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Just noticed a plea from a newbie about a camellia posted on the 'Welcome to the brand new forum' thread - I've suggested she starts a new thread for it - any camellia experts around this morning?


Morning all. Looks like rain is coming. Took some more photos of the garden for the morning after the day before, Cecile Brunner in full flower other roses starting to come out, not at the peak yet, normally they peak end of May.

No good at camellias, had one in a pot that died, but probably because it was so cold the terracotta pot split in two!


Morning all

Lizzie - glad your day went well - hope your "morning after" photos will make it to one of the threads.  Dove - quite cold and cloudy here too, so today you are not alone.  BTW, saw your pictures on the other thread - loving your shady bank! Andy - do you have some sort of internal dynamo?? KEF - bacon buttie - sounds good - might get one going myself!

And Verdun - hope you are now free of ants.  About to go shopping for a new sprinkler, so any words of wisdom before I go would be great.


Morning chick- someone else was talking about sprinklers yesterday - can't recall which thread  though. . Think they got one in Lidl or somewhere like that? That's not much help really is it?  Will have a look!


Morning everyone.  Really chilly here today.

Andy, you made me feel tired again just reading your post. Have a good day.

BL, pleased to hear that all went well yesterday and the rain didn't spoil your day.  Look forward to seeing the pics.  Your 'garden' looks like an estate compared to mine.

Kef, I have found Morrison's plants to be excellent and very cheap.  Wished I had got more but brain wasn't in gear. Had looked in B&Q the day before, but everything was so jumbled and pack so tightly, you couldn't see the wood for trees, so to speak.

Enjoy your sun Verdun.



Overcast and spoiling for rain here but day off

Front garden desperately needs a tidy and weeding but doing it in the sun gives passersby an unfriendly view in my shorts  so am pleased not to offend wrapped up in something warmer today.



Taken ages to find the end of all the posta (must confess I skipped some)

Today I have to make anew compost bag area - I decided last night

Dove I haven't forgotten the photos

I know some thing about camellias, will look.

Sun is now creeping from behind the clouds.

Thank goodness as washerwoman me has just washed a giant sleeping bag in the bath by walking up and down it and pummelling it like you do when preparing a lawn. It is now dripping on the line. Another one to go but not today/ (no launderette here)

Hi everyone else, lovely cake Can i have a piece please - love fruit cake  - not sure it's approved by WW though!


Just answered on the Camellia thread


Back later


Good morning Matty - good to see you on here - the posts sometimes take a bit of wading through to get to the end, but it's always worth it  

And the cakes we serve on here are all calorie-free and guaranteed therapeutic - scientists say so 

It's so chilly here that I think I'll be indoors baking today - a couple of wholemeal loaves needed - or should that be kneaded   and possibly a rosemary foccaccia 'cos I've not made one for years and have got the urge, and then maybe a cake or two of some sort - any requests?

The query by Meomye about camellias isn't the one I saw, so obviously today is camellia day - you'd better hang around Matty 

Morning all, 

i spent yesterday in the garden from 9 till 5. So today I am trying to recover. Yoga this morning and a long dog walk then on my I Pad and then a snooze on the sofa, all punctuated with mugs of tea 


Think I would just settle for the sofa RC.

Just had a walk round the garden and, you know when you think you have missed something, well I have.  My peony, my pride and joy, has not flowered this year and has no buds. It is flourishing OK but flowerless.  I dug this up from my Dad's garden in 1985 and it has always been beautiful. Did have to cut lots of dead bits off earlier but just didn't realise what had happened.  That's the problem with being a novice gardener.  

It's like winter here. I don't mind if it's hot down in yokel land as there must be lots of families on holiday.  Nothing worse than bad weather and kids when on holiday.


Just answered another thread on camellias.

Have started clearing out one of the last great wildernesse in the garden. Thought it would be a good place to make the compost store. Only a ilittle job I thought - HUH

Have found when cutting back growth a Wisteria. I knew there was one but thought builders had removed it as it was well past its sell by date. I must confess I cut off some before I realised what it was. I will attempt to nurture it now. Any tips?

In for lunch, strictly cake free 


I have also found some lovely garden photos on the old Garden Gallery thread. I have pointed this out and am sorry but also the more recent pics on 2013 are more for this chat thread.


Don't think that's a problem Matty- threads often take a sidestep for a moment, stop and look at something, pass a few comments, chat wth a neighbour and then move back on track - that's the nature of gardening - nothing to stress about - too much of that in the world. 


It was lovely to see some of the old photos again, but I got a bit confused as I forgot it was two different threads.

I will post some more photos of my garden on the 2013 one, as I've been asked - which is most gratifying as I thought everyone would be getting fed up with it by now. But it is lovely to get nice comments when you've worked hard on it.



Always like to see your 'estate' BL. Gardening is on-going isn't it so there are always a few changes.  Perhaps you could do one of those 'spot the difference' photos and we can score points for seeing what you have changed.
Think today's cold weather has gone to my head.


I've just been out deadheading the tulips and doing a bit of general tidying.  I've found several lovely aquilegias that have come from self-sown ones from when this garden was owned by a 'gardening person' quite a few years ago before it became neglected for a long time.  

When we stripped the turf from  one side of the lawn, and dug a veg patch, some of the first little seedlings that appeared were aquilegias.  I transplanted quite a few into the Shady Bank.  

Now they're flowering and there are some lovely surprises - a very dark almost black one, and a very pretty rosey one, both alpina types, as well as several of the more usual smudgy mauves.  

Morning all what a weekend weather wise up here would have burnt a hole in you very hot but today is the last of it change on the way from tonight. Well got about 350 plants away at the weekend now going to put tomatoes into there final place from tonight also got my 4 wall planter's up and planted plus the usual weeding to keep on top of it off to work now have a good day all. FG liked the photo of your fence lol if i had to put mine out the kids next door would think they had got a tent to play in.


Morning - work today.

Thought I would try and be arty:

 In reality it is the bits I knocked over with my clumsy weeding yesterday.  But Sarah Raven would be proud ....

Enjoy your days


They look lovely Chicky!  The best combinations are accidents, whether in a vase or the border!  Morning all, tried to stay off the forums over the weekend so I could make an earlier start in the garden!  Mind you, that means I've just had to spend longer catching up with you all  Planted up some more stuff, just got a rose, a lavender, a verbena bonariensis, a hosta, a pink, 6 salvia, 24 verbena and 6 dahlias to go!  Oh and want to make a herb trough today, bought a fancy pack from Homebase yesterday with parsley, thyme, chocolate mint and purple sage, labelled as the chelsea collection, very posh   And most exciting of all, my lovely OH made me a cold frame!! I'm so excited even though it's not quite finished, we ran out of time last night, just need to finish putting the hinges on and a couple of handles.  Pictures will follow, but have to get children up for school now, daughter's last exam today, be back later for chat and maybe some of that cake