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The potty gardener

Morning all.

I woke at 7.30 and it was very sunny then. having gone back to sleep it now is a gray rather than blue sky with rain forcast.

got apprentice from last night to watch


Seem to be a lot of 'under the weather' folk about.  I think that the clue is in the saying - we all need some warmth and sun.

Garden seems to be bursting with life at moment. Have had along slow walk around garden and son2 drought doesn't seem to have affected anything.

We are away again on Sunday so will have a go at planting as much as I can.


Matty that's the worst bit about going away isn't it? 

Hope you're better soon Tina- hope it wasn't that cake wot dunnit....

Chick- it's difficult coping with wildlife when it's nice to look at but we don't want it to come within ten feet of our precious gardens!

I'd reckon if you can't fence, the best thing is to use a bit of a physical barrier where you can with jaggy shrubs etc and then protect individual plants as best you can. At the last (rural) garden I had it was a rabbit issue, despite sourcing a long list of allegedly 'rabbit proof plants' online.  We found  the new growth  most vulnerable- more established plants coped with the odd chew here and there- but perennials were difficult because of the very nature of them.They were mainly emerging at the time of year when there was tons of baby rabbits and less food about for them, and once they were in, it was disastrous. We didn't have deer anywhere too close  but I'd guess the principle would be the same, and then a bit of trial and error. Shrubs will probably withstand the onslaught better. It's heartbreaking buying plants and then wondering the next day where they've gone 


Just seen your earlier post following  my comment on shop bought cake,I should have said shop bought cake no good for diabetic husband,so would,nt have made up for the loss of scones


Thanks to all for the good wishes fro daughter in her exam. She said it was ok. That's about as good as it gets with teenagers!

Hadto come back in as the ******* rain's come on....

Hoping it will pass......



Lovely day here,glad your daughters exam was ok,thats positive indeed,as Beattie once said in a famous advert she could almost have an" ology"


Gilly, that brought back memories.  Eldest son was sitting his GCSE's at the time of that Maureen Lipman advert. I didn't hold out much hope of him doing any good as he hated school and just wanted out.  He obtained an 'A' for his Freddie Krugar hand in pottery. So, I always thought of her and her 'ology' and it made me laugh.  No, son didn't go on to make plates. Am pleased to say, he finally found his niche and is doing very nicely.


Adverts were so much better then TT

Remember the "smash "martians?


I remember when there was no TV Gilly. 

I always thought the BT ads with Maureen Lipman were very funny, but then she us a very funny actress.


I remember Uncle Mack on the radio,before we had our TV.


Hello children every where. 

When our 3 were little they released a casette of the most popular songs from that. Our 3 used to love singing along to them on long journeys - the songs were mostly aimed at children and had a sense of humour. Strangely when our car was nicked that tape was as well, we had everything else back bar that. They could have kept the car

We also had a video of Children's hour. My son fell out of a dustbin being a Flowerpot Man - so embarassing at the hospital - explaining how he gashed his head 


Are we going to have a competition Gilly as to who can remember the furthest back. What about 'Dick Barton, Special Agent'. There were so many but the memory has gone. 

My Dad wouldn't have a TV in the house.  I was 15 before he gave in.  Always felt a bit out of it at school when the other girls talked about what had been on the night before.  Have to say that I have always loved the radio.  I like conjuring up images of people.  Often disappointed when I see them 'in the flesh'.

TT sorry am only 27 so count me out .


Yeh, yeh. And the band played believe it if you like. I have never admitted to being any more than 21, in my mind. It's the rest if me that lets me down.



The potty gardener

Ohhh just posted on evening forkers- a bit early I'm afraid



I can remember Hopalong Cassidy and the funeral of the old King, QE2's father.


Bev- keep're definitely getting old....

I wrote on a slate with chalk when I was at school......

Actually that wasn't true.....

Art- you're ancient.....!!!!

And you're telling porkies Andy....

I'm the only one who's 27 around here .....

I can mind going to a old workmate's retiring night out a few years ago half way through the night he got his present so they asked him to do a speech. By the end of his speech the place was full of laughter what a man he stood up and thanked everyone and a big thanks to his family and wife. He was a school janitor most of his life he looked down at his feet and said well they have done thousands of miles and deserve to retire & rest. Then looked down at his knees and said well they have carried my weight around for years and deserve a rest. Looked down at his you know what and said as for you ya bugger you retired years ago so it's back to work for you as you have plenty time. Then pointed to his head and said think am 21 looked to his wife and said don't worry honey by the time i get home i will have forgot what i said.


My children wrote on slate with chalk at school! And that is really true, it was primary school in SW France.