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Was determined to be first today.

Going to bed now.

Good morning all weather a lot cooler this morning and no sunwell my last day at work today then off till Tuesday so plenty of time in the garden & greenhouse. I will make my plan of attack at work today for the weekend hope the weather picks up again for the weekend have a good day all and remember the weekend is for gardening everyone if your not on holiday.


Good morning Andy & all. 2 degrees o/s, sun out but certainly a nip in the air.

No idea what I'm doing today, haven't woken up yet.

Tina, I'm impressed!


Morning TT !!

FG - glad your girl's exams went ok yesterday - do they have a bit of a break before the next ones ?

GG - your garden is looking great already - love the structure.  Looking forward to some pictures when the plants start doing their thing.

Sunny here now, but downpours forecast.  Fingers crossed for a better weekend.


Morning KEF - posts crossed !



Morning Chicky


Morning all. Hi chick- oldest has finished hers - they were all this week apart from first one and youngest  has last one next Wed. They seem happy enough with how they went thanks.

Cold here and we had heavy sleety hail showers last night so hope today is a bit nicer as I'd like to get some rails on  fence- got posts being delivered.


Morning all,

Sunshine and blue skies at the moment,but grey clouds beginning to form and it is quite windy and colder.

Yesterday went to GC for OH to get some pond plants ,just leaving when someone said to me that a clearance section round the back had just opened.Well it would have been rude not to look! and  they had reduced most stuff to 50p,We grabbed a large trolley and filled it,the nice lady on the checkout gave me two large trays to hold the plants in the car.Alpines,campanula,osteospurnum,geraniums etc all need to be potted up,now when are pots going to be reduced?


Sounds like one heck of a bargain.

Morning FORKERS ...clear blue sky and warm sushine.  Weatherman said rain later but he's joking.

Foodbank again today.  Bit of an event going on so have to go today as well ......don't really mind but other stuff to do too. Might get my pic in paper........

Keep safe folks


Morning all, windy, grey sky. So much to do outside after all the rain we've had, don't know where to start.

Gardening Grandma

Morning all! Was just about to go into the garden and start work when it poured with rain, so I've come on here instead. OH is clearing the garage, having put down rat poison in there and found that some has been taken. He's wearing his wellies, and not because of the rain! I'm skulking well away from there. We have both spotted a young rat near the compost  bins and heap in the last day or so. Hoped it was a large mouse - but, no. We've drenched the compost, but it creates a lot of mud in the area. Think OH will probably insist on no more composting. Don't really blame him! 

The potty gardener

Morning all. Doesn't seem ideal weather for anyone. It was bright blue sky when I got up. Then fell asleep on sofa and just woken up and wondered who had sprayed my windows with hosepipe- then realised ground was also wet

I will wait and watch Chelsea now and venture out when it has finished.

Gilly I can't help but look at cut price sections at GC- suppose it is like when other women get some clothes in a sale and say they have saved money


Well, I was going to venture out, not in the garden,  but have just had hailstones.   Looking extremely black out there.  Heating on, so it look like another sofa afternoon. 


TinaT, hailstones in Kent? we're all doomed! It is wet and chilly here in the Fens but the Toms still had to go outside for the day along with the Morning Gs., otherwise I will have to start the whole hardening off process again.

Sunny here but it's cold now.....brisk cold wind that makes me feel it's winter  again. My runner beans are  barely 30 cm but normally would be 5' high by now.



Back from work- hailstones now. All four seasons this morning!

We Scots know how to do summer- snow gates are shut up in Glenshee...

Tina- I may be joining you on the sofa- now that I've thawed out 

May have to paint timber for fence in the kitchen....


Artjak, I was cleaning the pond pump at the time. It was a case of 'Ive started so I'll finish'. Got soaked and decided my 'goodie' shopping could wait.


Hailstones now in S.Yorks, any room on sofa Tina ?


Well, I've got no cake and only 6 biscuits left,  but all are welcome.


Hailstones just hit the Fens for 5 minutes; thought - shall I dash out to rescue toms and Morning G. plants and then thought 'no' I don't want hailstones down the back of my neck!