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Sounds good, might have a Google for one of those. Roll a double Snouter, that just makes me laugh..think we could have fun with one of I think we could master it 8 years plus. Thanks for info' Matty2


Not really a child's game. they would take it too seriously 


Welcome back, Matty.

KEF thanks for your good wishes for my garden party tomorrow. I hope the thunderstorms hold off. Got the plant stall arrnaged in the garage.


Good morning all    Overcast here, but already 12C in the garden, if my dodgy thermometer is to be believed. 

And it's the weekend - visiting Aged Ps this morning - wonder if it's worth taking some pics of my garden or the holiday - Pa will be interested but Ma appears cross and jealous that she doesn't have a garden any more and can't go on holidays - it's sad that she can't enjoy things vicariously but she doesn't seem able to .  She used to enjoy her garden and looking at gardening books etc, but doesn't any more because she says there's no point.  It means that she doesn't really have any interests. 


Morning all ....well everyone else still asleep?

Know what you mean Dove- difficult isn't it?  My Mum didn't have any hobbies either so I understand how difficult it can be if you turn up chatting about your hol etc.- I have to say I think I'd find it hard if I didn't have a garden any more though. Don't know what your best tactic is.

Beautiful again here today but it's to rain on Monday so I'll get on outside over weekend as much as poss.


Morning all hi Dove it's a lovely morning here sun out ready to get really warm same tomorrow. Dove it's a shame when we see our parents getting to that stage in life all we can do is be there for them help them and try and keep there spritit's up.Am just about to load up my boot with plants and drop off some to the girls i work with then back into the garden tonight going to watch my daughter in a singing competition which she is looking forward to then on to a 50th birthday party at one of the girls i work with in her house so am off have a good day all. 


Morning FG   Yep, they're all snoring peacefully - too much sun and sangria yesterday I should think 

It is really hard to find a topic of conversation nowadays with Ma - my work doesn't lend itself to polite conversation (severe disability and child protection) so can't talk about that either.  If I tell her things I've seen or places I've been it just emphasises that she doesn't get out much (although she doesn't remember it for long when she does).    Bop me on the head and pop me into the compost heap before I get to that stage please ... 

Morning FG must have been posting at the same time like you say without our garden life would be harder that's for sure. 


Oh, hi Andy - didn't see you there   Good luck to your daughter with her singing!  Love singng   And a party too - won't expect you to show up too early tomorrow morning then 


Hi Andy/Mr Travolta.. Hope you have a good time!

Yes gardens can be a real saviour can't they? Hope you're keeping well- judging by the amount you do it's probably pointless asking that!  It's all that good home baking by Mrs Andy!!  

Had that conversation yesterday Dove- I'm walking in front of a bus or steeping off the top of a Munro I think. I sometimes felt my Mum was just biding her time till she 'went'. I don't have a very exciting life as I'm not great with parties - too noisy and busy for me, but I don't want to get like her when I'm older.

morning everyone

scorching yesterday and will be today but its bit thundery right now.  some places hit by heavy rain,thunder and lightning.

I will still be up early Dove don't drink never really been a drinker at anytime in my life think son & daughter make up for it when out.


Morning Verdi- think I've been a bit heavy handed with my wand - saved all the good stuff for me and Andy! 

A few people yesterday were saying they had torrential rain etc- they kept that quiet on the forecasts! We had a real downpour on Wed and it continued to rain afterwards for a while but nothing that serious. Saved me getting the watering can out!


I used to enjoy a pint or two in the pub when I lived in a very rural village and the pub was just across the road, but nowadays an occasional glass of something with supper is more my style - as OH doesn't drive I need to be on best behaviour 

Morning Verdun  - thundery?  Well, you've got to pay for that heat sometime - it's been sunny and dry here all week, but not warm - that chilly wind off the North Sea won't give up 


Morning all,

Beautiful day here,after yesterdays rain.........Thanks Fairgirl,I assume it,s your doing.

I would hate to be without my garden,I think it has a kind of magic it makes,problems seem a lot less important ..,it can be strenuous or relaxing depending on what I do.......,and there is always something new to discover or see.

Thats a bit philosophical,now where,s my weetabix?




Gilly after all that profound effort  I'd be reaching for the croissants 


Good morning all. Bit overcast at the minute, but warmish and sun forecast for later. Andy you wear me out just thinking about all you do in a day, enjoy.

Can I add my bit about parents? My Mum as I'm always saying has a very large garden and used to manage brilliantly until 2 yrs ago. Now we help as much as we can, sometimes to the detriment of ours, but if I even mention what I've done at home I get a moaning session about all that is needy in hers. Moan over, must not get annoyed as that's where we are going to be gardening today

Have a good gardening day all.


Good morning everyone, chilly here, today I will tidy up the garden, load the car with display stuff and go and do my 'compost master' thing at a local flower festival in a churchyard. Back home, unload car, including wormery which I get to look after for 3 weeks. The wormery is great fun, seeing what they like to eat; they love the pulp from the juicer, but they can only have a bit otherwise they get overfed apparently. If I had grandchildren it would be worth getting one as they are easy to look after pets and they get kids to understand the cycle of growth, decay, growth again. Hoping it will rain in the next few days as have had to use the hose on the garden. Have a great weekend


Morning - blue skies here and set to last all weekend!

Have a weekend of planting in front of me - a load of rudbeckias to get in the beds, and need to plant up my pots with bedding (lifted the tulips last weekend - but having watched GW last night, we did it wrong).  All my mulching seems to have paid off - very little weeding to do, and what there is comes up really easily because the top layer of soil is so crumbly.

Garden still quite green - waiting for the colour explosion.  Have been staring a my peony buds for a month now - surely they can't keep me in suspense for much longer ... Saw my first rose peeping out yesterday

But before I start, I am going to catch up on the picture threads on here


Morning everyone. Early for me but don't like Saturday's presenter on radio and he was annoying me.  Ex Alan Sugar's apprentice.  Need I say more.

Sounds like you had a good time Marty. Didn't the time go quickly. 

Very chilly here too Artjak.  I am very tempted to put the heating on for an hour or so. 

Since I retired,  have become a bit of a recluse.  However, I never feel lonely as it is my choice. I am happy being on my own.  I hope I don't become a miserable old biddy.  I do hate to hear people making it sound like a chore that they have to visit their aged parents.  I don't hear that from any of you I should add. 

I do worry and get upset at times when there seems so much to be done in the garden and I haven't got the strength any more to do certain things.  I do feel though that once I have completed the end of my garden and got it planted up or whatever I decide to do, it will be much easier.  Might even think about having Astro turf. Phew, got it right. (Not really).

Do hope Busy Lizzie has good weather.  Everyone keep everything crossed.

I think I'll join you in that Weetabix Gilly.