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Blackest - i can almost smell that mint! Wonderful pics



Seems I missed some good photos yesterday. Will try to catch up later.

Good Luck Woody - envy here for those able to go and visit all the gardens. Hope Chicky gives a full report

Yesterday was agood day, saw lots of animals, a couple of celebs and managed to buy a large square, heavy, black planter for my Rhodo  'Elizabeth'  been looking for ages.

That then is todays job to clear and level soil, make a gravel base and put planter on it. As is so heavy will have to fill it in situ

Hope it won't need moving afterwards 

Back later


Morning everyone. Still got everything crossed for WW.  Getting a bit awkward now.

I'm sure that many of you will think me odd but I have never returned to where my parents and son are.  I find it too upsetting. I think of them every day and only have to walk round my garden to be reminded of them as certain plants I associate with each of them. 

Well, I've had my brekkie FG. Toast today. Have a day of fasting ahead of me, so if the other members of this household want to eat, they know where the kitchen is.

Tina, it's natural I think.. Our way of,protecting ourselves.

I would not look at,photos of my young sister because they evoked sadness.  However, I needed to write a book for,her daughter....born just 18 months before her mum died so not "knowing" her......and I had to look at the photos.  It's good to confront these things sometimes, TIna.  Time soon passes doesn't it and only a few weeks ago I gave my niece her mum's book, 17years later.  

Maybe a visit to where your parents and son are may be therapeutic??


Day of fasting  Permission granted to do nothing, can't be working on an empty stomach. Nail the kitchen door shut, can't be smelling food and not having any.


When at college .....years and years ago....I tried to fast for one day a week.  It was so,hard. ,think I managed 6 weeks or so. It takes a lot of will power but think its,probably good for your system.  Good luck KEF......can I ask why you do it?


Verdun it's not me, it's Tina, she posted earlier.

ME fast !! Only way that would happen is if I got lock jaw. I still managed to eat after having 4 wisdom teeth out, was difficult but you can suck crisps.

Yep....more haste than speed.

Tina you fast for spiritual or personal reasons ?  Don't think I could fast now although I have my moments about abstaining from meat


Verd we scattered some of my parents' ashes on my niece's grave. She died before her first birthday. Gives me somewhere to go on anniversaries etc but the graveyard is a 40 min drive. Gives me time to reflect there and back but I often find it hard to drive so maybe it's not always a good thing either. Still, I do it because I want to. I suppose we all find our own way of coping.

Tina- have you wired your teeth together - do you look like Hannibal Lecter? 


Don't do the 'visiting grave' thing myself and don't really understand it, but I do understand that it's important for some people.  My ex visits his parents' grave every Sunday morning to talk to them.

My parents are determined to be scattered somewhere on the farm, and as it's not my farm and I won't have access to it without 'permission' I don't see any point in getting attached to a place - I'll have plenty of memories without that.  We scattered FIL's ashes in a wild spot where he enjoyed walking the dog - when we drive in that direction I often think of him, but I often think of him anyway.

As for fasting - I have several friends who do it twice a week - we do it too, but a bit erratically lately  - must get back into it.  I feel so much better when I do it.  I find the trick is to drink water when I feel hungry.  Up to 4 litres a day, my skin and general health improves, I have more energy and my weight is better. 



Verd, I am not fasting because I want to.  It's going to be a long day.  I'll have something even more exciting to do later on! Got to go in hospital tomorrow for a little exploratory thingy.  Just hope I'm not last on the list like I was last time.  I think they take one look at me and think, 'oh, she looks like she wouldn't mind waiting', and promptly put my notes to the bottom of the pile.

Have told tthem upstairs that if I can't eat, neither can they, unless they get it themselves.

Dove, don't know how you do it. My day is governed by meal times and little snacks. Not that I overdo it these days because my stupid digestive system won't let me.  I'm one of those who live to eat, not eat to live.

When I have the problem of having a cold and not being able to taste anything, I keep trying different foods so that I know when I'm better. 




Fasting - oh no - we do have aveggie day though about once a fortnight and fish acouple of times aweek rather than meat which I thinkyou can feel bloated after.

Do have to have regular food though - OH has Type 2 diabetes - so needs it.

Have done the planter and everything around it - surprised how quick I managed it so have decided to plant up the border as well - will post photo if I finish (family border) 

Not so much in memorian as in honour of the lot of them who I love dearly. Verdun is helping with the tricky one and Lizzie found a rose in my name which will have to wait till autumn for.

Earlier this year I visited where my Dad's ashes are (we were at a funeral) and I became very upset as I couldn't ermember where it was. Perhaps it is an idea to visit once in a while to save that grief

Bacon sarnie now - YUM - with homemade tomato ketchup 


FG - good luck for tomorrow - not a lot of fun, those sort of things 

Some years ago I lost 8 stones - did the Lighterlife programme - nothing but soups and shakes for 8 months, but I did it. (I'd had a health problem, an injury and a broken marriage and, even if I say it myself I'm a jolly good cook and I like cooking and someone's got to eat it )

But, a couple have gone back on - I know that it's due to working too hard, grabbing what's easy rather than what's good for me, and being too tired to do anything about it.  So that's why we're doing the 5:2 fasting thing - it works for others when they're disciplined about it, so it'll work for me, and it'll be easier than nothing to eat for 8 months 


Wow, that's a huge weight loss Dove and well done you.  Hard work isn't it.  I lost 4 stone 9 years ago at SW. Never been slim and, whether or not anyone agrees with me, I think there are times when it's in your genes. That's just my opinion!!! It's so easy for people to say, it's what you put in your mouth. Yes, it is, but for some of us, that treat puts on weight, whereas for others it has no effect whatsoever.  Some folk who have never had a weight problem have no understanding how difficult it is.

So there!!

Son has levelled the earth at the end and put 19 bags of rubble in front garden, ready for collection.  So I'm getting there.  Am wondering whether the 'travellers' would take it.  We'll see.


Oh it's definitely in our genes - and now scientists are finding out that it's true - so, to the horrid horrid registrar in the endocrinology dept who made me cry by saying 'the problem with people like you is that you do a little exercise then go home and eat a pizza' Stick that where the sun doesn't shine   (Oh yes, I made an official complaint and he was sent for 'retraining').



That's terrible Dove. How insensitive. It has never ceased to amaze me how people think they can make such comments.  Do they think we have no feelings. Pity he wasn't sacked.


Know I should ask question on thread but..........have just noticed that my Viburnum has been all chewed up.   Know its some beetle and they've done their worst and there's not much point spraying, but what should I do now?  Do I just leave it?  If i cut it all out, I will have no plant left.


Tina was that a little self portrait you left me on that post? 

Hope all will be fine tomorrow  Can't help with the viburnum I'm afraid. Not had any probs with any I've had. There is a Vib. beetle so is it that? Ask Sir Verd- he's bound to know!

Not sure I could do the fasting thing either but I've read about it and I suppose it would be easier to do for lots of people. I have days when I don't eat a lot anyway - usually in the good weather-  but I make up for it! I work with someone who's yo yo dieted since she was a teenager-  over 40 years. Makes it very difficult for her- she doesn't get much support at home either. Dove - that was like losing another person in weight! Understand the whole thing about 'stuff ' creating a problem. I did the 'total fasting' diet  when my husband left, then moved on to the  'chocolate mini roll' diet, closely followed by the  'chocolate digestive' diet. Eventually sorted myself out! I just try to be reasonably healthy and not overdo the bad stuff we all like! Harder as you get older though - not doing as much exercise as I'd like - need to get some hillwalking done.

Have dug some more post holes though 

Still very partial to a choc digestive..mmmmm


I have lost 3 stone, have about 1/2 stone to go. It is not easy, probably one of hardest thing to do as it has to be sustained over along time (18months) to get success.

I will still be over my 'bmi' but I think for my age it will be about right. I am active, can finally walk, not a lot (foot injury as well) but can walk. I had never been 'fat' but piled on the pounds after I stopped work and had alot of health problems.  Then couldn't lose it. I am lucky as OH and other family members and friends have been very supportive.

Anyone who thinks losing weight is a quick fix is wrong. Bit like gardening really 


There was a lot going on - the wrong thyroid tests had been done and I'd been told my thyroid was fine, it was 'just my age'   (I was only 42!!!) - some years later  I was very ill - my heart rhythm was affected and there was damage to my proximal muscles which was probably (but of course might not have been ) caused by taking statins when my hypothyroid condition wasn't being treated.  Whether or not it was caused by mis-diagnosis and mis-prescribing, I suddenly had incredibly weak upper arm and thigh muscles, whereas when I had a smallholding just a few years previously I could pitch a bale, and was a lifelong cyclist - something that I find hard to do now. But no point brooding on it .............