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Morning all.Bit sore after all my digging and lifting but will be ok. Another dry day here and to be better tomorrow- wow!

Very restrained Andy- you didn't buy any more plants over the weekend than me! Chick- I only have to explain the dent in the bank balance to myself so that's quite easy 



Splendid morning here, garden starting to fill with colour and veg looking a little happier, now that the sun is shining

morning folks.  beautiful day here again.  heat....lovely.  no wind, no rain, no cloud. will put in another batch of carrots later but it wont be gardening day.  chauffering today...hate driving or being indoors when its so nice

chicky that "current feeling of calmness and tranquility" sounds wonderful

whatever you are all doing have good day


I spoke too soon- drizzle now  

I hate having to work when it's nice Verd- especially as we don't get as many nice days as you Cornish folk 

May have to visit the nursery if rain doesn't go off later....


"Summer breeze makes me feel fine blowing through the jasmine in my mind"

Ive got the urge to buy some plants. No room to plant them but when has that stopped me?

Spent yesterday trying to repair the leaking porch roof so today is all gardening. I might have no money but retirement is great. Its all me me me!


Hi All...I'm back. Bought a load of bedding plants yesterday. I sowed hardy annual seeds but they are taking forever to appear and I was desperate for a bit of colour.

any tips on planting bedding in a border? Salvia and marigolds. Predictable I know but they were cheap and so cheery! Do I just bodge them in? What time of day is best?


Good morning all...yippee sun again, and warm. Late getting up so must get my skates on. Have a good day whatever you do.


Good morning all - a glorious morning here in Norfolk   a mite chilly but it'll warm up soon.  The hedgehogs have been busy overnight, eating all their food in the various feeding stations - they're very thorough - if I put a few pieces of food in an unusual and out of the way corner they always find it 

I must pot my tomatoes on - they're busting out of their pots - and I've still not unpacked all my holiday stuff, and I'm back to work tomorrow - busy busy busy -

Hey folks, do me a favour ..... stop me procrastinating .... 



No Isley Brother's breeze here today- getting distinctly duller by the minute! Thundery looking clouds now.


I would Dove- but I'll do it later.....

Off to work now- can't sit about drinking tea like all you retired folk 


I am going out to pick up lots and lots of dandilion seeds that has blown from an area outside my garden onto my newly seeded lawn which is just starting to come through.  not a happy bunny


Bluejan - how are you going to do that without walking on it?   I'd leave them - I would think it'll do less damage to take them out when they start to grow rather than walk on the lawn at this delicate stage 

 Or you could get a large fan and blow them off 


Do you think I would be best to leave them, the thought of all that dandilions in my new lawn whitch I have spent the last two months taking off the old turf, digging up lots of builders rubble,leveling and so on is soul destoying. thanks for you advice.


Nobody answered my question.


morning everyone.. another glorious day here on the isle of wight.. weekedn very hot and dry and today hot already by 8am..

so today i am out doing some potting up.. my summer bedding plants have been very slow to get going.. but now with te warmth of the last week they picking up.

hope everyone has a good day.. whatever they are doing.



Sorry Bluejan - was out buying potting compost and more big pots and canes for my toms - and some nice terracotta ones for the new hostas, and an alpine pan for some lovely little aquiligias I was given by a very kind person   Just as well the bank paid the PPI plus interest I've been chasing them about or this would be a very impoverished gardener indeed.  

Right, Bluejan's lawn - leave the dandelion seeds where they are - I'm sure you'll do more damage by walking on it than they will do.  Not all of them will germinate - some of them will and when the lawn is nice and firm and able to be mowed, then you can walk on it and take out the little seedling dandelions along with other little seedlings which wil have blown there.  I know it's aggravating when you've worked so hard for perfection, but Nature keeps trying it her way and we have to come to some sort of compromise, or we'll get stressed and gardening is supposed to be relaxing 

TT's question about her son's clematis - when he says small trellis how small does he mean?  And how high is the wall?  Some of the smaller and quite showy clematis don't take up very much room at all and at least it'd be a start. 


Since it's now the summer I changed my pic - to a self portrait 

Will now catch up on the posts as I'm having lunch.


Very nice Fg, like the wings

I've caught up now, better go and pull a few more weeds


I've been busy today.  Got up, made coffee, fed birds, opened greenhouse, got dressed, washed sheets, watered plants,  planted yard long beans out next to the climbing french,tied them in, put courgettes out to harden off.  planted, cabbage, kale, broccoli plants., watered in and erected netting to keep off pigeons, hung sheets out, next lot of washing in, watered everything again. Cut nettles to make nettle feed. Hung up codling moth and plum moth traps. 

  Time for another coffee.  Is there any cake?

OH threatening to hose me down because I'm filthy.

hiya fidgetbones

busy then.  lucky you included getting dressed amongst your schedule

fairygirl...just as i imagined you   ha ha