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here here fairygirl. I am just in for lunch having had a lovely morning in the garden. Have emptied out some of the greenhouse, soon to be filled with plants still on window ledges.

Pleased that some of last autumns penstemon cuttings were large enough to plant out as wre the verbena rigida that was seed sown in the winter.

Have a lovely day everyone. I may just watch the British Lions play their first game.


Just came in for a cool doiwn and a drink. Son says he will cut the grass but he never does the edges properly so I have done them frst, reshaping all one border. Warm work.

That's the drawback of shopping yourself FG. You buy things you don't really want but feel you need. When I go to my local Morrisons, the plant section is my first port of call.  Not been recently though. Still got plants sitting in poits outside the back door. Were for eldest son, but if he doesn't hurry up and take them, a place will be found in my garden.

Right, garden calls.




Escaping from where ever OH is - at moment in garden so I am in house - don't ask!!!!!

Have planted up annuals and some perennials. In my jewell bed I have planted 3 galtonia, always wanted them. O have grown them on and now are in place - just hope I have success with them.

Hopeing to get squash in but not sure if i have time

When I come back from Somerset priority is weeding YUK

Hope all are feeling better, leg is healing - I spent summer 2 years ago in plaster - sooo uncomfortable - so I sympathise.


We won't ask Matty 

I had planned to get the growhouse tina- just couldn't face going to the shops for it! I'm glad I waited till they were wanting rid and it was cheaper though 

Might hang about now and watch the Derby. Raining anyway.


Finally some sun, bought a campanula and coreopsis this morning to fill some gaps left by the for-get-me-nots. Planting out the perrenial foxgloves and some sunflower seedlings that I grew. Will sprinkle white annual Lavatera seeds also, they are such a fresh white later in the summer. I want a very lime green Heuchera also, but didn't see one.

Making cake later to take to compost event us 'compost masters' are doing tomorrow.



Compost event art...that sounds like an excuse for cake to me 

I fancy Chopin for the Derby. Not put any money on it though.


Does he play the piano?


No and he ran like a cow art so glad I didn't part with any cash 


What a lovely day I have had. Been in the garden all day designing and planting [ well thats a posh way of saying I took plants out of the greenhouse wandered around, thinking where shall I put you, sat down had a think, then planted them ]

Just finished and the OH and I have had a couple of glasses of prosecco and raspberry liquer sitting by the pond. Heaven.


No cake making today,but have made a rice pudding with nutmeg ,and a lovely skin on top.served with a dollop of strawberry jam..........Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

visitors impressed,they have only had the tinned variety before.


Punkdoc- glad you've had a good day. Very satisfying- the designing and planning bit  although I expect the sitting in the sun by the pond was even better!

Gilly- well done. Not my thing but it sounds lovely nonetheless  

Did you make the jam too ? 

Makes my leftover chilli for dinner sound a bit sad!


No Fairygirl.did not make the jam,husband diabetic,so tend to buy no added sugar variety.I like to think it is healthier.

Nothing wrong with leftover chilli,I always make a big batch and then freeze portions in old margarine tubs.

Next door have just lit their BBQ,smell of sausages and onions wafting across the garden,visitors dropping hints so have told them where the BBQ is if they want to do it.I,m too tired to start messing about with that,have put out the remainder of my plants today.Everything is now out apart from small butternut squash plants.Hope the good weather stays for a while.


Fairy G...G

The potty gardener

Beautiful weather again. I just put a couple of things in pots and then sat and enjoyed the sunshine. Will need to water later on.

I love homemade rice pudding Gilly.

Punkdoc your sounds like an ideal day.

Matty enjoy yourself in Somerset.

Artjak hope you come back from your compost master with lots of tips

Tina long may the sunshine remain. Did your son get the grass mown?

Fairygirl I'm pleased you are having a bit of an easier day today.

Daisyheadcase much too nice weather to be doing housework. Hope you picked up what you wanted.

Chicky hope you enjoyed your walk.

Hope everyone else has had a fab day


Well i spent today at work cutting 15ft high hedges because the neighbours thought it looked a bit tatty, got home though and 25 anemone de caen have arrived and clematis Dr Rupple off of ebay and a few trays of Marigolds the OH bought from Morrissons. I`ll plant them tomorrow as have Motogp and speedway to watch tonight.



Can't be bothered to find the Evening Forkers.

Yes, Bev, he did do the grass.  It's very easy to do but if he offers, one less job for me. 

I've had a lovely day and the garden looks really good as does my newly painted furniture.  I'm getting there. 

Don't know what I am going to eat.  Wish I could call the chef up! ch, When I win the lottery, which will be difficult as I don't do it, I am going to employ a chef to serve me up some tasty dishes.

I know it's nowhere near the same Gilly, but I have a little Mullerlight rice pudding every day.  I just love it.  No lovely skin though My Mum used to make me a rice pudding every Friday when I visited.  I would have 2 donoughts on arrival, crusty ham rolls for lunch followed by rice pudding and a bag of 'Moon Mints' to chew on the way home.  I loved my Mum.


having local asparagus wrapped in parma ham and oven baked with home made garlic mayonnaise for starter, follwed by bog standard chicken stir fry - fresh fruit for pudding.

Managed to get my sqaushes in - 2 - and 6 courgette - which i found easy to grow last year.

OH still a grummpy *************** so escaped to garden for most of day.

Did change my avatar though - iris in flower at moment

Still trying to work out how to, and which photos to use for the before and after thread, Would love to show but where to start

May have to wait now till we come back from Somerset 

have sprayed garlic potion everywhere - including me - eau de garlic - this seasons perfume 


Bev - really enjoyed our walk - especially with the sun shining.

FG - Daniel Deronda was on my shopping list having seen it at Chelsea - even better getting it in the reduced section !  Flowers were the most amazing colour and the size of dinner plates.

Glad everyone else had lovely days - what a wonderful thing it is when the sun shines!  No gardening - apart from pulling up the odd weed here and there - but plenty of sitting in the sun admiring my handiwork !!   


Good Morning all. I'm happy as I've now got access to the forum, dunno what happened yesterday.

10 degrees in shade, sun out and looks like another good day.

Finally going to plant out sprouting broc' for Feb      harvest. Put beetroot and pak choi out yesterday. Sweet peas going into garden. Cumbers doing nicely in greenhouse, now needing to go into final buckets and spares off to a new home.

Was given 10 dahlia, a mixture of ?? only ever planed them once, Bishop of L. Not sure if they will "fit in" but I have an area where they can go and I so dislike wasting plants, or shall I save the space for leeks? Decisions, decisions.

Whatever you do have a lovely day.