps theres  a sone bench to the right cut in to  a hedge  bank made from  a 4ft slab  . that  i did a few years  ago call it  6 years ????

Hello. Fairygirl

Wot a cleva fairy you are!  Sounds good to me.

Is that "dads pot".?  


That PVA glue is good too for a base coat for a cement mix for pots


bev  . yep will do .when  i get five minutes  i will take some pictures .. bit of mess  at the moment . you  can do a lot in a small area . 




 told you its  a mess bev  ps photos taken from the path steps under my arch of ivy and holly 



No not Dad's Verd. This was just a bog standard one from B&Q or Homebase. This is Dad's...I don't know who or what 'Canning' is or where he got it either!



I think Swiss Sue deserves a medal for seeing off that spammer.

Love the painted pot Fairy G, did you use the PVA full strength or diluted?

The potty gardener

Looks good Archie- be great to see how it developes/

Love the pot Fairygirl.


Morning all another lovely morning here just a little cooler than yesterday morning at this time but a good day looks on the cards.Been watching Chelsea flower show on the TV it looks fantastic i will go next year for the week. It's the scottish gardening show next weekend so will give that a visit just 40min from me have a good day all.


Morning all,

Fairygirl I have been looking at the pic of you pot,I think it might well be a fermentation jar especially as it has "6 Gall "on the front"

Andy,,watched Celsea last nightloving the gardens this year,but wish sometimes they would cut out some of the chit chat and show more gardens & plants,and do they really need so many presenters?.

Dull at the moment,but definate small patches of blue skies.Beautiful red sky last night,so have hopes of a good day.


Morning all - late this morning.  Chelsea was fantastic - favourites were Chris Beardshaw's and the Windows through time garden, the japanese small garden, and the Jackson Pollock fresh one.  All the "fresh" ones were good this year though - sometimes they can be a bit wacky for me.  Plus plenty of quizzing the nurserymen in the marquee - some of the Clematis on the Thorncroft stand were just gorgeous ...

And now to work ..... (to pay for all the purchases I made in my head yesterday !!)

Morni g everyone

Dull and overcast but supposed to brighten up

Cormwall did well at Chelsea.....we had a few gold medals yesterday

Chicky......purchases in your head don't cost you anything so get back to bed


Morning all i'm not gardening this morning i'm heading out to lovers leap at killavullen for a spot of fishing

lLovers leap

The coarse fishing peg on the down stream side of the bridge ttheres a bit of a pool here with slower water.

 This is a wider shot of the killavullen Bridge. I'm going coarse fishing mostly this is a great salmon and trout river one of the best in Ireland.

Hopefully I can take some better pictures today my phone doesn't do this place justice