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Morning all. As Andy says- a bit cooler here and a little rain overnight but looks promising.

That's a lovely looking place blackest- don't go 'leaping' in though... Chuck me over some salmon if you get it....

Daughter brought home this yesterday.... if all banks had these the world would be a better place...



It really is the most amazing place, Salmon fishing isn't cheap catching salmon here would cost me €350 and the trout is €60 but coarse fishing is free. I'd probably come here anyway even if I couldn't fish as its superb for walking and exploring too.


Morning all. Bit nippy this morning, 10 degrees but feels cooler. Off to B&Q with 10% discount card, sure they'll be a plant that needs a good home.

Looks a lovely place Blackest, enjoy.


Gilly thanks for your comment re my pot. You may be right- I'v e no idea where it came from but Dad used it for stripping old lacquer from instruments before they were re done so he had acid in it. 

Agree with you about the Chelsea coverage. I don't think they spend enough time showing you the gardens. I can hardly remember half of them and then you get the same stuff over and over. Maybe it's just me. I love the more geometric gardens personally-  the Laurent Perrier and Chris Bradley Hole's are two of my favourites.

Anyway off to work I go- youngest has Maths exam today  Catch up later.


Fairygirl.good luck to your son in his exam.

Off  out to do some shopping,might call into local Farmers Market,I wonder if there is a plant stall  ?.........................


Gardening Grandma

Morning all. Just  a quick visit - OH is up so will have to get breakfast. Made great progress in converting lawn to flower beds yesterday, though it is astonishingly slow and doesn't seem much for the effort made. tried to upload photos yesterday, but computer refused to cooperate.

Looks a fabulous place, Blackest. Some places just make it through to one's heart, somehow.

FG, hope exam goes well.

have a good day, everyone.


Not rushing out there this morning. Cold and mizzly. Good for a bit of heavier work but can't raise the necessary go. Must get more things planted out though so will get my finger out. So cold OH lit the woodstove so we've got somewhere warm for coffee/lunch breaks


Morning.  Feel relief that you said that Nut. Exactly how I feel this morning.  Know I should go and make a start but my body is not responding to my brain.  Have an excuse as I am waiting for a delivery of my 8 year old grandson's birthday pressie - a new Chelsea kit.  Very overpriced in my opinion and he's lucky he's got a silly Grandma. 

My son would be envying you Blackest.  Very much into fishing when he can find the time.  Was very surprised when he first said he was going with a friend to fish locally at the age of 12.  He's someone who can't keep still, always taping (drummer) and fidgeting.  Got the bug. I was very pleased as he works hard and it's the only time he relaxes.  Don't know what kind of fishing he does!

Oh, well, times marching on. Brekkie time FG.


Funny, I haven't had any emails since Monday about Morning Forkers. Just been catching up.

What a beautiful place to go fishing Blackest.

It has poured here for 5 days, now it's stopped. Ground too wet for gardening in the beds so may start planting up tubs today with annuals for summer. Some of my nicotianas actually rotted in the open cold frame where they were hardening off. Put a load back in the GH.

Enjoyed watching Chelsea last night. I like the natural planting like some of you. I like Chris Beardshaw's garden and Chris is pretty easy on the eye too!

The potty gardener

Morning all. Been for blood tests this morning. Chelsea looks lovely, you sound as if you enjoyed it Chicky.Blackest that looks a really nice place. Like Nut and Tina it's a miserable day here so won't do much except keep checking for lily beetle outside.


Fairy G, I am not getting the image that you posted above.


art- do you use an ipad? Someone on another thread can't put pix on so I wonder if that's the reason. I'll redo it if no one else saw it either- but I can see it!

Gilly- should have said daughter had exam!!

And thanks all-  it went quite well! Older one had 'herbology' exam today??? She said it was a piece of ****....I don't know know where they learn these expressions...

Very cold wind here- trying to work up enthusiasm to go out and do something.


FG, I don't use ipad, just a laptop. It says, image has been removed.


FG, winter has returned here. Have just put heating on as I can't get warm.

Is 'herbology' a new subject or does your daughter speak like my granddaughter where she rolls words into each other.  I am constantly asking her to repeat what she says.  I blame it on the programmes she watches. 



No Tina-she's doing forensics so it's essentially all the stuff that you can grow  that's poisonous- it was a very short exam!

Other daughter watches too many American shows so if we have a carry out (pizza type) she calls it 'take out'......

Freezing cold wind here today. Never know what to wear when i go out 


Well, there you go FG,  Learn something new every day.  Young lady couple of doors away is studying to be a forensic scientist.  Long job.  Don't think her mother will ever be taking any money off her!!

My granddaughter can do a wonderful American accent. Better than her English one.


FG, I've got the photo now


Just looked it up FG.  Feel like a right wally now. Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble.


art- little empire biscuits- they were very tasty!!

It's ok Tina- I thought she was making it up too! All very Agatha Christie...