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No, it's not easy Matty. Even when you think you've cracked it, a few 'naughties' and the weight's going up again. 

Love your diets FG.  I used to do terrible things when I was younger.  Tesco's used to sell huge shortbread biscuits, 6 in a pack.  Well, my family never saw them.  I would stick the kettle on, get the bics out and, before I knew it, they were gone.  Felt guilty, but - too late. 

After seeing a photo of myself at my largest, I asked why nobody had said anything about it.  They just said they hadn't noticed.  Twas a lot not to notice. 

We all lose strength as we get older don't we Dove.  Just life, I'm afraid.  I too get very annoyed when I have to rely on son to do things that I once could easily do myself. 

Did you like my photo FG?  Good likeness as to how I'm feeling at the moment.  The dreaded time is fast approaching.

It is a beetle that causes it FG.  It has had it's way with my plant quite rapidly.  Was fine a few days ago.  Now moth eaten.  I'm sure His Highness will tell me what I should do.  Politely, I hope.



The potty gardener

Afternoon. Had problems with laptop today. Have re enabled javascript or something and it now seems ok yay.

When OH left 4 years ago  I lost 6 stone. Was able to wear lovely clothes. however in last year all plus a few stone has gone back on . Thyroid now raised by taking tablets but also some of the medication I am taking has side effect of putting weight on. Once I'm back at work I will try to do something.

Lovely day here but I'm a bit fed up as I was planning to go to next town to visit open gardens. Then came over all wobbly so couldn't leave house.

Well will try to do something tomorrow


Hi Bev. Sorry you're not feeling so good today.  Don't worry about not doing what you planned.  It just wasn't meant to be. I never plan anything or if I do, it never happens! I just go with the flow.

The potty gardener

Thank you Tina. Just a bit gutted I couldn't face going out.


I've never been really heavily overweight but did once weigh nearly 11 stones and I'm 5'3" . My problem was scoffing salty things, nuts, crisps etc. If they were there I'd have them. Over last few years, well maybe 6 yrs ( I decided won't be chunky at 50 )I've just eaten smaller amounts, and not had the salt. Recently aided by fact I have to go for 50plus MOT shortly, so it will be my turn to fast. My prob' is fondness for a glass or two, and then willpower goes. So don't have "nice" things in the house. Can't bake cakes, thank goodness but love hearing about them.

Last MOT some chunky monkey told me to loose half a stone, I was just under ten. I'm now 9 1/2 ( due to gardening) and if she says anything this time she dies. If I was less I'd look like a lollipop, have generous hands and size 6 feet.

If you're happy and fit what the hell?

Bring on the salted peanuts I say



TT - good luck with "hospital thingy" tomorrow.  Bev - what a shame - I hate it when the way I'm feeling gets in the way of plans.

Just back from my trip to Woodgreen.  WW's garden is jaw droppingly stunning!

I kept wandering round exclaiming "oh my" - felt like Dorothy in Oz.  Completely beautiful overall, but packed full of treasures, so I had to keep asking what they all were. WW eventually felt obliged to press pots of astrantias into my hand to shut me up.

Have to confess it was a little weird walking up to a complete stranger and announcing "Hi, I'm Chicky" .  But it went so well that I am thinking of trying it more often .....

The other village gardens were also fantastic - so much beauty crammed into one tiny village. And all so friendly.  A wonderful day out.

and yes, there was cake!!



Bev, I understand totally.  I sit and think, right, tomorrow i will go to so and so, or visit whatsit's name, but when morning comes round, I do nothing, except go in the garden if it's OK and if not, fiddle about on laptop, read, do crosswords, etc.  Note that housework didn't come into the equasion. . Don't beat yourself up about it. 

Kev, I'd love to weigh 11st. and I'm shrinking.  Started off at 5'4" but at the last count was 5'2". I'll soon be an Oompa Loompa.  I don' t drink at all so I can use all my syns (SW) on goodies, but I don't even do that these days.   I often wish I had never started dieting at the age of 15 as I may have stayed just as I was then.  I thought I was overweight but when an old schoolfriend sent me a photo of us, I realised I was fine.  Too late now.

Thanks Chicky. Sounds like you had a good day at WW's. Shame it was so far away.  So pleased the weather was good.  I bet he's whacked out.

The potty gardener


If there were people around to hear you could have breezed up with Hi, I'm Chicky from online, nice to meet you at last

Glad you had a good time.

WW when you come online well done


Bev, I hope you feel better tomoz, maybe best not to plan and take each day at a time.

Tina hope all goes well tomoz, maybe it will be the start of feeling better.

Well done all who've lost weight, if it's what makes you happy & you feel better great. I couldn't do the liquid plan thing, tried one many years ago started on the Fri' morning, went out Sat' night with hubby to drink diet pop, remember saying "you'll tell me if I start to look gaunt , won't you? " by Sunday lunch I was crying, so had a dinner and was happy. Never looked gaunt, thank goodness.

Soz Tina don't know anything about Viburnums.

Glad you had good time Chicky and looking forward to Woody's pics.

Do we all think that BusyLizzie will have filled her car with plants already ? She must have been here a couple of hours

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi everyone, and thanks Chicky for your kind words. The aches and pains melted away...  I've had a marvellous day and when I eventually looked at my watch it was 4-30, and time for tea and proverbials. I will try to send some pictures but my technical skills are somewhat wanting.

If I have any sense at all I will now try to enjoy my garden and relax in it a bit more... after all what is it for otherwise?


Hurrah WW - you had a successful day, and it sounds as if you enjoyed it too - that's a triumph!!!



So pleased you had a great day WW and Chicky. I met someone and it is weird isn't it. At least if we meet we have somrthing in common - gardening and his forum 

Well done Woody.  It sounds like a garden I would like to have seen and chatted with you about.  Chicky mentioned astrantias...They are favourites of mine too, got quite a few now

Tina, I don't know really what's chewing your viburnum.  I stopped growing them while back.  If mine I would spray with Provado ultimate bug spray if you think beetles are causing the damage.  It's not an outbreak of snails is,it?  You,would see signs if so. Dont worry too much about stuff...Its the worry and stress that causes most,problems.

I was pleased today...bought a pair of trousers.   Good and bad.  Good cos the waist size fitted me and I didn't have to go up a size.  Bad cos my young niece made me spend money.....I wanted a "cheapo"


I know I'm too late to be on here - sorry- just in. So glad you had a great day chicky- and Woody - a large round of applause or maybe - just a large glass of something!!

Will go on other thread now before I get a row 


Woodgreen wonderboy

Asyou can see from the timing of this post a few glasses of something have been imbibed with good friends....that's what gardening can do to you, and from now on I need to let others have a go. 


Good morning   Anyone want a  mug of strong coffee?

WW, so glad you had a lovely day and enjoyed meeting up with some Forkers - meets are such fun.  

A few weeks ago OH and I popped in to see Nutcutlet (by invitation I would add) - just to pick up a plant she'd very kindly promised me - and we ended up having a guided tour, lunch with her and her OH, and a lovely rest and a natter sitting in her garden watching the wildlife.  

I think I've mentioned that I'm on another forum (food-based - does cookery-based sound better?) and we quite often have informal 'meets' all over the country.  Around New Year several of us travel to London, do some shopping in Borough Market and then meet up for lunch at a nearby pub where they do very good food.

In a few weeks we're having a picnic near the seaside (this year's will be a bit special as it will mark the passing of one of us who has gone to the great dining room in the sky) - and in between, if any of us are going to be near anyone else we sometimes arrange to meet up for a drink/meal etc. - while we were in Cornwall recently we met up for the second time with a fellow board member and her OH and shared coffee and cake.

With retirement looming, I'm going to have to find something to do to fill my time  so anyone who is travelling to an East Anglian Open Garden or nursery or ..... well, anywhere really .... I'll be available for coffee and cake   

I think WW may have started something .........................

Good morning all WW so glad your day went well after all your hard work well done Dove teas & cake plus picnic your right to enjoy yourself that's what we all work for the little pleasures in life. Dinner last night was great and got my tomato's planted in the mini house i built so pleased with that now off to work have a good day all.


Morning all - in a rush! Back to the more mundane world of work. Glad you're back on form Andy, and WW today is the day to watch the dahlias growing...