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Cake??? Haven't had time to make cake   Verdun, can you whip up one of those lovely Cornish cream teas I got so used to?


I only got dressed after opening greenhouse. Usual trip up the garden in dressing gown and wellies. Good job the neighbours can't see me.


Verdun always perks up at the sound of cake.


Thanks Verd- I did my hair specially....

Steady on fidget- this a family forum....

Right - I'm off to see what's what outside- the pieris has survived and is looking quite perky! Probably desperate for some nourishment after languishing under slabs and grass for umpteen years. 


I think Verdun's got some sort of alarm system rigged up on his pooter - it rings a bell, sounds a horn and flashes lights whenever someone types a post with 'cake' in it - you can guarantee he'll come rushing in from the garden as soon as we mention it 


The potty gardener

Afternoon all. I went straight outside this morning as it was so nice. Was going to just sit and enjoy but then thought I'd better get the Gerbera in troughs for on my front windowsill. Got those done then potted up the three pots I got yesterday to put on front gateposts. Also put in the Violas I got to fill out hanging baskets but didn't need all twenty and just haven't done anything with then 'till now.Sat for a while then took son out for carvery lunch. Went into B&Q to get trailing Geraniums to fill out summer baskets. I got white so they would go with whatever survived the winter. Then in clearance found 6 red trailing Geraniums for £2.50 and 24 bedding Begonia with lovely chocolate leaves for £2.50. Sorted those out when I got home. Then finally put stuff to kill weeds in gaps in paving. Beautiful weather and set to continue for a few days.

Tina saw some small patio Clematis at GC yesterday, they say they grow to about 1m. They may do for sons wall.


Well, thank you Bev. A lone voice. I will look into that.


TinaT, If your son is going to put a small trellis on 3' wall, would that bring it up to about 5'6"? Then you could thread the plants you already have through the trellis. It may work


Georgeous morning.  Pity I have work (need to hurry up and win that Lottery)



Morning all sun out here also Daisy so great day ahead forecast great for the whole week just hope it's not our summer while most people are still at work. Today after work i will plant out my clematis plants and do a couple of the wall planters for the fence and plant a few annuals here and there. Got another busy weekend ahead Sat going round giving the girls at work some bedding plants in the morning in the garden all afternoon then going to see daughter singing at night in a competition which she won 2 years ago and came 3rd last year and got girl at work's 50th birthday party in her house after that. Sunday take my extra tomato plants to a car boot sale with maybe some other plants then drop some plants off to a workmate of my brother's who's just moved house and a bit short of money to buy for his garden off to work have a great day all.


Thanks Dove, glad i listened to you they have all blown away.



It's a grand and glorious morning here - sunshine and blue skies and the birds are singing - shame I have to go to work  but the evening will be light and warm and I'll be able to get on with some potting up - will go to the GC in my lunch hour and pick up some more compost and something for a planter on the front porch 


Morning - lovely photos Daisy.

Sunny here again (although down to 4 last night - thats not far off a frost !).  Everything looking lovely.  See you all this evening !

The potty gardener

Morning anyone who is still around. Up early this morning to get son off to take exam. Think I may have to have a little sleep once he leaves.

morning forkers

wall to wall sunshine forecast today and its already hot.  who would have thought that 2 weeks ago?

bev, nice planting....bags summer colour to come there.  i often go outside cuppa in hand i ntending to just sit but always forget my tea and do something in the garden.  got couple of gerberas that have flowered off and on over the winter but its the summer when they light up.

might get a couple of large pots to plant on cannas today but not much to do in garden for moment

watch that sun folks.....tanned but not burned?




Morning all - bit late today - had a really good sleep for a change!

Bright but cloudy here but ideal for any heavy work. Think my rescue clematis might open properly today. Nice purple anyway.

Tina didn't see your post re your son's wall? Is he looking for a shrub or a climber?

Good luck to your son Bev! Mine have finished exams so we went out for tea last Friday.

Daisy- lovely pic! Lottery? You and me both!

Dove- just one thing at can't fool me 

Andy- SLOW DOWN!!! Had to say that loudly- He doesn't listen you know.....

That's me caught up- will finish my cup of tea now - after I wave my wand and keep Verdun asleep for a while  - cake, cake.... did it work?......

Gardening Grandma

Morning al! Glorious day again! Planted my lobelia yesterday under plastic bottles, in the hope that they will get established before the slugs get to them!

Fat club this morning. Time I took it seriously. May avoid the cake today!

Nice photos, Daisy. Commiserations to those who have to go to work, have a great day, everyone.


I think you deserve the cake GG after your busy week with the family!

Dove- well done with spam duties again! Not too much when you were away. We did have one about that Xhose thing which we turned into a Ronnie Barker sketch for a while which was quite amusing 


Good morning people.

Looks great out there but still that chilly northerly breeze so I won't get overheated whilst weeding.


Lovely morning again in Sheffield, thats 4 in a row.Just had cup of coffee in the garden. Terrible thing to say but I have just smirked as the OH left for work.

 I managed to go to GC without buying any thing yesterday. Was however coveting some yew pillars which the OH had offered to buy for my birthday. [ I dont think she realises how much they cost! ]

Today I shall be placing some cannas around my hot bed tring to find the best positions. I love being pseudo artistic.

Suppose I should also do some staking although for some reason this is one of my least favourite jobs.