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Planters and patio look great Andy, all that hard worked has paid off!

Gardening Grandma

The garden looks great, Andy! It's going to be time-consuming looking at Morning and Evening Forkers at the same time, though. Perhaps we need a new curfew?


I had suggested just having one Forkers, eg Good Day Forkers, but no-one wanted to - at least no one who was reading the posts at that moment.


I think it's best to keep the forkers separate (I mean that in the nicest possible way!) as otherwise there is too much to read to catch up on

Best to keep both evening and morning FORKERS.  As Artjak is right I think.  We don't alway need to post every morn or every evening but as we feel.  They are good in conjunction to use as we all feel fit.  

Besides, how can we choose without hurting the feelings of evening FORKERS or mornimg FORKERS threads?  Lol




Agree art. Sometimes I accicentally answer a post on this thread but only because it's later when I catch up if it's been a nice day.

Cloudy here and some very dark clouds so hope the forecasted rain 'showers' stay away. Showers in Scotland are usually about three hours unfortunately!

Hope to get a few more planks and posts done today. Just watching A-Z and they had a bit on Levens Hall in Cumbria which  I love. Topiary heaven 

Have a good day everyone.


Good morning Verdun; what did you think of my comments on perennials v. annuals?

Hope it is as sunny in the S/W as it is here


Its beautiful here in the SW this morning

Am going to plant out my cosmos today as it is getting so tall and leggy in the greenhouse,i,m afraid it will collapse if its not put out soon.also have coleus ready to br potted on and more beans to put out.. 

Have a good day everyone,enjoy the good weather


Morning. Really lovely here today.  Even turned the heating off! Will be out in the garden but only something light as energy still not what it should be.  Legs and back still protesting.

Great patio Andy.

Enjoy your day everyone, whatever you're up to.


Gorgeous morning, enjoy the day everyone, just off to GC


Morning all

Today's mission is to get all the pots planted in the garden - this will require a single minded focus that I doubt I can achieve- I am one of life's faffers !

enjoy the sunshine !


Chick- I've just varnished lounge windowsills while having a third cup of tea - I can faff with the best of 'em 

Off to paint more fence stuff....


FG, question.  Did you manage to get free delivery on your posts?  Just curious. I'm sure you will be really interested in the fact that I am just about to have brekkie.


That's kind of early for you is it not Tina...

Yes- found another place that did them free delivery- not quite as cheap for the posts but better than B&Q. Digging the holes is the worst bit!


I vaguely remember when I could do that. Still, did do a good navvy job with my rubble, which is still sitting out in the driveway.  Note to self - must get Council to collect.  Only charging £30 as I am a senior citizen.  Best not let Cameron know otherwise he will try and claw that back too. 



Ask him to come round and lift it for you - about time he did something useful Tina 

£30 seems a bit steep. Hasn't your son got some mates that would shift it for a case of beer?


What, with those lily white hands. Plonker. Him not you FG.

Actually, I thought that was pretty good.  If we had to take it to the local tip, it would take quite a few runs, plus the hassle of getting it in and out of the cars.  I do feel that it should come out of the exorbitant council tax I pay but, no, this is a nice little perk for them. 

Just come in for a rest.  Been chopping at my vine.  Am now sitting thinking to chop the lot down and put some clematis and suchlike in instead as the vine is a pain in the neck.  Feel I want a bit of colour there.  Decisions, decisions.

Where's that saw?


Finally gave in and got an acer palmatum Trompenburg yesterday at €9.99 it was the cheapest i've seen them for, was suffering a little from dehydration (finally found a lidl in charleville which waters plants) pity about the rest.  


How's your arm Blackest after all that twisting.   Haven't a clue what you are talking about but have Google - will search.


I've been called worse Tina! Just in and having dinner but will move over to Evening thread...