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Good morning all. Ten degrees and light rain.

Blackest, I should do some housework today but not inspired. GG glad you're recovering. I now have the time to do things in the garden but body won't go as fast as brain, I'm more physically tired now than when I worked. Whenever I sit down to admire I see something that needs doing. Enjoy Museum again, sure you will.

Good news on the slug front, hubby had an idea, maybe it's been discussed before so soz if it's an old idea. He "found" some pieces of old copper pipe in garage ( the building with expandable sides) and we enclosed the garden hostas with it, not quite enough for them all. The ones surrounded by pipe haven't been chomped, the ones with just pellets have been attacked, I swear they love blue pellets.

I should have posted that on Today I'm happy, but I struggle to keep up with Good Morning, Happy, What have we done, Good evening. I do think that the suggestion to merge a few of them was good.

Hope all enjoy their day.



It's ok KEF- I struggle with all the threads too! Morning and Evening are the ones I mainly use to see what everyone's been up to.

Interesting your experiment with the copper pipe. In this garden there seems to be an abundance of huge snails but very few slugs, but as my hostas are only just starting to come away I'll see how they fare with the jaggy grit round them. I had the same two in metal pots last year and they were very happy. Rescued some from under a conifer at the weekend so I'll find a pot for them (more pots!) to get them grown on.

Gardening Grandma

Morning Kef. I also find it impossible to keep up, but the downside of merging them is that there wold be fewer interesting conversations. At the moment, different ideas can be pursued at the same time, which I quite like.


Good Morning Fairy, yet more posts to do, I admire your determination, as well as strength. Good luck with Hostas. Like you I seem to need more and more pots. I can just imagine look on neighbour's face when he's on watering duty later in year. Never mind, we do his watering and I'm on Guinnea pig duty later in the year, daughter couldn't have any unless someone volunteered for holiday cover, me and my big mouth.  They've not arrived yet, maybe she'll go off the idea


KEF my problem is that the only area for planting here at the moment will be coming out when I extend so I really don't want to put anything in there! I have a bed under front window so I might put a hosta  in there. I'm keeping pairs of plants as I plan to have some symmetrical areas once I finish fence. I keep finding things and dividing them so the pots are necessary for that too.



Good morning all. Six friends are coming to lunch today. Glad I planned boeuf bourguignon and not a BBQ as it's pouring with rain. My arthritic hands and tendonitis elbow will be glad of the rest from gardening!


Rain arrived here with avengeance today. That means a day of sorting out paperwork (can't shut the "to file somewhere" drawer at the moment for sheaves of paper).

Also have to take car for MOT - so no gardening activities to report. Might go and pot some stuff on in the GH later.

KEF - what a nice thing to offer (GP sitter). You have also reminded me to order more copper bands - like you I find they work better than pellets. Might also try a garlic brew this week.

We have a boggy bit (bordering a small stream) at the bottom of our garden. It has always been a bit of a scramble to get to, but at the weekend OH built some railway sleeper steps.  So I now have a bog garden to experiment with - quite shady, acid and teeming with deer. Any suggestions?? Thought I would start with candelabra primulas. Already full of very pretty ferns. Will take a photo for the gallery thread next time the sun appears.

Good morning. Wet here as expected so I won't be missing gardening time whilst I'm at work.

BL enjoy your lunch and a pleasant day to everyone!

Morning everybody

Sunshine here.  Showers forecast though.

The rain has boosted growth of everything

Tempted to buy couple of perennials but I'm resisting.  Gardens full anyway, really, with pots of cannas, dahlias, salvias, grasses like pennisetum Villosum and cosmos still available.

Hope everyone has good day


What perennials are tempting you Verdun?


Morning everybody,

Chicky.your new bog garden sounds an exciting project,just a few suggestions for you astibe.rheum and lingularia,if you want height lingularia rocket grows to about 1.8m.Look forward to seeing the photos.

Its absolutely tipping down here,but we were lucky yesterday,with no rain until the evening,which was a bonus as we managed to clean the patio,unfortunately today we both look like walking "S" bends,(I use the term walking loosely,more like a shuffle)

Have to do some housework today,before stepdaughter and her new partner arrive Thursday,I suggested we meet up in the local garden centre cafe.........any ulterior motive in that I wonder?


Never let a full garden stop you collecting more plants Verdun 


Morning.  Wet here today too, not that I would be doing anything.  Hand giving me a lot of pain.  I suppose it's where I was gripping a hand fork for nigh on 2 days getting those pesky weeds out.  Probably a waste of time anyway. Also, can't find the hand fork. Hope it didn't go out with the weeds. And another one bites the dust.  Dropped my secatuers on the ground somewhere. Remember doing it, but can't remember where. 

Annoyed grass didn't get cut or the bags of rubble taken to the front of the property over the weekend.   A certain person promised to do it, but then had more important things to do.  Well, so did I, so he has no lunch today.  Honestly, I sound like a petulant child.

Have a good day everyone, despite the weather.


TT most of my hand tools are now bright pink,which has stopped me loosing so many pairs of secateurs etc,it does help you spot them in the garden.


Good idea Gilly.  It is pretty stupid trying to find green handled tools at this time of the year!! 



Tina soz to hear about hand pain, not petulant at all, I'd do far worse...would have made a lunch that he hated & plenty of it.

GillyL good idea with bright colours, at times I can't see for looking.


Kef, you do things that you have always done and think nothing of it until the pain starts! Blooming nuisance.  Re the lunch business, why do I feel guilty now? It's not worth being angry because the only person to suffer is yourself.  Never mind.

Do have some pink secatuers which I think are sitting outside on the table!  That will do them a lot of good.

KEF wrote (see)

Tina soz to hear about hand pain, not petulant at all, I'd do far worse...would have made a lunch that he hated & plenty of it.

GillyL good idea with bright colours, at times I can't see for looking.


I know the feeling. OH has painted the handles of my tools a bright yellow, as I'm always walking around the house looking for spade, fork, rake, etc.etc. because I can't remember where I left them last!

Wish you all a good day and hope the rain passes soon.


Enjoying my Cornish pasty and reading posts here.

Tina sorry you are in pain at mo.  just sing some of your famous hits to cheer you up!  

id love pink secateurs...........doh! I get enough stick about my garden spade's RED handle.  The teasers say its pink.

It really is lovely here today....Cornwall is such a funny county though.  Weather is so different down here compared to mid Cornwall.  It's a long narrow county with sea influences that can change things dramatically from one coast to the other.

Have nice afternoon folks


I think I would be 'Singing in the Rain, Verd.  It is absolutely hammering down.  Much needed really, but not during the day, thank you. Pleased you are having good weather.  Hope Dove is too.