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I would give a lot to be able to visit my Mum - sadly, can only do it in my head - which happens lots.


Me too Chicky.  Have said on here before, she truly was my best friend and she's in my thoughts every day.


Oh dear - OH just phoned from work - looks like he won't be cutting the lawn tomorrow - the manager's put her back out and the Weekend Girl's broken her leg - he's in demand!!! 


What an inconsiderate pair Dove!!  Surely, they would be OK sitting down.


Well, so far today ( i`ve only been up an hour ) i have planted 10 penstemon plugs and a stokesia and sprayed a sprig of horsetail that appeared overnight, later we have the village festival and the dog is entered in the "prettiest bitch" and "beautiful eyes" category, at some point this weekend i have to put a load of screw eyes into the wall in the back garden for two clematis i have, one being my favourite Dr Rupple




I'm just having my breakfast.....I'm turning into you Tina!!!

After my last post at 8ish I had a shower and a cup of tea and went out to take a couple of pix of front border. Man along the road came by with his dog and we chatted for about an hour and a half!! About everything under the sun- he's a retired Art teacher- loves Italy and gardens and classical music and has done lots of hillwalking....He was very impressed with the fence and thought I'd had a professional in- what a lovely man!!.

I'm thinking of marrying him but I may not be his 'type' ......

Got my day off to a good start -but I'm now behind on the jobs I want to do!


morning everyone.. sunny and hot today after yesterdays thunder and rain.. cool breeze out there so perfect for gardening.. will out there later starting to de-turf the lawn around the old path we are breaking up for a new one.. that rain yesterdy has soften it up nicely.

hope everyone has a good day.


Where is this summer people keep talking about? It's dull here, 13C, brisk northerly breeze. That's not what I call summer 

I'm going garden visiting later, better wrap up warm


Chick and Tina- re Mums - me too x

fred#60 - John Harding has a clematis he was sold as V. Pennel but isn't - he put a pic on either the' summer' or 'garden gallery' thread - which we think is Dr. R- perhaps you could take a look?

I need to get more screw eyes in too for the clems I've put in this week - they're already putting on new growth like mad with all this heat!

Fred-Just looked and it's the garden gallery thread 


FG - remarrying - Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

it is boiling hot here.  had a thunderstorrm early this morning that nicely watered everything.

helped a friend in her garden....she has nearly 6 acres....

went to the GC to get another geum but none there...typical GC...but was tempted by 3 coleus. prob the best I have seen for a while.  one in terracotta pot and two between linum and curry plant and purple salvia Amistad behind.  looks "fantastic" said a caller but we gardeners dont take praise easily do we?

hey Tina...cheer up. at least you have friends who need you on the forum.

The potty gardener

Afternoon all. Went back to sleep and only just woken!

Am off to see a friend today and back tomorrow- hope the plants are ok- I've been watering daily in this heat.

Have a wonderful weekend all


Hi Verdun.  I'm fine, honest. Did I sound like I was down?  Not the case at all. 

This is me.

Just put in 3 plants I bought for the princely sum of £5 total,  from Morrisons.  No idea what they are or what they will look like, but they filled gaps. Really warm out there now and I was dressed for winter.  Now baking.  Also bought another Acer.  Never been successful in the past, but am going to give it another go. 

Bev, are you still unwell or a night owl.  Only ask because you sleep even later than me and I used to be the last one on here.

i envy you folks who can sleep in.  i wake and I get up.  its so light in the mornigs now that im up early too.

had a swarm of ants in the kitchen and garden off hopefully.  fly spray did the trick


Good morning all   Still chilly over here in the east - a sea fret overnight means that everything is dank and cold and still at 12C Brrrrrrrrr.   A neighbour's cat has used my veg patch and broken off some emerging runner beans Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.  

OH has to go to work as the weekend person has broken her leg Hurrumph!!!

So if any of you could send me some warm sunshine to cheer me up it would be much appreciated 




Morning all hi Dove a little overcast the now but forecast is good yesterday was a cracker roasting had a very busy day dropping off plants to girls i work beside. Then go and watch daughter singing last night came 2nd then went on to a 50th birthday party girl in the school office got home at 2.45 am. Been out and watered plants at 7am now in for tea & toast at 10 o'clock going to drop off the last of my plants then back into the garden for a little while at 2 o'clock going to watch son playing bowls in a top 5 knock out competition then back into the garden but can see an early bed tonight but never happens have a great day all.


Morning Dove and Andy. Do you never run out of energy Andy!

Cool here today too Dove and chances of showers so looks my wand's run out of fairydust.  My thermometer was reading over 30 degrees yesterday but it's on a fence and it was obviously baking with the heat too!  About 10 out there just now.

I love that word fret to describe the sea mist. On  the east coast of Scotland it's called haar - not sure if that's the right spelling.

About to watch G's W as we didn't get it on Friday night- good job it's repeated on sundays! Then I'll go and get wood if I can. Have a good day all.

if I could cheer anyone up it would have to be you Dove so here it comes.

its very warm again here....going to get hot soon.  almost monotonous sunshine over past 10 days or so.  my stipa gigantea is loving it...its never looked so imposing

do you want to borrow my catapault for that dratted cat dove?  i know, wildlife etc., but nobodys

have lovely sunny day everyone..


Good Morning all.

Verdun. Someone has to get up to wake the birds.

Andy 5 hrs sleep, I'd be like a zombie.

Dove, do hope you get some sun as compensation for OH working.

Weather not seeming as promised, only 12 degrees ( best not moan as some of you are cold ) no sign of the sun. My fault entirely as I'd planned for us to have an idle day, sitting around in the garden.

Bet Busy needs a good rest today.

Tina hope your bargain plants do well.

Now time for a bacon buttie as hubby back with the newspapers.

Enjoy your day everyone.


Ahh thank you Verdun - you're so kind - I feel warm already 

They're not called CATapults for nothing are they?  but think I might get myself a pump action water pistol   Problem is it means I'd have to sit up all night waiting for it to appear 


Just read about BL's fantastic day - brilliant!!!