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Morning all....hello....wake up!!!

Oh outdoor stuff for me today...pouring with rain and I'm working 

Hope the weather's better wherever you are 

Have a good day...think of me slaving away while you sit in your sunny gardens sipping cocktails/tea/juice and admiring your plants....

Gardening Grandma

Morning, FG! Just you and me at the moment, then. Hope you have a good day at work. Dry here at the moment, but doesn't look promising. I'm waiting for the hordes to get up and enjoying the peace and quiet in the meantime.

Gardening Grandma

Oops! Was not referring to others who post on this thread, but to my family.


Morning all. Sun out for 3rd day running, cannot be right.

Oh & rain...hope your working day goes quickly.

No cocktails today, tomatoes to put in a Mum's & might risk one courgette in her sheltered garden, rest remain in GH. Did our toms yesterday along with beans which happily have not been nibbled overnight. The warmth has fetched the blinking lily beetles back, got 4 yesterday.

Have a good day everyone.


Crossed over, hello GG enjoy peace & quiet, type quietly.



GG take it easy- hope the 'hordes' will be treating you a bit today! Think the rain's coming your way later unfortunately.

KEF are the courgettes not hardy where  you are? I seem to remember my sister growing them and they ran riot. She's on the east side of Scotland.


Not sure Fairy but always waited until no chance of frost, with the weather we've been having I've not wanted to risk them. They really will have to go in, otherwise they'll be flowering soon. I was a bit early sewing them, was hoping for a good spring.


Later this morning as I am on holiday ( ALL week - yippee!!)

As predicted, yesterday's mission only half completed, but should finish today - and rain coming tomorrow to give me extra impetus.  FG, glad I am not the only faffer.

My alliums are all nearly out, and the wisteria is not far behind ..... It's all SO exciting.l

GG enjoy the data with your little ones, and TT - go for clematis, you won't regret it!


Morning. At least I've beaten Bev today. Lovely day here at present.  Not decided what to do yet as all the chopping down yesterday played havoc with my arms and back last night.  Just can't win can you.

Poor old FG.  Always working on Bank Holidays. Need to go back to the days when everyone had the time off.

Chicky, just looked at the vine again and not too sure whether to leave it until the Autumn as it's going to look very bare.  Views peoples?


TT - If you get a clematis in quick you will get a few flowers this year - particularly if you go for a group 3 type!


Today I'm planting out about 60 brassicas which are now at the 5 leaf stage (2 types of calabrese, brussels and Primo cabbage.)  Also have to find a way to fix my wheelbarrow which broke on Saturday, while I was moving a tonne of topsoil.  One of the handles broke off at the base.  Will probably have to fork out for a new one and turn the old one into a herb planter.

I reckon I'm also going to have to plant the toms into the greenhouse, regardless that it's still getting pretty cold at night.  They're in the conservatory at the moment and most of them have open flowers.  I've already had to pot them on into 5" pots as it is, even though I didn't sow them until Good Friday (Mar 29), a month later than usual.  It's been a very challenging year for cold glasshouse growing (well, gardening in general!)


Thanks Chicky. I think I will cut some of it down and do what you say. That way, I won't be looking at a hugh expanse of nothing. Did plant a Montana there 2 years ago, but it never took off and this year is dead.  No idea why, although saying that, the first one I bought died too. Took it back and it was replaced.  Daughter did the same.  Mine is now sitting in a pot ready to go back to the GC again. I'm going to feel very embarrassed.

Hi Bob.  You sound as if you are in for a busy day. Hope you can fix the wheelbarrow too.


Tina, did you plant it good and deep? It likes manure and compost in the soil and a really good soak every week, not little and often.

Gosh, although it's been so cold and wet here in Dordogne, often colder than England, everything is still a lot more in advance. Chicky's wisteria is coming out and mine is over. My roses are coming out.


Gardening Grandma

I've been lookking at T and M's new continual flowering montana in their catalogue, since I could still do with something growing over the pergola and the jasmines I put in aren't thriving. I'll bet it has drawbacks, either in vigour or number of flowers and I'd like to find out if anyone has tried it before I buy. It sounds a bit too good to be true.


Yes, BL, did everything correctly.  I find it strange that both the first purchases died within weeks.  Daughter had a refund but I took another one.  First year, pretty poor, this year, dead!  Going to give it another try. Thanks for the advice though. 

GG, that sounds good.  Hope someone can enlighten 'us'.

Hair OK today Gangster Grandma ? 

Gardening Grandma

TT. Haven't actually brushed it today, though - what a slut!




Like the 'continually flowering montana' I'm continually 27... like you...

I think 'continually flowering' might not really be the case- I never trust these claims! 

Still chucking it down here- it's  8 degrees outside 


Have had to give up outside as my hands are so painful.  Even having trouble typing. Arthur Ritus has a lot to answer for.

Just realised, you're back FG or is this your lunchbreak?