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Gilly I sympathise. I'm looking at the sun outside and thinking how nice it is compared to yesterday! Just had my fence posts delivered (should have come yest) and now thinking -do I have the strength to go and start on them 

Have some other things to do too - apart from admiring my alpines which are looking pretty- need to pot some basil on and sow more and also get the little toms I bought into something better than the polystyrene tray they're in.

Tina your story is lovely .  I took my parents ashes to scatter some at the place we used to go on holiday. I hadn't been there in 40 years but when I turned the corner and saw the little bay I was instantly transported back in time. There was a bench there so I scattered some underneath so that they could always look at the view together.


That was a lovely thing to do Fairygirl,happy memories............


Hard Gilly but lovely too. Simpler times 

Ah yes, memories from the corners of my mind..... here I go. Kilnsea on the East Yorkshire coast, walking around Spurn Point (now a RSPB site) and my Dad picking a small bunch of purple headed thistles and tying them with grassfor me. He always spotted things that others would miss and I spent many happy days with him walking  and learning the names of wild flowers and bird spotting. I'm retired now at 65 but the memories are still as precious.


New red plastic sandals for the beach,and those little flags Dad used to buy my brother and I to go on top of our sandcastles..................

Mum,packing up a picnic and a red tartan rug we all used to sit on. ........

Memories can be wonderful,you can be a child again.



If only children and parents nowadays would realise it's not about how much money you have or how many 'things', it's simple stuff they'll remember when they're older. A cake you made for a birthday or a drawing a child does on their first day at school and so on. When the Xboxes and fancy clothes and possessions have gone by the wayside what will they actually remember?

I sound about 100 don't I !!!

And as everyone on here knows- I'm only 27 


Really! I thought you were a lot younger than that Fairygirl

I agree with you,for a child a parents time is the most preciuos thing they can be given,Imagination costs nothing,an empty cardboard box can be many things.


I'm really only 26 and 3 quarters but I was rounding up....


Oh,that explains it

you round 'up' until 30, then you 'round down' and at fifty you pretend to be 49 at 60 you stop caring what others think and after you retire you enjoy all those carefree days as if you were a kid again ( apart from those when Arthur Itis shows up)


Under 60 and retired,must be a child then whopee......................

lucky you!    Its cold here today with a biting wind so I am off now to go and make a hot meal for me and madtombri - not much gardening today apart from tying in the various Clematis waving about in the wind and making sure that the pots don't blow over. 

weird looking smiley!


As I have no doubt said before, age is just a number, one I would rather not think about too much. I'm just a young chick at heart.

I thought your story lovely too FG.  Was very fortunate to have a wonderful Mum who was my best friend and a Dad who always put us first.  Got a bit grouchy as he got older, but that's life,

Nice memories girls?  

I hope dove gets some nice weather here.  And that she gets some nice plants.



Gardening Grandma

Lovely reminiscences,everyone.  Wish I could add my own, but mine are a bit more negative. I hope we're creating some good memories for our grandchildren as we have holidays and lovely times together. Grandson phoned yesterday to tell me about his latest parents' evening. Simple memories like those are very precious to me.

FG, are you claiming that you a year younger than me? Sorry, but I claim that we are both 27. TT, you too, of course.


 I thought I'd share the view they have. It isn't always this snowy 

Gardening Grandma

Morning, Forkers! Sun shining at the moment! Lots to do today with family coming, but hope to get a bit of maintenance done in the garden. Things look wonderfully lush at the moment.

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend activities, whatever you choose to do - and be happy.


morning all,

Blue skies,sunshine and no wind

Hope to get lots done outside today,enjoy your gardens everyone