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No back home. Having to prepare myself for the food shopping/supermarket debacle as I've been putting it off with the nice weather at weekend. It'll be full of weans with their poor grandparents demanding this that and the next thing...

are you going for clematis Tina or something else...pondering is part of the fun...

Afternoon FORKERS.

Pouring with rain.....can't get out to water my garden! What a contrast to yesterday. 

Bob hope you managed to sort your wheelbarrow out.....nuisance when you're so reliant on it. Yep. Excellent planter...good thinking

keen to get outside...looking through my window (looking for signs it will brighten's supposed to soon)......stipa gigantea is looking good though, even in the rain, and loads of allium purple sensation standing upright out there.  Typical bank holiday weather!


Afternoon Verd. Sorry about your weather.  Not gloating, honest, but it's lovely here 'up North'.  Bit windy but sunny and warm - for now.

FG, just done my shopping, on line. So much easier and takes so little time.  Your right, I keep looking and thinking.  Yes to clematis, but think I also need something fairly quick growing and which will last all through the summer.  On the wall next to my pond I have a creeper with small red foliage, can't remember what it is, ut is rather nice.  It isn't evasive and just clings to the wall.  Dies off in winter. Thought I could get one of those also. Am going to leave the vine for now as I can't bear to look at 2 x 6ft panels of bare fence, plus 2ft of trellis on top!!

Fancy that GG not brushing her hair.  Letting herself go and she's only 27.


She's getting into that 'gangsta' look Tina that's the problem.. getting 'down with the kids'...

That's what I'm calling her from now on...Gangsta Grandma...

How about a few sweet peas or something on your fence as well or a few strategically placed pots of something nice ...those ones you were going to paint...


I haven't forgotten FG. Just been so much else to do. Couldn't hold a brush at present anyway.  Sweet peas would be lovely, but I'm a lazy whatsit and don't grow anything myself, unlike all you 'proper' gardeners.  I will sort something eventually.



 Tina  you'd probably still get some sweet peas at GC or B&Q etc. 

Or you could do what a neighbour did at the house I rented and hang a mirror up - frame and all....I kid you not!

Gardening Grandma

Not so much a 'proper' gardener,  in my case, as a hard-up one with a fair bit of space to fill, TT. I've enjoyed it, though, especially as nearly everything I've grown has been perennial and won't have to be grown again next year. Sorry your hands are so bad. Tendonitis has flared up in my ankles again, but anti-inflammatory ointment helps quite a bit.

Still doing all the cooking but am letting them go out by themselves so I'm not having to turn to when I'm already shattered, and I'm doing fairly simple meals. No showing off involved, just getting by. Had a quiet cup of tea in the garden this morning and enjoyed the peace, but it is belting with rain this afternoon.

Should have realised it was gangsta, not gangster. I looked up a definition of this word. Here it is.

'A sociopathic member of the inner-city underclass, known primarily for being antisocial and uneducated. Also known for ready access to illegal drugs and weapons, and staggeringly poor marksmanship.'  

And I was flattered!!!


Blimey- GG- that describes you perfectly! 

My coat is now being put on...a raincoat..

Gardening Grandma

How did you know, FG?   You must have spies in this part of the world!


My fairy wand reaches parts only a wand can reach...

That sounds a bit know what I mean I'msure...

Rigth I'm off to get the food...


No rain here yet although it is a bit windy,finished planting out godetia and cosmos this morning,and then went for a nice long walk up along the top of the hills , everyone seemed to be out walking their dogs .so it took twice as long as usual

GG .am very impressed with your new persona,its not every forum that can boast its very own gangster

Gardening Grandma

FG, your response made me laugh! Another thought - can't you wave your wand and just make the food appear?

Visitors, OH and dogs walked the edge of the beach at Ogmore this morning, Gilly. I sat in the garden and am still convinced I had a better time!

I am considering changing my name to Gangsta Granny.


You will need to dress the part  "Gangsa Granny"


I still haven't been for food- had to do daughter's uni application thing with her so I've been trawling through forms and bank statements etc. as everything's changed since last year..

Maybe I could wave that wand....

GG- I am now picturing you facing up to that rodent and shouting...'yooouu dirty rat...'  in a good Jimmy Cagney accent...


Oh no GG. You're not a 'Gangsta'. Never in a month of Sundays.  Stick to being Gardening Grandma.  So much nicer.

I really don't know how you are coping.  I would be having a melt down. Even simple meals for 7 is hard work.  All that extra preparation.  Hope you don't have to wash up. I remember mine always had something urgent to do when the meal was finished.  Funny that.

Don't you like online shopping FG.  Just think of all the time you could save. More time for the garden.  Will your daughter be moving out in September or be able to commute?  I vividly remember when my daughter left to go to America for a year I felt like I had been bereaved. Felt better after about 5 minutes. Not really.  Was pleased when she came back after 6 months.


Gardening Grandma

TT, I rthink you are right, especially as Gilly suggests that I would have to dress the part. I have no idea how gangstas dress! I do rather like the idea of me snarling 'You dirty rat!' at those who displease me. Tempted many times while still teaching!

Morning all took most of the day off yesterday and me and wife went away a run in the car to Ayr had a bite of lunch visited a couple of GC had a lovely day weather not great but in the car most of the time. Last night made up 2 hanging baskets for my mother in law and planted a couple of my big tomato plants into their grow bags. Weather here bit of overcast but looks like it could turn out nice well off to work have a good day all.


Morning All weather looks calm this morning although there is supposed to be a lot of rain later. Looks like I will have no choice but to tackle house work

Gardening Grandma

Morning, forkers. It looks like rain again today. Off to Swansea museum, where there is a display of OH's family's pottery. I've seen it before, so I'm not excited       () but son wants grandkids to  know their family history. There's a replica of the pottery building at St Fagan's folk museum, too, and I must admit it brought a tear to the eye to see my grandkids making pots at the very wheels where their great-grandfather worked. (The pottery is now run by OH's cousin, though OH worked there as a boy). 

I've just about recovered from Saturday's exertions in the garden. Inner person thinks it is 27, body won't cooperate!


Morning all. Dull here as Andy says- thought he must be skiving yesterday.. 

Pity you didn't get sitting out on your new patio furniture Andy- not the weather for it was it!

GG - that's a lovely bit of family history to have 

blackest...tut tut - housework's the dirty word on here you know...I'll be avoiding that later and going for more sand etc for fence posts!