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Morning all lovely morning here sun out glad to say just in from watering everything now tea & toast then head off to the Scottish gardening show in Edinburgh really looking forward to seeing it. I will post tonight and let you know how it went and if i buy anything good thing is the wife is going with me so i buy lunch & dinner she might buy me a few plant's  have a good day all.


Hope you come back with something tasty Andy. Enjoy it.

good morning everyone. yet another scorcher.....brilliant.

KEF, why not pot your dahlias up?  i have several spare in largish pots that i grow on to fill in spare spaces later or to occupy corners etc.  they grow very well like that.  i do the same with spare cannas

have good day folks...dont get sunburnt


Verdun, I think I'll do that. I'll just have to find somewhere to stand the pots, I'm short on hard standing places & I promised OH that this year I'd make a bit of room on patio for his chair, only room for mine last year.



Verd-can you send me a few cannas please...have finally had to accept mine are dead 

Too many housemoves and no places to overwinter so they've stuck two fingers up at me. Will use one of the pots for the rest of sweet peas and possibly get the ligularia moved into the other. Have already used the plastic ones the small bits were in for all the hostas I now have! They weresurviving basically in dry bits of bark and conifer and after rehydrating them they just fell apart into lots of little plants- so it makes up for the canna demise 

Have a good day Andy- hope you pick up something nice.  These shows are too busy for me. Plus- I hate the Highland showground- too many years of going there for Royal Highland Show!

Enjoy the good weather all 


The potty gardener

Morning KEF, Andy,Verdun and Fairygirl.

Don't know what has happened to have me up at this rediculous time .

Beautiful day again. Will go to GC at 10then back to enjoy sunshine.

Andy enjoy the show.

Have  great day all


Morning all - enjoy the show Andy (although you are probably on your way by now).

Beautiful here again.  There is a plant sale in aid of the local hospice which I will check out this morning - then maybe a bit of planting.  About time my sweet peas and morning glories got in the ground .....


Morning all.

Must be something to do with the weather Bev, as I've been up for over an hour now. Not done much. Just fed the fish and contemplated.

Got a job for son.  Remove his blooming motor bike from the middle of my patio. Spoils my view. Does anyone else ever get the feeling they're talking to a brick wall?

Have a good day everyone. Certainly is a beautiful one.


Good morning again. wet the bed ?


I've done housework and varnished more windowsills and dyeing towels so now I don't feel guilty going in the garden to tackle moving a pieris...mmm doubtful...and sorting out my new clematis and potting on more 'stuff'.

Have you had your weetabix Tina?


It was all that dandelion picking yesterday Kef. Really must treat the grass.


Me thinks you are jesting with me FG. Course I have.  Just going to drink my coffee and then decide what to do outside.  Think I will jetwash the horrible reddish colour off of the back gate and redo it with the lovely shade my furniture and shed is done in.

FG, do peris not like being moved.  I have one in a medium sized pot and was thinking of upping the size.  Yes or no, oh wise one.


Tina it's me not wise one, I re-potted a pieris at beginning of April as it blew over and pot smashed, surprised as it was a big heavy pot. It was later at showing colour but is fine now. Have fun with jet washer.


Right Kef. Won't put it in the ground because the last one I did that to, it died. Obviously didn't like my heavy, wet, clay soil.  I don't like it either.

Oops, just read that it likes ericasious soil.  Must have potted this one in same because it is thriving so well.  No wonder the first one died.  These amatuer gardeners. 

NEED ADVICE - Sorry if I'm shouting.

Eldest son has a 3ft wall in front separating gardens which is a unsightly, (not his).  Said he wanted to put up some trellis and grow clematis and a passion flower. I got the plants, then found out he only intends putting a small trellis against the wall. I've said this won't work as there will be no height, but what do I know.  He doesn't want anything too large which would encroach on the garden.  Can you suggest anything that would grow upwards and not outwards, if you know what I mean, or do you think the clematis idea will work.

I'm sure you will have some ideas.  Taeverso.




Tina it's really because it's been planted right next to a slabbed path  and I do mean right next to. It's a reasonable size so the roots will be right underneath and I ain't lifting 'em!!!! I  alreday took out a spirea which was further away and it took me over an hour. If it comes out I'll just have to look after it well. No idea where it's going though. We have clay here but I always dig lots of grit and compost in to stop it being so heavy. Our water's soft so we can water straight from taps- not that we need to very often-rain is what we do best in Scotland!!


Morning all a bit dull here but forecast good what a day yesterday weather wise and went to garden Scotland show it was great had a great day out. Got back home at 6.30 bought 4 wall planter's and 4 nice blue pots that are photoluminescent eco friendly made from recyclable plastic plant's only 2 clematis montana's 3 feet high for £13 one called Rubens other Wilsonii for along my back fence. Thought the price of plants very good took me all my time to keep my hands in my pockets could have filled the car the displays where lovely will be back next year all being well off to work now have a good day all.


Morning everyone! it's an absolutely glorious day here in Worcestershire.  Can't wait to get the kids off to school, then it's off to B&Q for a few supplies then planting out today.  Back to work tomorrow so have to make the most of it.  Have a great day


Morning Andy - wow, a photoluminescent pot !!  I admire your restraint on the plant buying front.  You obviously don't have the problem of plants mysteriously appearing in your boot (with the resulting, but nonetheless unexplained, dent in the bank balance).

Morning Daisy - back to work for me today, wish I had another day off !  Aim is to make it through to at least 11am without losing the current feeling of calmness and tranquility .....


Morning all,

Blue Skies,sunshine.......could this be summer?



Gilly - shhh!  You'll scare it off !!