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If it comes to prizes for what time you get on this thread, I claim the booby prize.

Morning all and good to see you back Blackest.  We've been wondering whether you were OK.

Sun was shinning, but it's really windy again.  No plans to do anything particular.

WW, good luck for tomorrow.  Only wish you weren't so far away as I have read that several of the posters are going to descend on you.  Should be fun and I hope you've got plenty of cake. Let's hope the weather's kind to all.



Better call that plumber and get the outdoor tap done then....

Hello blackest - we've all been wondering where you were! Was a bit worried that you were unwell. Glad you're fine 

Morning Tina. I'm going to have to face doing HW..and ironing...


Morning Tina, we've got sun now but quite a breeze, having a lazy morning and then off to Mum's. Maybe a bit of gardening this aft' but then again it is wet so might have a day off. Could always sort out clothes, think it's safe to stash winter stuff now, if I don't it won't be worth getting summer stuff out.


Yes, Bev, I'll be in touch, hope to see you for a coffee or something at your local garden centre.  


But it's Saturday, FG.  No housework should be done at the weekend.

Tried to get the cat last night with the hose but stupid me had left the sprayer open and as I turned the tap on, I got the full blast. Sure the cat grinned.  Bl..dy thing. Sorry cat lovers but when you see cats fouling your garden and scrambling up the fence where you have climbers, it really makes me angry.  He tried it up a 6ft fence with 3 ft of trellis yesterday, didn't make it and proceeded to hang in for dear life, pulling the plant with him and landing in another shrub.  I should have put this on MOB thread.



No choice Tina. Pouring with rain so nothing doing outside. Have done the ironing and going to have lunch. Starting to clear up a bit so may get some holes dug. Will have to face shops at some point too though 

Am I the only person who's had cats which c*****d in their own garden!


Pouring down here too FG, not that I had anything particular I wanted to do, but son did.

You should try online shopping as doing it yourself is such a waste of time and energy and, from experience, if you take your daughters with you, very much cheaper. 

Next door swore blind that their cat used their vegetable patch, then proceeded to give me lettuce and tomatoes. I'm afraid they went straight in the bin. YUK.

Coffee break.

The potty gardener

I have cats but have an indoor litter tray and there is a bit of garden they can use.

Online shopping is great, so much easier than having to go to the shop.

Has been sunny and hot but now turned cloudy and wind has got up so lying out in garden didn't seem such a good idea.


Dead wagtail on patio today,thanks to cats,next door tell me they get a bird offering most days.Did manage to get a cat with the jet spray on the hose this week,it disappeared from the top of the fence.just like those ducks in a fairground.Made me feel a lot better.


Gilly, my neighbours think it's funny.  It also takes frogs. Have enquired why they don't fit the cat  with a bell, but it's because the poor creature might hang himself if he gets caught up.  All the more reason for putting one on. 

I'm ducking.


Will duck with you Tina,ready...........


Gilly and Tina - tut tut - and you two are nature lovers.....

Gilly maybe the fairground gun would be better!


Maybe I should get a water pistol.

The trouble Fairygirl is that I do love nature,and I hate seeing it half eaten in my garden.


I know Gilly - I feel the same. I had a little female cat who was an unbelievably good hunter but of course it meant she caught stuff and brought it back. She'd sit at the edge of a field all day waiting for shrews etc. and one day came in with one -still alive - which promptly  disappeared into the hall cupboard and took up residence! We had no hope of catching it and just had to wait till it found it's way back outside a day or two later - still in one piece fortunately  

I suppose the problem with nature is that we can't always pick and choose what comes in no matter how hard we try!



Forgot to mention next doors cat took a small grass snake into their lounge recently..........

hysterical screaming at out door   "Help,there,s a snake in my front room"...........and there was ,about 6 inches long,more dead than alive,contained under a washing up bowl.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi everyone again, back indoors after garden finally put to bed for the great day. Don't uncross those fingers yet but latest forecast is "less bad" than before . Just been to cream tea in neighbouring village for Marie Curie, now feet up for an hour before indoor stuff takes over. Nice piece of pork to cook tonight with pepper sauce, and Rioja.  See you on the other thread later. Thanks.


HI Woody - enjoy your little break - dinner sounds excellent! Cream tea sounded even better 

Keeping all fingers, toes and anything else crossed for you for tomorrow. You've worked very hard -hope everyone that comes appreciates it. You'll need more of that Rioja when it's all over and you relax!

Gilly- what can you do- townies....

Woodgreen wonderboy

You may not appreciate how encouraging you have all been. It's been a real motivator  knowing that you have all been keeping a watchful eye on me, and that who knows what your response would have been had I bottled it. Now the slog is over I can enjoy my garden and gardening to the full.


WW - I was driving to visit my Aged Ps this morning through the most awful hail and thunderstorm, traffic all crawling at 20 mph - and all the time I was thinking "Well, hopefully we've got it instead of WW"  

Glad I dashed out before I left and put some canes arround some floppy perennials