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Gardening Grandma

Thanks for keeping the cake for me, FG. Just don't tell OH - we've sworn off cake and biscuits. I might have fallen off the wagon a few times, though.


Gardening Grandma

P.S. My heucheras ar exactly the same size as usual.


It's ok GG- if you eat it standing up it doesn't count....

Turned very cloudy here...where's this wall to wall sun the weather man promised me for today...

Will just have to eat more cake...


Thanks FG, the cake was lovely and given me the energy to.. make another cup of tea!

BobTheGardener wrote (see)

Thanks FG, the cake was lovely and given me the energy to.. make another cup of tea!

Might just join you Bob!



Best to hold back on planting out Pennisetum Fireworks just yet.  I grow this as well as Eaton Canyon and they need good warmth to grow.  I grow mine on in pots in greenhouse and then plant out in mid June...hopefully much warmer then.  Otherwise they just sulk and dont grow.  They are season growers....into growth as all pennisetums are but these are tender


Only grass I've ever planted  was Pennisetum fireworks. GC told me they were hardy, but they weren't. Died.

I was in the middle of weeding and doing the Chelsea Chop on huge rudbeckias when heavens opened. Just when I'd thought sun at ast this morning.

Busy llizzie

Naughty but it's rarely mentioned that varieties of pennisetum like rubrum and fireworks  are tender..they succomb in winter to 4 or 5 degrees.  Even then they are difficult.

I manage to overwinter occasionally but trouble is they still need to be kept moist.

Pennisetum Villosum is beautiful....hardy here but borderline in some places..with huge white billowing  flowers.

Still dry here but cold.  Colder than it was few weeks back


Afternoon.  Trust me to pick today to go shopping. Came out of M&S, torrential rain and umbrella at the bottom of one of the bags.  Would have rummaged for it had it not been for a 'Big Issue' seller going on and on like a broken record.  Just wanted to get away.  Perhaps I should go on the MOB thread.  

Doesn't look as if anyone else is having much joy weatherwise either.  Poor Dove.


The potty gardener

I didn't even wake 'till 12.30 which I think is the best thing on a day like today. Been raining and looks ready to rain again soon.

I intend to just plant out the crysant I got last weekend. Also a few weeks back I got some Fuchsia plugs from T&M but one didn't look very good a couple of days after I potted them up. Wrote with a pic and they said that they would replace it. A whole collection of all 6 plugs arrived this morning so I will get those potted up.


I see you're all having the weather I had yesterday. 

That's the price you pay for the cake... think it's to be better tomorrow. 

Dove will be fine Tina- Verd will have had a word with the Met Office....

He won't be getting his coat...


Verdun, I moved my only Heuchera some weeks ago to a shadier spot and it has taken on a new life, so much so that am considering getting more.


Bev, I always know I can rely on you.

FG, tis supposed to be better tomorrow but let's wait to see if they've got it right.  At least, if it's fine, I will be able to get the fork in the ground.  Hope Verd carries some clout where Dove is concerned, although bad weather never kept us in when we were on holiday. Inherited that from my parents I think. Many years ago, was walking along a deserted beach in the pouring rain with a friend and came across a litttle tent made of deckchairs.  Inside were my Mum and Dad eating icecreams.  Bless their little cotton socks.

The potty gardener

Tina I'm sure Dove won't let the weather spoil her hol.

Loved the story about your mum and dad eating icecream


Thanks Verdun it's in a large pot in the greenhouse been putting it outside for the last few weeks think i might just keep it in the pot and move it around the garden do you think that would be alright. The GC very busy and am back with no money bought compost ,grow bags,and from bargain corner i got a Helleborus Walbertons Rosemary £6 and a Fritillaria William Rex £4 and treated the family to a new patio set hope to get plenty of sun this summer which was in the sale at £250 very happy with my shopping spree. Now waiting on wife coming in from work then do a food shopping so it leaves me the next 3 days for gardening as plenty to do.


dark here in manchester . windy  rain with the high gusts . and cold . a cheshire stew on the stove  . .a winter warmer 

Gardening Grandma

TT - lovely story! I hope my family have a few such lovely memories of me!

Pretty breezy here now, but rain has stopped and there is even a glimpse of sun. My seedlings, now hardened off, are sitting in the garden sulking and waiting for some warmth. OH will probably rig up some kind of greenhouse for next year, now that he has has first hand experience of the mess it makes when there is no dedicated place for plants and storage. (He gave away my greenhouse last year). He's no craftsman, but its surprising what he can do when he is challenged - or at least, it surprises me!

Going outside now to pot on a few plants that have actually grown large enough to need it. Just getting out my red flannel underwear.


Just sitting here thinking about holiday weather and the things we have done.  Used to always have a beach hut when we went to Swanage and one year weather was appalling.  On one particular day, 2 of my children were playing with the sand, with 2 jumpers and a 'hoodie' on and my poor Mum and Dad were wrapped in blankets sitting in the hut.  It was when my Dad's lips turned blue that it was decided OH should run him back to the cottage.  This was June.  In October, just happened to catch the temperature for the day which was the same as the day on the beach.    Happy days.


I don,t think we ever noticed if the weather was bad on our summer hols(usually Cornwall),it was the joy of having new nets to fish around in the rockpools and having your Mum & Dad to yourself all week,you don,t realise it at the time but these ae some of the happiest days of your life.

Today has been so windy it has blown the wisteria off of the trellis arch,OH and I outside wrapped up in thick coats trying to anchor it down to the posts until we can do it properly.