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Have posted once - will try again

Morning all

It is snowing heavily here today. Started about 11 last night. Looks set for the day by the forecast

I have been trying to find andinternet egg cosy apttern of a bunny for my grandd aughter easter pressie. Lots of idea but it must be free, and easy. Will keep looking. That is what I will do today.May put some pics on Garden gallery later


Meant to say to all the other day that if you're near an Ikea they have an offer on plants up till tomorrow. Thay had good size box balls and cones and other bits and bobs with about 15% off maybe 20% so worth a look.

Morning, again. Meant to comment on last nights gardeners world prog. I thought t was very good this time. Enjoyed it all.
Verdun wrote (see)
Morning, again. Meant to comment on last nights gardeners world prog. I thought t was very good this time. Enjoyed it all.

Agreed. Monty is nice. Educational (even if it's something you know already)without ever seeming patronising. Did you see his progs on France and the one on Italy a while back? Beautiful. He's so good on his veg. Do you think he gives a lot of it away- he must have tons!! Why do I always think his dog's called Nigel? Hope you feeling better today Tina  x

Woodgreen wonderboy

Good moaning all....having complained about MD on another thread perhaps I had better give him another chance. Weather is dictating life as ever. Trip To Wisley tomorrow now cancelled. Indoor event last Thursday...meeting of Hants. branch of alpine gardening first time..was excellent,talk by Kew expert on bulbs of Kyrgistan..made most welcome by the lovely gardeners there. If I don't get out into the garden soon I will be behind where I was last year. At least most plants are sleeping too and are not racing away from me.


Evening everyone, no posting til now as have had to work all day today. Sleet ans snow this morning but it didn't really last long thank goodness, just very cold now.

Rosa have you looked on Deramores web site for knitting pattern? If you register with them they have a section of free patterns to download. Don't know whether there's an egg cosy one but it might be worth a look....fingers crossed for you.
Gardening Grandma

Swiss Sue  loved the picture.

Did not get around to seed planting today. A friend showed up at 10.15 and left at 4. The only interruption to the yakking was when we decided to go out for lunch leaving a note for OH advising him to have some cereal! (He was in bed after working nights).

A nice day, but those seeds are calling to me.


Woo2, have just seen your question on page 15. Before I had electricity in the greenhouse I used a double Kerosene heater which kept the frost out and kept the GH at 2 or 3° warmer. I used electric propagaters on windowsills indoors, then put the potted up young plants in the GH with the heater on at night and cold grey days. When it's sunny the GH is warm enough. But I live in SW France and spring is usually earlier than in the UK.

Thank you BusyLizzie,it's good to have some feedback. I was late sowing last year due to being away on holiday and then because of the poor weather that followed the results were disappointing. I've got sweet peas and broad beans sown indoors already but as we're having building work done over the next couple of months, I haven't got much more room to start any more so really need to get some heat in the greenhouse. Thanks again.

 Good morning everyone...the wind has dropped...hurrah!...but it is cold.

Visiting GC to check out clematis thena pottering day...see what needs doing.

One side fence are looking a bit wonky...or is it the view from up here..

Enjoy your day.


Good morning everyone - still very cold here and the landscape looks as if it's had a generous dusting with icing sugar - nothing like as bad as some people are having to deal with - but no gardening will be done here this weekend   Paperwork to be completed and bread and cakes to be baked, roast pork and apple sauce to be prepared and consumed.

Keep warm and safe whatever you're doing and have a good day 

Gardening Grandma

Good morning, all. Freezing cold but no snow again here, although it is in the hills just a few miles away. Another attempt to plant a few seeds today! 


Morning everyone I hope you are all well. 

Oh what an awful couple of days I've had but onwards and up wards as they say 

We've still got at least 7-8 inches of snow here, flipping nightmare it is. My car is next to useless in anything deeper than a couple of mm so that's been stranded on the drive since Thursday evening. 

I bought some chilli & sweet pepper seeds earlier this week so want to try and sow those today as I believe they should be done quite early. I'm proud to say the tomatoes I sowed a couple of weeks ago have germinated too. I'm obviously doing something right! This seed sowing is pretty addictive isn't it 


Morning one and all, a cool 2C last night and a grey morning here. I sowed some chilli seeds last week, using seed discs to a 9cm pot. Quick and easy I look forward to seeing the results of the tea bags.

I will wrap up warm and do a few trays after Gardeners World (at 8:45 bbc2). I think it will be a few flowers today, time to rotate my seedlings out of my propagator and give some more a chance.



Morning all. Freezing here among the heather and still looks a bit like more snow although not meant to get any today. Feel very sorry for those in Cumbria- seriously unfunny weather. Igloos are about all you can grow there just now. Staying away from garden centres/nurseries just now- unless the kids would like to live on bread and water for rest of year  Good to see you back Brum. Blackest - 2 degrees sounds positively balmy, would you like our easterly wind?Please...


Gardening Grandma

My CH boiler was making an alarmingly strange vibrating noise last night, so I went on the net to investigate reasons. One of them was a low gas supply. I ran the hot tap for a couple of minutes and it stopped - thank goodness, since I was alone in the house (OH working nights despite his advanced age) and a bit scared. I'm no wiser about the reason, but I wondered if the gas supply was under serious strain because of the intense cold.

Morning Brumbull.....morning folks
Dry here and not too cold.
Won't sunbathe today
Gardening Grandma

Just been serviced, Brumbull. It isn't making the noise today, but if it does, I'll get them back, don't worry. Thanks for your concern.

The potty gardener

morning all. 4 hours of garden showson shopping channelsthis morning- the temptation is so much.

Really sorry for everyone with bad weather. It is cold andgrey here but that is all.

I've got to take my kitty to be chipped but that is all I have planned apart from watching tv and reading gardening mags and books.

Have a good day everyone

 GC visit  is off! The wind may have dropped (slightly) but the cold is penetrating...

re-reading GW mag.. big plans for the first sign of a bright sky..