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Was,nt expecting you to have pink secateurs Verd, about purple? colour of the Roman Emperors?........after all Emperor Verdunius has a certain ring to it don,t you think


Hi Gilly - thanks for your suggestions earlier - will try one of each and see what the deer leave alone - OH calls it my "sacrificial offering" planting method

Morning all dry here just now forecast is good for today and even better for next few days temp reaching 18/20 hope there right. Like everyone else's garden flower's are now making up for lost time and growing quickly nice to see the colour's coming out more so when you don't know what colour some are going to be it's a nice surprise. At lunch time yesterday my first iris flowered and it's a deep purple will post a photo later tonight if it stays dry i will paint my front planter so i can get it filled for the weekend as it's Gala day here in the village on Sat off to work now have a good day all.


looks like it will be nice here after 9 this morning next couple of hours it says showers before climbing up to 18 degrees this afternoon . Think a magpie has been pulling up lettuce for me this morning. probably hunting slugs so can't complain too much.


Hello everyone...

Blue sky and sunshine at the moment,I think the forecast is mixed ttoday,so  no doubt will be in and out of the greenhouse again,The heavy rain yesterday has done everything good and plants seemed to have grown overnight,

Did,nt get out at all yesterday,not even as far as the shed.



Morning all. Dry here and looks to be staying like that - sunnier tomorrow- hurray!

Will get on with more fence later and pot the rescued hostas that I found.

Andy- I'll be envious of the purple Iris!


Hi Fairygirl,

Sorry not to have shared the scones last night,had just posted thread when doorbell went,two friends + teenage offspring who just "happened to be passing " on their way home from a day out.They dropped several hints about the casserole,the best being" we have,nt eaten yet,we thought we would get a takeaway on the way home".

I did feel obliged to offer tea and scones and they ate the lot,husband not pleased as being a diabetic ,scones are one of the few cakes he can eat,will have to make some more,and will save some for you this time!



Thanks Gilly! Don't you just hate those people who casually 'drop by'...

I'd have hidden the scones or told them they were for an elderly neighbour/school fete/local hospital... Perhaps your husband should drop by their house and invite himself in for scones!!!


Was,nt quick enough this time,will remember your advice for next time


Good idea about dropping round their house,but unfortunately would only get shop bought cake.


Shop boght cake Gilly/ An abomination....

Chicky I just read your post from yesterday. Deer are difficult to deal with - just like rabbits.The ligularia would be a great choice- the foliage on some of them is particularly attractive - but getting some really good protection would be my first course of action. I wouldn't trust anything as being 'deer proof'!

Off to work now- daughter's last exam today!

Morning everyone

Wet here overnight but now drying up and Brightening.  In for summer least for a few days anyway.....and 18 degrees in the forecast

Good luck Fairygirl to your daughter for her exams.  What a stressful time exams were!         



Good Morning and it's looking like one, sun out and 10 degrees. Hopefully no showers until later in the day.

Glad I'm not doing exams, I still have the odd nightmare about them.


Morning everyone

FG - good luck to daughter today.  Mine has this week off, but is back at it next week and week after.  Roll on June 14th !!

Here is a photo of my bog project ....

 Not really an option to fence it, so will have to work with the deer.  They don't eat primroses, so I am hoping the candleabra ones might be ok.  Others will have to experiment with.

You can actually get away with quite a lot - here is another pic of the bit near the house, which is all deer exposed ...

 I do have a fenced off area - which is where all my real treasures go


what a great bog project chicky. 


After last night's photo testing, thought I would show off my picture skills !!



Very successfully done chicky.

Still don't really understand the pic thing. The way I do it works but it was just luck  


Chicky, your garden sounds like mine! I have a lower wall deer exposed bit and 2 years ago new OH fenced off the upper bit as the deer ate nearly everything except the foxgloves and I was on the point of giving up. The upper bit is such fun now as when I plant something I know it has a chance and some of the roses are recovering.


Lizzie - I have empathised when reading some of your posts !  We can't fence the whole garden (too expensive/will look like colditz/rest of the family LIKE the deer - especially when they have bambis!) - so I concentrate on my flower "cage".  But outside, the list of noxious plants they won't touch is getting longer - and it does help me focus on just a few varieties, thus losing the bitty look that the characterises the rest of my planting



Been away for a few days - had the best of the weather and definately the worst especially yesterday driving on a motorway with all that spray

Came back to find son2 had not watered plants but neighbour had stepped in and , I hope, rescued them. Thing is I doubt she'll do it again

GArden has really sprung into life and the irsis and alliums are bursting out.(pleased with alliums as not grown them in actual garden before)  Would take a photo but cannot find camera - I'm sure it will turn up.

Didn't see any gardens or GC's but were some plants ordered waiting for me and someone sent via my son1 some fuchsias that now need attention


Back later - washing calls


Morning.  Very late this morning as I have been faffing about trying to sort out grandson's too large Chelsea football socks, which silly Grandma ordered.  Hasn't put him off wearing his new kit today though. 

Very dull here today but as I am feeling poorly - again - I won't be shifting off the sofa. 

Hope everyone else is OK.