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Happy Daffodil Day

The local big house opens onc e a year fro its amazing daffodil display and spring gardens.

Last year it was cancelled and it is today so ........

No plans, may go plant searching for something I've seen in a catalogue but can't remember which one - good excuse to go through the lot


Potted on half the lavenders that I have been growing through the winter yesterday - then ran out of grit and labels.  Will finish the rest off today.  Got a few more sets of seeds to sow for the window sills as well.

Snow has mostly thawed here, but still no good for gardening outside.  Have just put on the first load of washing (that will be first of seven ! - only put the washing machine on once a week) and will spend the rest of the day working through the rest.

We DID run out of gas ! But thats only because we are on tank gas, and we had forgotten to check the level.  Our old company used to come and top us up automatically when we were down to a quarter full - but we changed supplier - BAD move!  So, with impeccable timing, it ran out yesterday morning.  No deliveries til the end of this week.  So keeping the wood burners topped up, and wearing lots of jumpers when we venture out of the living rooms.


Should have started the last missive off with "Morning Everyone" - the weather must be getting to my manners !


Goodmorning all.  Sun's shinning, temperature rising and thinking of getting the BBQ out and my nose grows longer every second. 

Does anyone else think that this talk of gas shortage, which I don't disbelieve, is the start of hiking up the price, yet again.  I am a total ignoramous about these things, but can't they ask those that have it to give us a bit more, or is it not that simple.


Gardening Grandma

Everything is a prelude to putting prices up, Tina! However, I think they calculate gas supplies boased on expected usage and this cold spell is unusual at this time of year. I think it is more about their mechanisms for providing a gas supply and whether they use them to the full. If this sounds vague, it is because I haven't much clue what I am talking about!



Morning all, cold and windy again today brrrr, but at least no snow.

GG.....sounds convincing to me, every thought of beings politician? Lol. Hope you manage to get your seeds done today, enjoy.

Snowing here 

Gardening Grandma wrote (see)

 If this sounds vague, it is because I haven't much clue what I am talking about!


Loved that remark GG.  Made me laugh and I need that this morning.


Gardening Grandma

Glad to be of service, Tina! Could do with a laugh myself!



Good afternoon everyone. Well I managed to sow my chilli & sweet pepper seeds and did a few other odd & sods. Was out less than an hour and I couldn't feel by fingers & toes. 

The sun is shining but that wind is biting and the snow doesn't seem to be thawing much  think I might just curl up in front of the telly for an hour and watch GW and the AtoZ programme that's on after it from this morning 



This made me laugh..Did anyone else catch it...?


"Sontongeoff   said:   "I have an announcement-the ceiling/roof saga is over"


Dovefromabove responded: " Is that because it's caved in? " "


Absolutley brilliant...laughed aloud and still giggling thank you both...encore...


ps.sorry it had to be a'cut&paste'effort 

BB...  Forks   have you tried eBay...?

what am I saying.....before you say it......For a fork??? are you mad...

sorry..the demise of Daisy the Thermometer plus wind chill factors does little for serious thinking...

Brumbull wrote (see)

Before i forget im in the market for a new decent border FORK , dont want to pay the earth though, just checking through the net, any suggestions would be welcome 

thanks ALL

Why not wait for Lidl or Aldi to sell theirs they are a lot cheaper and in most cases better quality

than the big named brands ,just keep on the look out ,mine are 8 years old


The potty gardener

When I took kitty for her chip I popped to GC- too cold to have a proper look round. Got some bulbs which are almost over but very cheap. Since then I've been wrapped in a blanket watching tv. Enjoyed A to Z, I didn't realise about the Lily beatles dropping on to their backs.

GG what did you teach? I've been teaching now for 30 years. Spent 21 years in a challenging school. Now in a school where there are not fights in lessons or that sort of thing.

Please please could someone order some warmer weather.

BB what have you been buying? I quite fancy one of those things that make pots from newspaper- but is it one of those things I will use for a short time then not use?



Been out most of today but saw the posts re gas and yes brum I also heard that about the 2 weeks. Any excuse for them to stick the prices up I always feel. They made the excuse about not having room to store gas a couple of years back and that was why they were governed by whatever the wholesale prices were but it sounds like a heap of %*()*to me frankly. It's a disgrace when you hear about pensioners having to choose whether to eat or put their heating on.   And there saying another week of this. I feel a new rant coming on...


I've had my heating on 24/7 for the past 4 months.  I just hate being cold.  Bill is about to pop up online and I am quietly worried. 

Gardening Grandma

Bev, I taught religion, philosophy and ethics. Sounds high falutin, but I spent many years teaching underprivileged pupils - and loved them (most of the time). Then I went from one of the lowest achieving schools in Wales to one of the highest achieving, in terms of exam results. Still think my subject was the most important in the curriculum, though I expect lots of people would like to give me an argument about that. Worked an 80 hour week, took incredible stress- loved lots of it but glad to be out of it. How about you?

Tina, our heating is on for around 20 hours a day. I pay my bills monthly so things should not be too bad...




I spelt they're incorrectly. No prizes for me 

TinaTurner wrote (see)

I've had my heating on 24/7 for the past 4 months.  I just hate being cold.  Bill is about to pop up online and I am quietly worried. 

Ya big southern softie!! I think that's why my kids don't get up till lunchtime- it's too cold in the house! I miss a lovely big fire so I might try and wangle in a log burner in the extension when I do it. GG you must have th epatience of a saint! I've spent most of my life working with kids and/or animals. Animals are easier without doubt