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Punkdoc I hate staking and I don't like the look of staked plants. I try and grow what stands up on its own or looks Ok reclining.


I'm off to work now- no smirking please punkdoc! 

Parting thought- did anyone see the news item about the Scottish family having their third set of twins......we don't do anything by halves up here you know!

Although - I did laugh - in one shot the Mum was smiling and Dad was at the back of the pic as if he was saying 'Oh ****!!!! what have  I done!' 


Good Morning all. Another lovely sunny day. Outdoor toms looking happy as they spent their first night outside in final position buckets. Clematis looking good, it managed to flower on the last day of May, I threatened it that I'd prune it if it didn't flower before June.

Have a good one everyone.


Good Morning Everyone

Beautiful day once again,opened the greenhouses,breakfast in the garden,am now off to hairdressers.

Sorry to all those going to work....

Good luck to son Bev....

Diasy & Fairygirl..thats a three way split on the lottery then.

Have a good day everyone      

Beautiful day again today, going to allotment need to get purple sprouting planted and do yet more weeding. Just wish i could do more before the back starts hurting, 2 hours is about it.

Going to see The 3 Phantoms in Brighton on Friday, birthday treat for me. Im a bit of a Phantom of the Opera addict.One problem im having an injection in my foot on thursday so will be on crutches for a couple of days. Will have to see how many people i trip up. As Miranda says Such fun.


Gardening Grandma

Sympathy to you, Maud. I begin to know how you feel, because for the first time I am now limited by the state of my feet and ankles and am paying a visit to the doc on Thursday. Can't understand it when I'm only 27...

I'm trying gardening by the moon this year! Today is a leaf day, so I have sowed mixed Salad Leaves and planted out some celery. I must get everything done by 5.26pm apparently!


eek! where did the sun go?? no pics this morning, the sky is grey........oh well don't feel so bad about going to work. enjoy your day all  


Good morning all - think Verdun's still got the sun today 

Met office website says it's going to be good again on Thursday Friday and Saturday, then turning damper and a bit cooler for a while   They're blaming it on the low sea temperatures surrounding the UK - can someone go and warm it up a bit please?

Morning all same here Daisy but it's early yet forecast is good up to next Monday planted my 2 new clematis last night and topped up the soil level on my potatoes plus  tidy up my young tomato plants for re-potting at the weekend. Was in the garden till 10.30 last night last job was watering well soon be off to work i will be out of school all day the children going to a running competition have a good day all.


Morning All been driving since 9 last night to get home to this

 Found a dslr body which takes the same lenses as my SLR just ttried it out as the sun was rising technically its wrong, but I like tthis I took it from just outside my door.     now I need some sleep. Think I am going to love this digital body

What a beautiful photo blackest that's the kind of painting i would buy love how the sun shines in the middle of the tree.


Great photo Blackest - and 'techniques' be b$$$ered - it's knowing how to break the rules successfully that makes someone an artist. 



Good Morning.

Blackest, wow!

12 degrees and overcast, but sun expected. Done my morning inspection, in dressing gown, still winter one, not warm enough for summer one really needed to know that. Sweetpeas not chomped overnight so happy about that.

More radish to sew and plant out lettuce, sew spinach and few other bits, but highlight of day is going food shopping

Enjoy your garden.


Morning all,

Blackest...fantastic picture.

Sounds like the sun may is mostly in the South,somewhere between Verd in Cornwall and me in Somerset............It,s absolutely beautiful,

Red hot pokers have come out .about three weeks later than usual.

Have a good day everyone.


Morning all. Cloudy here and possible showers later but as long as it's dry that'll do me.

Lovely pic blackest. You can sense the peace and quiet can't you? Don't spoil it now by telling me there's a motorway right next to it....

I'll try waving my wand for everyone again so that the sun stays out! 


BusyL- I just saw your post on Evening forkers.... a simmitt/semmitt is a vest and a' bunnet' is a bonnet (ie hat) 

And it's ok- I was joking! 


Wave away FG - we need  your fairydust over here in the east!

Right, off to work to cross another day off the calendar 

Have a good day folks!