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Art, take no notice of that youngster, FG. I was at junior school when the King died.  We all had to assemble in the hall and the Headmaster gave us the news.  I was so nervous, don't know why, that I giggled. How awful. Got caught too.  Wicked girl.



Sunday mornings eating boiled eggs with Lions on..Radio on and :

Three wheels on my Wagon, These Boots were made for walking, Hole in the're digging it round etc..Windmill in old Amsterdam..mouse with cloggs on etc.... Puff the magic Dragon lived by the sea...and I wonder why I'm daft.


It's ok  KEF - we already knew you were...




FG, yes I'm ancient, but I can still dance and that's all that's important.


Morning all forecast great for today but it's pretty dull outside hope they have not got it wrong as i want to paint my planter at the front door tonight. KEF being daft is a sign of a genius i keep telling my family so don't worry. art keep dancing keeps you young at heart and fit can't beat a good old knees up as they say. FG only 27 you don't look a day older than 21 used to say that to my father his answer would be you should see me first thing in the morning feel and look like 81 lol off to work now have a good day all. 


Morning all. Wet again today, but no chomping on the hostas so I'm pleased. Tomorrow is supposed to be the best day so I'd better go shopping today and do the inside jobs.

Andy that's me.

Hope it's good weather where you are.


Morning all,dull again at the moment but at least its dry.Step duaghter and her new partner arrive today,staying until Saturday,the forecast looks promising for Friday/Saturday so hopefully we can get out in the garden.

Age is only a mother-in-law who dies last year at 104 insisted she was only 21 on each birthday.My favourite memory of her is when receiving her 100th card from the Queen shook the envelope,turned it upside down and said "where is the cheque?"

My Grandfather on the other hand who was 103 when he dies,insisted when he was 102 that he was 200


Morning everybody

Its set to be a scorcher today.  Feels so much warmer

Seasons are so short...still bit plantIng, etc yet gooseberries almost ready, picking plenty of rhubarb, and eating my own lettuce.

Busy this morn but still outside

Enjoy the day folks


Morning all.

Gilly that's great. Did she not get a cheque...I'm not bothering to try and get to 100 then.

Andy one of my daughter's friends stayed recently and they discussed the age of some actor they liked. Daughter said 'oh he's only a year younger than my Mum' to which friend replied 'Really! I thought your mum was only 40 something!'

Had a smile on my face for a while....but she's never seen me first thing inthe morning..

Dull here again but hopefully will stay dry today when I get home.



Another day off for me! Looks pretty miserable but got some GH jobs planned. Thanks to Verdun I have the best looking cosmos plants I have ever grown! They have been mercilessly pinched out and endlessly potted on, and now look like the ones on sale in the GC (the ones that have been forced in a Dutch hothouse somewhere!).  I also know which are red and which are white (didn't label the pots and then mixed them up) by the colour of the stems - another piece of forum advice.

oh, how I love this site 


I want some of Verdun's weather please. Not this cold and damp stuff


Think it's coming here tomorrow


Morning all glorious sun in ireland this morning, yesterday wasn't bad either.  spoilt by getting kicked of the river blackwater after being told I could fish there by the head man. Though to be honest its a club water with an exclusive membership, apparently you can't get in even if your living 5 miles away. Still went up to the awbeg river at a little spot I've found and caught a couple of fish there.  Apparently its a question of insurance, I guess they don't know about public liability insurance which is a requirement for any business...    Wonder if they have any control when it comes to boats might have to get mine out Still think i'll repot a few tomato plants this morning i've around 40 in 3 inchpots.  



Cold and wet here; my list of things to do in the garden is getting longer and longer, but Friday the sun will shine...won't it? So it's housework today


Housework on the listhere. has to be done sometime 


Getting close to doing housework as well. It has been raining in Sheffield for 3 days solid and Im starting to feel a bit miserable.


Morning.  Wet, wet, wet. Housework, no, no, no.

Just returned to BT as son wanted their Infinity package.  Why do they make their bills so complicated - well, for me they are.  Will have to call and get them to explain it.  At least it's an 0800 number and won't be a call centre - I hope.

Best shift and get some breakfast. Granddaughter here and wants toast, which I will have to do.  Blooming nuisance.

Have a good day all, despite the weather.  I see Verdun has sunshine.  Lucky you.